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Grand Rapids Michigan
They are like that in Detroit. They are afraid that in considering the vastness of the automobile industry, you 'll overlook the fact that Detroit has a lot of other business. And in Grand Rapids they 're the same; only there, of course, it 's furniture.
A Middle-Western Miracle Chicago
IMAGINE a young demigod, product of a union between Rodin's Thinker and the Winged Victory of Samothrace, and you will have my symbol of Chicago.
Chicago - Marshall Field's And The Tribune
OF course we visited Marshall Field's. The very obliging gentleman who 'showed us about the inconceivably enormous buildings, rushing from floor to floor, poking in and out through mysterious, baffling doors and passageways.
The Chicago Stockyards
IT is rather widely known, I think, that Chicago built the first steel-frame skyscraper—the Tacoma Building—but I do not believe that the world knows that Kohlsaat's in Chicago was the first quick-lunch place of its kind.
The Honorable Hinky Dink Of Chicago
Nor was my amazement due entirely to the surprise of meeting a much-admired man. It was due, most of all, to a feeling which I must have had—although I was never before conscious of it—a feeling that no such man as Maeterlinck existed in reality.
An Olympian Chicago
IN city planning, as in other things, Chicago has thought and plotted on an Olympian scale, and it is characteristic of Chicago that her plan for her own beautification should be so much greater than the plan of any other city in the country.
Somnolent St. Louis
I am reminded of my friend's experience by my own meeting with the city of St. Louis; for it was not until after I had left St. Louis that I found out who it is.
Looking Backward Chicago
THE Chicago Club is the rich, substantial club of the city, an organization which may perhaps be compared with the Union Club of New York, although the inner atmosphere of the Chicago Club seems somehow less formal than that of its New York prototype.
The Finer Side Of St. Louis
When I lived in Chicago, and went out to. St. Louis, I felt that I was going, not merely in a westerly direction, but that I was actually going out into the West.
Hannibal And Mark Twain
Never, in his most perfect passages, did Samuel Clemens hit more certainly upon the one right word than when in this verse he wrote the second word in the last line.
Pike And Poker
IT was before we left St. Louis that I received a letter inviting us to visit in the town of Louisiana, Mo. I quote a portion of it: Louisiana is in Pike County, a county famous for its big red apples, miles of rock roads, fine old estates, Rhine scenery, capons, rare old country hams, and poker.
Old River Days
LATER we motored to the town of Clarksville, some miles down the river—a town which huddles along the bank, as St. Louis must have in her early days.
Kansas City
IF you will take a map of the United States and fold it so that the Atlantic and Pacific coast lines overlap, the crease at the center will form a line which runs down through the Dakotas, Nebraska, and Kansas.
Odds And Ends Kansas City
THE quality in Kansas City which struck Baron d'Estournelles de Constant, the French states-man and peace advocate, was the enormous growth and vitality of the place.
Colonel Nelson's "Star"
That is a mild statement of the case. The power of Colonel Nelson is something unique, and his newspaper, the Kansas City Star, is, I believe, alone in the position it holds among American dailies.
Keeping A Promise
HAVE you ever heard of the city of Excelsior Springs, Missouri? I never had until the letters began to come. The first one reached me in Detroit. It told me that Excelsior Springs desired to be written up, and offered me, as an inducement to come there.
The Tame Lion
As we moved in the direction of the house a tall, slender old man with a large hooked nose and a white beard and mustache walked toward us. He was dressed in an exceedingly neat suit and wore a large black felt hat of the type common throughout Missouri.
Kansas Journalism
EVERYTHING I had ever heard of Kansas, every one I had ever met from Kansas, every-thing I had ever imagined about Kansas, made me anxious to invade that State.
A College Town
IT was about one o'clock in the afternoon when my companion and I alighted from the train in Lawrence, Kas., the city in which the Quantrell massacre occurred, as mentioned in a preceding chapter, and the seat of the University of Kansas.
Monotony Kansas
WE left Lawrence late at night and went immediately to bed upon the train. When I awoke in the morning the car was standing still. In the ventilators overhead, I heard the steady monotonous whistling of the wind.
Under Pike's Peak
Another feeling of my first ten minutes in Denver was one of wonder at the city's flatness. That part of it through which we passed on the way to the Brown Palace Hotel was as flat as Chicago, whereas I had always thought of Denver as being in the mountains.
Hitting A High Spot In Colorado
AN enthusiastic young millionaire, the son of a pioneer, determined that my companion and I ought to see the mountain parks. It was winter, and for reasons all too plainly visible from Denver, no automobiles had attempted the ascent since fall.
Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs is somewhat higher than Denver and seems to nestle closer to the mountains. The moment you alight from the train and see the park, facing the station and the pleasant facade of the Antlers Hotel, beyond, you feel the peculiar charm of the little city.
Cripple Creek
ONE day, during our stay at Colorado Springs, were invited to take a trip to Cripple Creek. Driving to the station a friend, a resident of the Springs, pointed out to me a little clay hillock, beside the road.
Utah - The Mormon Capital
Are you shocked by my ignorance—or my confession of it? Then let me ask you if you know that the Uintah Mountain Range, in Utah, is the only range in the entire country which runs east and west?
The Smiths Of Salt Lake City
BEFORE going to Salt Lake City I had heard that the Mormons were in complete control of politics and business in the State of Utah, and that it was their practice to discriminate against gentiles, making it impossible for them to be successful there.
Passing Pictures
AS our train crossed the Great Salt Lake the farther shores were glistening in a golden haze, half real, half mirage, like the shores as you see them from the monastery at Amalfi on a sunny day.
San Francisco
San Francisco was, as I pictured it in advance, a city of gaiety, gold money, twenty-five cent drinks, flowers, Chinamen, hospitality, night restaurants, mysterious private dining rooms, the Bohemian Club...
Before The Fire Of San Francisco
SAN FRANCISCANS love to show their city off. Nevertheless they take a curious delight in countering against the enthusiasm of the alien with a solemn wag of the head and the invariable...
San Francisco - An Exposition And A Booster
THE Panama Pacific Exposition will unquestionably be the most beautiful exposition ever held in the world. Its setting is both accessible and lovely, for it has the city upon one side and the bay and the Golden Gate upon the other.
San Franscisco To New York
I had always fancied that an unbroken flight across the continent would prove fatiguing and seem very, very long, but however others may have found it, it seemed short to me.
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