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Reading To And With Children
For it is by reading aloud to the child so young that it cannot hold the book for itself that a sense of literature is maintained.
What To Read To Children
With the littlest children, the choice of material for reading aloud should be varied in accordance with a definite plan.
How To Read To Children
We have spoken of the effect of reading aloud on the linguistic development of the child, and of its value in stimulating and encouraging an appreciation of beautiful verbal expression.
When To Read To Children
It frequently happens that parents find themselves wholly uncertain as to the best times for reading, either to the children or by the children themselves.
Why To Read To Children
In planning a child's reading, a mother should always remember that the vast majority of fairy tales have passed through so many hands in the telling and retelling that their form has often lost its distinctive excellence, and their value is restricted to their content.
How To Teach Concentration To Children
At the basis of concentration lies interest. Here the mother must exert herself to make whatever she is handling interesting, and to do this she must be interested herself.
How To Develop A Good Memory
The boy who defined the memory as the thing you forget with fairly described the degree of usefulness which the memory has with most people.
How To Develop Imagination
To the undeveloped mind, the earliest appeal comes from pictures, which convey the imagination of another in a concrete form rather than from words which are necessarily less definite in their expression.
Children - The Value Of Music
The second great appeal to the imagination of children is that made by music. It is a matter of common comment that even the youngest little ones are enchanted by the harmony of songs.
Children - The Influence Of The Drama
The parent must make serious and thoughtful selection among the possible productions for his child to witness, for many of them are far from wise choices for a child.
Children - The Effect Of Literature
It remains to speak of the value of literature in developing the imagination of a child, and in proportion as this is the most important of all means, so it is the one about which there is the least to be said.
Character Building - How To Cultivate Morals And Manners
THERE is an intimate relation between manners and morals which is often not clearly understood. What we call morals today really have their root in the manners of an earlier period.
Children - How To Foster Ambition
Every boy and every girl has ambitions, both good and bad. We should watch for the good ones, and foster them. And so surely as two and two make four, the bad ones will be driven out in proportion as the good ones are cultivated.
Children - Aspiration
Aspiration is the desire for excellence pure and simple. The desire for excellence for its own sake, the desire for higher, purer and better things because they are higher and better.
Children - Emulation
Emulation is the desire to equal or surpass others; a noble and praiseworthy sentiment when those we would equal and surpass are high-minded and true ideals, and when the means we use are worthy.
Purpose Of Ambition
Purpose, then, must be settled and steady, clear and definite ; it is the knowing at what one aims, and the desire, the intention, the will, the determination to achieve. Purpose is one of the mainsprings of ambition.
How To Develop An Attractive Personality
PERSONALITY is one of those indefinable things which cannot be compressed into a few words. When we think of certain individuals who have personality, we are at once made aware that no two personalities are alike or give us the same reaction.
Health Of Your Personality
Not alone is it requisite for the power to perform the work that comes to our hands, but the man who radiates health creates an atmosphere which impresses his fellowmen favorably, and conduces to success in business.
Industry And Integrity
It would hardly seem to be necessary to point out the importance of these two elements in personality necessary for success. Strenuous individual application must be the price always paid for distinction ; excellence of. any sort is invariably placed beyond the reach of indolence.
The man of the highest class requires sound discretion, quick perception, and firmness in the execution of his plans. He must be quick to see the right mode of action, and if he has decision of purpose, he will be prompt to carry out his undertakings to a successful issue.
How To Promote Higher Culture
WE talk a great deal about the higher culture of men and women, but too often with little or no sense of what that really means, either in terms of education or of life.
The Unification Of Knowledge
WE have now reached a point where we begin to think about the unification of knowledge. The brain is a very complex organism, where there are separate areas devoted to various forms of knowing.
Reading To Children
And as you tell the story to your children, know that you are handing on the treasure which your mother poured forth for you in those childhood days when her life was spent in your service.
Selecting Children's Literature
Charles Lamb's belief in turning the child loose in the rich pastures of literature to browse where he pleases is the one, on the whole, that commends itself most to me.
Building The Home Library
EVERYBODY ought to own books. A house without books has been well called a literary Sahara ; and how many of them there are ! We are a reading people.
A Neglected Duty Of Some Fathers And Mothers
BECAUSE a child is not admitted to the public schools until he is six years old is no reason why he should not know how to read before that time.
Stories With The Children
THE child at times needs from the adult assistance in storing his mind with play material, in order that at other times he may have a stock of ideas from which to draw.
Leading The Child
CHILDREN know those who understand them and those who do not; for example, a child had been left for a day or two in the care of his aunt, and most unfortunately for little Charles, as she did not like children and never knew how to meet them.
Children's Amusement
IT would be of infinite advantage to the childhood of the world if every young woman could, in the course of her education, have at least one year in a kindergarten training school.
Rhythmic Music For The Little Ones
A LITTLE child's training which does not lay the foundation for appreciation of color and form has failed in giving the essentials of a practical education, and the result is a being almost wholly lacking in natural expression.
Music For The Children
MUCH of what has been said of stories applies also to music. In the kindergarten the songs are dramatized and often worked out with different kinds of material.
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