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Trencher Treen And Pewter Bright
THE history of the use of china as tableware in America would be incomplete and ill-comprehended; without some reference to the preceding forms of table furnishings used by the earliest colonists, the dishes of wood and pewter.
Early Use And Importation Of China In America
THE knowledge and use of porcelain in England did not long antedate the departure of the Pilgrims for the New World. As early as 1506 one exceptional importation of Chinese porcelain bowls is spoken of.
Early Fictile Art In America
IN all our wanderings and searchings we have never found any specimens of old American china, for one author says that, like the snakes in Iceland, there are none.
Earliest Pottery Wares
THE first rare pieces of porcelain owned by the American colonists were India china ; but Delft ware, salt-glazed ware, and the tortoise-shell or combed wares were the earliest forms of pottery that were imported to any great extent.
English Porcelains In America
AS soon as porcelain was manufactured to any extent A in England it was exported to America. The Boston Evening Post of November, 1754, advertised a variety of Bow China Cups and Saucers and Bowls, and other sales of Bow china were made.
Liverpool And Other Printed Ware
AT the end of the past and beginning of the present century, great numbers of cream-colored pottery pitchers and mugs were printed in England with various designs and were sent to the United States for sale.
Oriental China
IN that delightful and much - quoted book, The China Hunters' Club, the final chapter is devoted to a most humorous description of the disbandment and ignominious extinction of the club through a fierce quarrel over a disputed piece of china—whether it were Chinese or Lowestoft.
The Cosey Teapot
IT is small wonder that the craze for the gathering together and hoarding of teapots has assailed many a feminine china-hunter in many a land, and that many a noble collection has been made. Teapots are so friendly and appealing, one cannot resist them.
Punch Bowls And Punches
THERE is no individual piece of china around which shines such a glowing halo of warm hospitality, of good-fellowship, of good cheer, as around the jolly punch-bowl.
George And Martha Washington's China
IN the long and apparently extravagant orders which George Washington sent to England previous to the Revolutionary War, for the purchase and exportation to him of dress goods and house and table furnishings of various descriptions, I find no mention of table china.
Presidential China
THE sets of china used by other Presidents than Washington, while their various owners were living in the Executive Mansion, deserve to be mentioned.
Designs Relating To Washington
A portrait of Washington printed in black on a white stone-ware pitcher—apparently modern. Crossed flags painted in colors. This pitcher may have been made to use in a hotel or on a steamboat.
Designs Relating To Franklin
THE great popularity and long residence of Benjamin Franklin abroad would account for the many and varied ceramic relics relating to him that were manufactured in England and France during his lifetime.
Designs Relating To Lafayette
I HAVE never seen in America any pieces of English pottery or porcelain bearing the name, portrait of Lafayette, or any reference to him that could be assigned to an earlier date of manufacture than 1824, the time of Lafayette's last visit to America.
Patriotic And Political Designs
THE heroes and the naval battles of the War of 1812 furnished manifold subjects for the designs printed on a vast number of mugs and pitchers.
Staffordshire Wares
NO ceramic specimens are of more interest to the American china collector than the pieces of dark-blue Staffordshire crockery that were manufactured in such vast variety of design, and were imported in such great numbers to America in the early years of this century.
China Memories
WHAT fancies we weave, what dreams we dream over a piece of homely old china ! Every cup, every jar in our china ingatherings, has the charm of fantasy, visions of past life and beauty, though only imagined.
China Collection
IN past years any stray china-lover who wished to see and to learn had to search well to find any public collections, or even specimens of old china, in America.
Relation Between Architecture And Furniture
It has been truly said that the furniture of the home has throughout the ages been subservient to the builder's craft.
Ecclesiastical Influences On Furniture
That influence may well be termed ecclesiastic. Whether we turn to the religions of the Orientals, the Jewish traditions of the East, to those later religions which for so many centuries influenced Eastern Europe.
Furniture - The Arrangement Of Collections
Another very important point in the history of furniture which should be remembered by the collector is that a vast change has passed over the approved style of arrangement of museums during the last few years.
Furniture Styles - Prevailing Styles
BEFORE considering in detail the furniture of the different periods in this country's history, and tracing the evolution of household furniture from remote ages, together with the influences which have governed its progress.
Furniture Styles - Some Governing Influences
Style was frequently controlled and directed by the affairs of State and by Court intrigues. The habits and customs of the people as they became more defined brought about the necessity for a new style.
Furniture Styles - Other Influences At Work
The dole cupboard would never have been made had it not been for the bequests and sympathies of religious houses and pious persons, who remembered the poor.
Furniture Styles - Some Definite Features
Gothic influence predominated in medieval days, and French designs became interwoven with those of English origin in the sixteenth century, and intermittently in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
Early Examples Of Furniture
Eastern influence—Early Egyptian—Assyrian—Ancient Greece—Roman furniture—Pompeii and its treasures—Byzantine art—Anglo-Saxon furniture.
Eastern Influence On Furniture
The arts and crafts of ancient Egypt came from farther East. Biblical records tell of Assyria and Babylon, and of Judea and Persia. Modern discoveries confirm those accounts of an ancient civilisation with furniture and luxurious upholsteries.
Early Egyptian Furniture
In addition to the furniture from Egypt and Babylon there are interesting relics of the tools by which they were made, for under the foundations of many temples have been discovered the votive offerings of workmen.
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