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The Tudor Period - Antique Furniture
IT is by no means easy to distinguish between the furniture made during the late Gothic period, or the time when the influence of Continental Renaissance was still strong in England, and that made when the Tudor sovereigns were seated on the English throne.
Good Old English Oak
Just as the days of William and Mary, and Queen Anne became known as The Age of Walnut in the furniture trade, so oak—good old English oak—cut from the heart of the tree from the branches down to the roots—continued to be used in Tudor days as it had been in early times.
Architectural Furniture
English oak presented to the wood-carvers an ideal material upon which to operate, and as its colour darkened with age and exposure and shone with the polish of honest labour, its beauty increased.
The Quality Of Carved Oak
The quality of some of the carvings on early Tudor furniture is very noticeable, the more so because it is sometimes seen upon what would otherwise be quite plain uninteresting pieces, not always giving the impression of skilled workmanship.
Distinguishing Marks
The simplest plan to adopt when wishing to understand the chief features of Tudor furniture is to note carefully isolated pieces which have been obtained from different parts of the country.
Some Curious Pieces
Some of the food lockers, as they were called, which were used during the Middle Ages and through Tudor days, have perforated doors—mostly Gothic in design—which were originally lined with cloth to keep out the dust, although the material would admit a certain amount of ventilation.
Furniture Of The Elizabethan And Early Stuart Period
The days of Queen Bess—The marked development in style—Some splendid examples—The furniture of the early Stuarts—When the shadow of Civil War loomed dark—Cromwellian oak.
The Day Of Queen Bess
The beautiful Elizabethan wood-work of the Charter-house, Gray's Inn Hall, and other contemporary London buildings, gives us a very good idea of the interiors of rooms for which the oak furniture of the days of Queen Bess was made.
Marked Development In Style
The Gothic style having been got rid of, designers were free to strike out new lines of ornament. It has been said that the Elizabethan style was influenced by the classical, but not so much as either the early Tudor or the later Jacobean.
Some Splendid Examples
We seek for the finest examples of Elizabethan furniture in the old English halls of the older aristocracy where they have remained from the days of Elizabeth, and may, for aught we can tell, have been examined and admired by her.
How To Study Birds
One auspicious day in June 1 discovered a hummingbird's nest. I was a small boy, and lived in a suburb of Boston called Roxbury, near the edge of Brookline, on a fine old colonial estate, where the new Harvard Medical School buildings now stand.
Method And Equipment
THERE is no one correct method in bird study, any more than there is in learning to play the piano. Our object is to be able to recognize the birds when we see them, to become as familiar as possible with their habits, haunts, and seasons.
Identifying Birds
To many uninitiated persons the difficulties of identifying and recognizing birds seem insurmountable. All I can see, said someone to me, is a speck, and then a streak of something flying, and it is gone.
Where To Find Birds
THE plan of Nature seems to be that there should be birds everywhere. They are like a well-regulated police force, a suffident number of them on duty wherever needed, to guard every green thing from the attacks of the many sorts of insects.
Learning Birds Songs And Notes
We need the bird music, in this busy age, to help save us from becoming prosaic and materialistic, to keep open the fountains of emotion and the vistas of sentiment, without which life would be sere in aspect, barren of its deepest and truest joys.
Spring Migration
THE period during which the majority of our birds return to us after the winter's absence is a time of peculiar advantage to the bird lover.
Nesting Season
It is a fact that there are few birds, if any, even the most common species, whose biographies have yet been exhaustively or adequately written. This will afford worthy opportunity for generations of students yet to come.
Nesting Episodes Near Home
When such occurrences may be at any time the reward of the bird lover, what wonder that we take delight in roaming the glorious out-doors, enjoying what we see and stimulated by the expectancy of the ever-impending fortunate discovery!
The Autumnal Flight
ALMOST before one can realize it, the season of nesting has slipped away from us, and we are confronted with the conditions of autumn, when we may again greet the passing procession of migrants and must say goodbye to them and to our summer birds.
Knowing The Winter Birds
It must be admitted, however, that the scarcity of birds in winter in nearly all localities, save in the far South, tends to discourage many from the quest.
How To Find The Birds Of Prey
IT would be quite safe to assert that hardly more than one bird-lover in a hundred-- or maybe in a thousand knows much from personal experience about the raptores, or birds of prey, the hawks, eagles, owls, and vultures.
Following The Water Birds
MOST bird-lovers feel a distinct sense of achievement, a peculiar satisfaction, in experiences with the water birds. They represent a much larger and more varied group than the raptores, and like them are mostly inaccessible and hard to find.
Camera Hunting And Equipment
HUNTING with the camera has in recent years come into great vogue as a sport and an adjunct to outdoor studies of nature.
Using The Ordinary Camera
When it comes to snapshot work, by following birds up with the camera in hand, the ordinary camera may sometimes be successfully used in an emergency by estimating the distance and using the scale for focus, and the little finder.
Shooting With Reflecting Camera
THE reflecting camera is a crowning triumph of inventive skill which greatly enlarges the possibilities of hunting with the camera. The great need is to be able to focus with speed and certainty on live game with the camera in hand.
Bird Lovers Vacations
IN these days the vacation habit has become well nigh universal. Nearly everyone plans, if it is a possible thing, each year to take a vacation trip away from home.
Bird Work For Indoors
From the above hints it can be seen what a delightful program of fascinating indoor work may be enjoyed by the bird enthusiast.
Social Bird Study
These magazines furnish a bond of union between bird lovers all over the country, and the editors are glad to hear from all who have items of interest about birds.
Bird Study For Schools
One general phase of the new education will be to train the faculty of observation by teaching and encouraging the young to investigate, to see things for themselves, and to draw their own conclusions.
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