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Birds - Four Diverse Neighbors
The female Scarlet Tanager is not a scarlet tanager at all, but a dull greenish-olive one, and very few people would suspect her relationship to her brilliant husband.
Birds - Feathered Gems
There are a few of the warblers which we are liable to meet which I have not mentioned. Such is the Yellow Palm Warbler, a common and early species, quite flycatcher-like in habits, which comes to us about mid-April.
Birds - Thrush Cousins
Most people know the Brown Thrasher, the rather large bird with rich reddish-brown back and a long tail, which is so fond of dusting itself in the road and which one sees flitting into the thickets.
Water-Bird Waifs
Next we have the heron tribe, and interesting birds they are. The Great Blue Heron is the biggest of them, so tall that it gets the popular name of Blue Crane, which is inaccurate, for it is no crane at all.
Plenty Of Room In The Back
It is amazing how quickly an automobile trunk fills up when it was comparatively empty at the dress rehearsal. But then, in our case, the shoes had been forgotten. I could stop talking about motoring right here and fill the rest of the book with what I think of shoes, if my publisher would permit.
The Washington Irving Country
THERE. are two ways of getting out of New York into New England, and whichever road you choose, friends will say you had better have taken the other.
On To The Berkshires
Press On, I know the road is rotten, but at the other end are the Berkshires!
Colonial Traditions
GREAT BARRINGTON was historical ground—even before we passed the night there. I am not sure that historical ground is especially attractive to me unless it is, as well, beautiful ground.
While touring in America, I noticed that the size of the first meal increased from the European coffee and crescent roll to fruit, cereal, eggs and griddle-cakes.
Vermonters And Their Ways
In every mill town where there is power you will find your room blazing with light, and you will find each year added private bathrooms, a decorous array of towels, and an inclination on the part of the chambermaid to let one sleep in the morning without rattling the doorknob every five minutes.
Scenery Everywhere
The roof garden was but a flight above our bedrooms, and we sat there for a while, watching the lights of the ploughing steamers, which would have filled even the stout heart of General Champlain with fear, could he have awakened from his three centuries of sleep.
The White Mountains Ahead
I did not remonstrate with him, for this burst into a Tyrolean air at such an hour was an indication of the complete immersion of the artist into the motorist. He no longer awoke for. the delightful purpose of turning over and going to sleep again. He now opened his eyes with the immediate intention of bathing, breakfasting, and getting into the car as soon as possible.
Motor Mountain Climbing
Yet what caused the first butler in the world to adopt a frozen dignity. Whom did he emulate? And why—oh why are we willing to pay more for this joyless, mummified type than for those who serve interestedly, and who are not above laughing at our best jokes?
Lost In The Maine Woods
So it was a relief to me to find that it was only the Illustrator joyfully crackling his new map of Lower Maine and the Maritime Provinces.
Down Along The Maine Coast
IT WAS very foolish to be walking down the main street of Portland the next morning admiring the arrangement of fruit, flowers, and vegetables in the shop windows when I ought to have been digging into my guidebook and brushing up on dates.
The North Shore And The Breeches Bible
BETWEEN the individual charms of the old darky and those of Newburyport I found the usual difficulty in getting away. Everything was there, including abounding laughter occasioned by the porter.
Among The Puritans
The scene was not Newport of the Cliffs or Bellevue Avenue or the great farms, and it was like our perversity to enjoy the very thing for which the famous resort was least noted.
A Last Sketch And A Night Run
I did not admit to W ___that the Fall River boat, going down to New York, had set my heart to singing, not from any love of boats, but, upon analysis, from the thought that it was going to New York, that it would be turning out its sleepy passengers just as we were waking, and that it would be back in Newport, rolling off winter hats, before we had passed the police station in Bronx Park—which cheerily marks the entrance to the city proper.
Furniture Of The Regency
There is not much to note about the furniture made in France during the Regency, other than that it was in keeping with the art prevailing in the reign of Louis XIV., the style being continued.
Marie Antoinette And Louis XVI. Furniture
Queen Marie Antoinette, however, exercised considerable influence over French art, and a plainer and somewhat severer style came into vogue, the style which she adopted in dress being reflected in the furniture of the period.
Vernis Martin Lacquers
It may be convenient here to draw attention to the remarkable invention which made Martin's varnish so famous. It was at the beginning of the eighteenth century that so many pieces of Chinese lacquer work were being imported into Europe.
The First Empire
The Battle of the Pyramids, fought in 1798, bore fruit in architectural design and furniture decoration. It was after Napoleon returned from Egypt that Egyptian ornament, with an admixture of Greek and Roman, was used.
Napoleonic Furniture
French art has ever been a prominent feature in the commerce of that great nation, and there are many connoisseurs of art in this country who delight in the curios and antiques which have been made in France, and collectors search Parisian shops for examples of the furniture made by the ébénistes of that country.
Early Georgian Furniture
It is said that the accession of George I. marks an important departure in that during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and in the eighteenth century, until the death of Queen Anne, royal favour had been the chief factor in promoting change and setting the fashion.
The Beginning Of Mahogany Furniture
The most important departure in early Georgian days came through the introduction of mahogany, said to have been known to some extent at an earlier period, but not used in England until that time.
Architectural Influence - Early Georgian Furniture
Connoisseurs do not always take into account sufficiently the influence architects exerted over the furniture trade during the first half of the eighteenth century.
Lion And Mask Period - Early Georgian Furniture
A distinction is made in the decoration of furniture in the first half of the eighteenth century between the lion and satyr mask ornament which came into being at a slightly different period, but which overlapped considerably.
The Cabochon And Leaf Period
Following the lion and satyr mask period came the cabochon-and-leaf period, which was, of course, a French ornament. This very characteristic design is recognised immediately by the connoisseur, enabling him to locate chairs made during that period, which extended from 1735-1750.
History Of Insurance
Insurance defined.—Insurance is a provision for the distribution of risks; that is to say, it is a financial provision against loss from unavoidable disasters.
Marine Insurance
Marine insurance based on indemnity.—Marine insurance is, as has already been said, the oldest form which passed into a distinct commercial business.
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