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Greek Rugs
GREEK rugs are almost as ancient as Greece herself. Many an old love-song of this land has praised the skill of the woman deftly plying the hand loom.
Moorish And Spanish Rugs
THE Arab conquerors of Spain, or the Moors as they are often called, are believed to have taught the Spaniards and Venetians the art of rug-weaving. The rugs now known as Moorish are made by the descendants of this race.
Bosnian, Servian, Roumanian And Blugarian Rugs
Bulgarian rugs, as a rule, are very coarse in texture, loosely woven, and unattractive. Occasionally Bulgarian rugs are seen with finer weaving and well-chosen colors.
English Rugs
IN England the introduction of tapestries as hangings for walls was made by Eleanora, sister of Alfonso the Tenth of Castile, when she became the wife of Edward the First.
French Rugs
An inventor named Dupont was placed in charge of a workroom by the King, in the Palais du Louvre about the year 1605. In the year 1621 an apprentice of Dupont's, named Lourdes, was instructed to establish the industry of weaving in a district near Paris, where was the Hospice de la Savonnerie, an institution for poor children.
Rug Weaving In The United States
THE United States is largely occupied in rug-weaving, and the centre of the Eastern section of this manufacture is Philadelphia. But in various sections of the country there are rug factories, both large and small.
Inscriptions On Rugs
WE are occasionally indebted to an Oriental scholar for a translation of an inscription on a rug ; often these inscriptions show the religious belief of the maker.
Oriental Symbols
ALL Oriental rugs have designs, and every design is symbolical. To the connoisseur, as well as to the owners of rugs, it is vastly interesting to understand the meaning attached to these symbols by the Orientals.
Persian Rugs
The antique rugs of Ispahan (so called), are now known by most authorities as Herats. From investigations this seems to be a fact, at any rate, the rugs are magnificent, extremely rare and very valuable.
Turkish Rugs
When Paris Bordoni (1500-1571) painted the beautiful ceremonial picture in the Academy in Venice he used an Ouchak for the center of the steps. This is positive proof, if other be wanting, of the age of such a rug.
Caucasian Rugs
Kuba rugs are a development of the early Armenian rugs. They were woven in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The weaving is firm and fine, and the designs interesting.
Chinese Rugs
Instead of adhering to original patterns several firms employing designers have added to the original motifs and sometimes in the border of a modern Chinese rug will be seen mixed motifs.
Animal Rugs
Animal rugs are to be found in rather large numbers in the museums and private collections. Human figures seldom are depicted and the animal forms do not point to the chase.
Spanish Rugs
The earliest allusion to Spanish rugs was made by Edrisi, the Mohammedan geographer of the twelfth century.
Sardinian Rugs
Rugs have been made for generations on the Island of Sardinia, which to an extent unparalleled elsewhere has retained her traditional arts uncorrupted and unchanged.
Old Houses
THERE is an indescribable charm surrounding colonial houses, especially if historic traditions are associated with them. Many of an early date of erection are still to be found throughout New England towns, where the Puritan and the Pilgrim first settled, and not a few have remained in the same families since their construction.
Colonial Doorways
No type of architecture today holds such a distinctive place in the minds of architects and home builders as does that of the colonial period. This is especially true concerning the porch or doorway.
Door Knockers
THERE is no more decorative feature of the entrance door than the old-time door knocker, especially if in conjunction with it are used a latch and hinge.
Old Time Gardens
Gardens formed a distinctive feature in the colonists' home grounds, from the time of their landing on unknown soil. At first they were very small, and consisted mostly of wild flowers and plants that had been brought from their homes in England and Holland.
Halls And Stairways
THE colonial hall as we have come to think of it dignified and spacious, with characteristics of unrivaled beauty was not the type in vogue in the first years of the country's settlement.
Fireplaces And Mantelpieces
IT is a far cry from the fireplaces of early times to those of the present, when elaborate fittings make them architecturally notable.
Old Time Wall Paper
This is especially true in tracing the origin of the old picture wall papers that, with the revival of colonial ideas, are again coming into vogue.
Old Chairs And Sofas
But whatever their type or characteristic, the old-time chair and sofa are distinctive, and it is a tribute to their worth that in the equipment of modern homes designers are reverting to them for inspiration.
Sideboards, Bureaus, Tables, Etc.
THE present interest in antiques has brought into prominence the old-time furnishings, and as a result ancient hiding places have been forced to give up their treasures, and hitherto little appreciated relics are now reinstated with all their original dignity.
Four Poster Beds
Examples of these fine old beds are growing scarcer and rarer each year, and their value is correspondingly increasing. Some years ago they could be had almost for the asking, but with their revival in favor, their worth has increased.
THE heavily freighted ships that came into the harbor in the days of Salem's commercial prosperity brought in their holds many valuables, including mirrors, several of which are to-day found in Salem homes.
Old Time Clocks
THERE is something quaintly pathetic about an old colonial clock. Its sociability appeals to all home lovers, as it cheerily ticks the hours away, with a regularity that is almost human.
Old Time Lights
SINCE the introduction of gas and electric light, the old-time lamp has ceased to be a necessity, though in many instances it still does service as the receptacle for the gas jet or electric bulb.
Old China
CHINA constituted an important part of the household equipment in colonial days, and while not as antique as pewter and wooden ware, it outrivaled both in beauty and popular favor.
Old Glass
OF all the old-time wares, glass, until recently, has been most rarely collected, and in consequence, whereas specimens of silver and pewter are comparatively abundant, examples of glass are scarce.
Old Pewter
THERE is a charm about old pewter that is well-nigh irresistible to the collector of antiques, its odd shapes, mellow tints, and, above all, its rarity, luring one in its pursuit.
Old Silver
THERE is a widespread and growing interest in all old silver, especially in such pieces as can be traced back to colonial origin.
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