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The Furniture Of The Early Stuarts
When James VI. of Scotland ascended the throne of England, as might reasonably have been expected, some Scotch emblems were introduced. This was done, especially in the North of England.
Jacobean Or Restoration Furniture
THE furniture treated on in this chapter is that which was made soon after the Restoration, and the style that continued to be followed with more or less change and development during the reigns of Charles H. and James II, in fact until Dutch influence made itself felt and an entirely new phase came about in the history of the furniture trade.
The Age Of Walnut
ALTHOUGH we are accustomed to regard the Age of Walnut as dating from the accession of William III., as has been stated in previous chapters, walnut was used in England and in Holland during the reigns of the later Stuarts.
Furniture - Some Examples From Royal Palaces
Connoisseurs of old furniture, always keen on learning the chief characteristics of antiques of an early period from the examination of authentic specimens, have the satisfaction of knowing that there are examples of the Age of Walnut during the reigns of William and Mary and of Queen Anne which are not only authentic but pure in style.
Characteristics Of The Chair
Before proceeding to examine some of the best known examples in which the chief characteristics of the Age of Walnut in chairs are seen, it would be well to point out the new features introduced under Dutch influence.
Upholstered Furniture
In many pieces of furniture dating from 1680 to 1690 the upholstery is the most conspicuous feature. As a matter of fact the framing of the chair or settee is a minor detail, and the consideration of such pieces seems to come under upholstery rather than cabinet work.
French Furniture
Gothic to Renaissance—Louis XIII. and Louis XIV.—Boulle's inlays—French - Chinese lacquer—Furniture of the Regency—Louis XV. period—Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.—Vernis Martin lacquers —The directoire—The first empire—Napoleonic furniture.
Gothic To Renaissance
The Gothic influence which spread so rapidly over Europe, filling the minds of ecclesiastics with high ideals of architectural grandeur, resulting in the upbuilding of many beautiful cathedrals and religious houses.
Louis XII. And Louis XIV Furniture
Finer and more minute ornament was introduced in French furniture in every grade, but it was the bedroom furniture that received so much attention.
Boulle's Inlays
Andre Charles Boulle was one of those artists who now and then in the history of a country's craftsmanship stand out as the initiator of some new process.
The Appeal Of Bird Study
Studying bird and animal life with the camera certainly is a splendid sport. It destroys no life, yet yields results far superior to those of gun and flesh-pot in our stage of civilization where we need not shoot to eat.
Hunting Game Birds With The Camera
Game birds are ranked by sportsmen not so much by their size as by the degree in which they lie to the dog. The Ruffed Grouse is all too apt to run away as the hunting dog approaches, and flush from a distance.
Birds - The Robbers Of The Falls, And Others
From time to time we came and photographed the young in both nests until they were ready to leave, in early July, and also the young Cooper's Hawks, only two of which hatched.
The Bird Of Night
The male owl, a little smaller than the efficient guardian of his children, sailed suddenly through the shrubbery and alighted upon a branch near the ground, hardly ten feet from me. He had seen the camera and was all alert.
Birds - Strange Bedfellows
Sometimes, in photographing birds it is best to be alone, but again an assistant is an exceedingly great convenience.
Birds - Professional Fly-Catching
We both photographed the Phoebe bird on the nest. The way I did it was to bring three barrels nearly under the nest and set up the tripod with full extension, so that the camera was away up to the ceiling.
Crow Relatives
Most people do not realize that the Blue Jay is a member of the Crow family. But it is, and has all the mischievous, destructive, thieving instincts of the crow, and with a lot of audacity thrown in for good measure.
A Puzzle In Birds
The Tree Sparrow, or Arctic Chippy and the slate-colored Junco, or Snowbird, are the only native sparrows which are common in winter.
Our Priceless Swallows And Swifts
I have photographed the nests by putting up a ladder under the eaves, driving my screw bolt into the side of the barn, screwing the small camera to it and making long-timed exposures, since the nests are in the shade.
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