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The Old State House, Boston, Massachusetts
The historic halls within the building have the same walls and ceilings as when the old house was erected in 1748. For many years the exterior was covered with unsightly paint, but this has been scraped off, and the brick walls gleam red as in former days.
Paul Revere's House, Boston, Massachusetts
The old house in North Square was the home of the Revere family until about 1795.
Faneuil Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
May Faneuil Hall ever stand, a monument to teach the world that resistance to oppression is a duty, and will under true republican institutions become a blessing.
Three Historic Churches Of Boston
The First Church of Boston would have been large enough for all its members for many years longer than they worshipped together, if they had been of one mind politically.
Elmwood, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Elmwood remains in the possession of the Lowell heirs. The ten acres of the poet's boyhood days have been reduced to two or three, but the house is much the same as when the poet lived in it.
The Craigie House, Cambridge, Massachusetts
The clock of which Longfellow wrote stood on the stair-landing of the old Craigie House, Cambridge, Massachusetts, which he bought in 1843, after having occupied it a number of years.
The Adams House, Quincy, Massachusetts
And in this house the mother died, on October 28, 1818. John Quincy Adams lived there until his death, on July 4, 1826.
The Quincy Mansion, Quincy, Massachusetts
Among the settlers to whom Boston granted large allotments of outlying lands were William Coddington and Edmund Quincy. In 1635 they went, in company with their associate settlers, to the mount, which became Braintree, now Quincy.
Fernside Farm, Haverhill, Massachusetts
Our old homestead nestled under a long range of hills which stretched off to the west. It was surrounded by woods in all directions save to the southeast, where a break in the leafy wall revealed a vista of low, green meadows, picturesque with wooded islands and jutting capes of upland.
The Duston Garrison House, Haverhill, Massachusetts
The attention of visitors to Haverhill, Massachusetts, is attracted to a great granite boulder set in a place of honor in the old town. When they ask about it they are told the story of Hannah Duston, heroine.
The Old Manse And The Wayside, Concord, Massachusetts
Nathaniel Hawthorne was thirty-eight years old be-fore he was able to begin the ideal life of Adam with his Eve, to which he had looked forward for many years.
The Royall House, Medford, Massachusetts
One who is familiar with the old plantation houses of Virginia is tempted to rub his eyes when he first sees the Royal House at Medford, Massachusetts, for this relic of Colonial days has the outbuildings, the slave-quarters, and other characteristics of so many Virginia houses.
Broadhearth And The Bennet-Boardman House, Saugus, Massachusetts
Bennets and Boardmans have held the house from the beginning. The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities has interested itself in the protection of the property.
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