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The Place And Power Of Kindergarten
And this is the central purpose and use of the kindergarten. Its object is, on the one hand, to supplement the home by doing for the child's nascent humanity what the home cannot do for want of equipment.
Mothers And The Kindergarten
THE kindergarten is the divine right of motherhood. Every mother is a co-worker with the head gardener, and receives directions from Him.
How To Teach Kindergarten At Home
MOTHERS are the best kindergarten teachers. They taught Frederick William Froebel all that is best in the Kindergarten system. As he tried to make a system out of what the best mothers he knew taught him as he watched them playing with their children.
Bible Stories For Children
IT is admitted on all sides that the Bible is less read than formerly. There can be no question that this is to be deeply regretted. From the religious, the literary and the historical point of view, it is deplorable.
Children's Interest In The Bible
CHILDREN up to eight or nine years are more interested in the portions of the New Testament which give accounts of the birth and childhood of Jesus. They enjoy also Old Testament stories relating to the childhood or youth of characters like Moses, Samuel, Joseph, and David.
The Bible In The Home
In regard to the Great Book, I have only to say that it is the best gift which God has given to man.
Fairy Tales For Children
CERTAIN it is that the child himself weaves fairy-tales, and constructs myths, too, of a crude and unpolished sort, of course. One who understands children does not need to be told that they enjoy the making of stories as much as listening to those their ancestors have made for them.
The Power Of The Fairy Tale
Thus do the fairy tales, which are at the same time classic materials, to which old and young live to return, lead from the most individual ideas, from which everything must grow that is to become strong, to the most general, which belongs to man as such.
The Effect of Fairy Stories
BOTH fancy and understanding are developed in time by words. We all know how children are waked up and delighted by Mother Goose absurdities, and still more by fairy stories that seem to set at naught the facts and override the laws of nature...
Myths And Legends For The Little Ones
But there are adults with rich imaginations who feel an aversion to this kind of literature and not without cause. There may be some such among you to-day. For such it may be need-less to say that the period for cultivating fairy-lore fancy has passed.
The Value Of Fairy Tales
FAIRY tales . . . exercise and cultivate the imagination. Now the imagination is a most powerful auxiliary in the development of the mind and will. . . .. In the next place fairy tales stimulate the idealizing tendency . . .
The Value Of Juvenile Fiction
And for the steps which, like the stars, follow an orderly perspective, often the simplest guideposts are the words and ways of the boy and girl heroes of the best of juvenile fiction.
Poetry For Children
THE little child cares instinctively for verse both because of the simple story it tells or the familiar picture it suggests to him and because of the rhythm.
The Love And Study Of Nature
FLOWERS have a language all their own. The rose speaks of love, the violet of modesty, the lily of kingly beauty, the poppy of sleep, the lady's-slipper, honey-suckle, dew-drop, harebell, tulip, marigold, dandelion, hollyhock, jasmine, hyacinth, clover, buttercup, daisy,—all suggest at least, if we turn to their etymologies, how warm and close about the human heart flowers have always lain.
Good Manners
When children are urged to be polite and thoughtful, the primary motive should be the simple one—because it is right; secondly, because it makes others happy and comfortable as well as themselves, and lastly, because only through the exercise of true courtesy can they win love and friendship...
Teaching Truthfulness, Honesty, Self-Control
NEW truth is seen by new brains. As the organ we think with grows from age to age, we are able to think farther and deeper; but, if the growing brain is especially injured in any one dapertment in early youth, it will not grow as fast in that one line.
The College Woman
The ideal of the college woman, as we understand it, is threefold. In the first place, the college woman is one who has received much, she is one who during her collegiate experience has come to know the greatest minds of the past.
Why We Should Give Our Children Physical Training
A second and more important fact is that most of us, as fast as we can, are exchanging a life of muscular effort in the open air for a sedentary life of brain labor indoors. The farms are being deserted ; office, desk, and store are crowded.
Faulty Positions In the Growing Child And How To Correct Them
These exercises are very simple, very well known, and very easily performed, but when used faithfully, and when each re-lapse into the old position is quickly corrected, they will prove beneficial.
Physical Training Of Young Children
INSTINCTIVE gymnastics is, from the hygienic point of view, the best adapted to the regular development of the child. It is not liable to any of the objections we have brought against gymnastics with apparatus.
The Ethical Value Of Sports For Women
A DISCUSSION of the ethical value of sports for women involves two considerations, difficult to separate, but which must be clear in the minds of the persons who instruct in sports.
Health - Beauty - Power
EVERY young woman has a right to the inherent desire within her heart to be beautiful. To be beautiful, how-ever, we must have health; and when one has beauty and health, one has power—the power to radiate and to attract.
The Necessity Of Games
If the foregoing lines have shown not only the desirability but also the necessity for play, and if they have given to parents and children an idea of how to make games successful, their object has been accomplished.
Physical Training For Boys
WE need no statistics to prove that never in the world's history has there been a greater need of strong, vigorous men; nor has there been a time when the mode of living had a greater tendency toward the degeneration and decadence of health.
Physical Training For Girls
WHEN we ask what exercise can do for the human body we put into the word exercise a very definite meaning. We do not mean for instance the occasional walk that a girl may take on the beach, or the single riding or fencing or gymnasium lesson that she takes once or twice a month.
The Need For Exercise In Modern Life
Much of the above is acquired, not so much by calisthenics, as by exercise on gymnastic apparatus, such as flying rings, parallel bars, horizontal bar, and horse, which are found in all modern gymnasiums, and by special gymnastics, such as boxing, fencing, wrestling, and tumbling.
Outdoor Exercise
Choose a hobby that benefits you. Be honest and clean to yourself. Make a habit of outdoor exercises.
Physical Culture
Then take some exercises such as are prescribed elsewhere. They are all good for anybody, but some may suit one case better than another. Try to take each exercise in as good a form as possible, and you will be astonished to see the result.
Exercise And Exercises
IT will not be necessary to go at all deeply into the physiological effects and changes wrought in the body by exercise.
Diets And Stimulants
hatever diet (or absence of diet) continues to give good results after a protracted trial is almost certainly good for the individual in question.
The Care Of Teeth In Relation To Health
In closing, special stress must be laid on the importance of having the teeth regulated at an early age. If the teeth are irregular, a regulating device should be made and worn not later than at the age of 13 or 14.
The Influence Of Training On Mind And Morals
IT is impossible to make the simplest movement of any kind without the conscious or unconscious direction of the mind, so inextricably are the two bound up together.
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