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Old Grocery Houses
The great grocers and heavy wholesale tea purchasers resided mainly in Front Street. Among them all I do not know of more than three houses, or any members of grocery houses, who are still in business.
Beginning Of Water Supply In New York City
Samuel Leggett was the first in this city who at-empted to furnish the city with water from the neighboring river. He proposed the Bronx. From some cause unknown, the plan failed.
Beginning Of Gas Supply For New York City
That same Samuel Leggett was the first originator of a gas company in this city in 1822. He was the first President of the New York Gas Light Company.
Old Merchants Of The Swamp
Poor Charles Leupp, who died suddenly not long ago, belonged to the hide and leather merchants, whose sphere of action is called The Swamp.
James & Issac Roosevelt - J&J Harper-Mercantile Library
Within my recollection, James Roosevelt kept at No. 8 Jacob Street. It was before Cliff Street was opened through. It was in previous years the alley-way to the old Roosevelt sugar house.
Lydia F. Wadleigh, Pioneer Of Higher Education
The name of Lydia F. Wadleigh and her great work are perpetuated in one of New York's finest high schools—the Wadleigh High School on 114th Street—and our citizens love to remember her as one of old New York's illustrious and noble women.
Reminiscences Of The Old Eleventh Ward
In conclusion, let me say that I shall never forget the old ward and the old friends and old associates. There is not a day that my mind does not revert back to the old neighborhood and the pleasant memories that cluster around it.
Hunter College - 1870-1920
HUNTER COLLEGE celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its founding February 14th, 1920, and continued the celebration for four days. It was founded as a school for the higher education of girls, and when opened as Normal College in 1870 was the only public high school for girls in the city.
The Queerest House In This Country
New York for a period of thirty-two years boasted the queerest house in this country, if not in the entire world. This was the famous Richardson Spite House, at Lexington Avenue and 83rd Street.
Old Mansions Of The Bronx
This article, which is a continuation of the same subject in the 1920 Manual, completes the history of these interesting old homesteads so far as the eastern half of the Bronx is concerned.
Some Associations of Old Ann Street
While Ann Street was famous for its printeries, yet it should also have a niche in the annals of fame for the many restaurants, or Eating-Houses as they were called then, which flourished in the period dating back seventy to eighty years.
The Case Of William Hamlin Childs
This case which interests so many readers of the Manual, is a very striking illustration of the animus which pervades our civic politics and which is directed in this instance against a man whose only sin was his ardent efforts for the election of John Purroy Mitchel as Mayor.
Quaint And Curious Advertisements In Old New York
To be sold, the House and Ground next Door to Mr. Joseph Robison, it contains in Front 28 Feet, Wood Measure, and in Rear 35 Feet, it extends it self from Hanover Square to the Alley behind called the Float.
The Vernacular Of The Day
In Pepys' Diary we have a perfect record of English as she was spoke in cultured circles in the seventeenth century. We think, however, we should have preferred a specimen of the language of the lower classes—the colloquial tongue, so to speak.
Children - How To Create Interest
You are now to take up a systematic course of training with your child. Do you realize what this means? It is not merely that you are to train the mind, but that you are to form a life.
The Child - Its Care And Nurture
The beautiful consummation of home life arranged both by God and Nature is a baby. The woman who has borne a child after the stress and pain of her labor rejoices in that first baby cry as no soul on earth can rejoice in anything else.
Children - Physical Care
The care of the child from the moment of its birth is now known to be a matter of prime necessity, not merely because the child arrives as a stranger in a strange land, but because he has everything to learn and what at the moment is more important has no means of doing anything for himself.
The Nursing Mother
When the child is nursing the food is clean and practically sterile ; but even here care of the mother's person is of exceeding importance. The mother at this point is the preparatory laboratory for her child's food.
Children - The Development Of The Play Instinct
Play is the occupation of childhood and begins in the very earliest elements of the baby's consciousness of itself and its powers.
The Child - Its Physical Development
The problem of the physical development of the child, before he comes to stage where we speak of him as a boy, is one of the commanding questions of mother care and interest.
Children - Developing The Play Instinct
Almost from the birth of the child it instinctively begins its own physical training. To watch the tendencies it manifests, to correct the faulty ones, as previously explained, and to exercise those which are in the right and proper direction, is one of the first cares of the parent.
The Physical Training Of Boys And Girls
Your child is now emerging from the baby stage. He has acquired a fair usage of his little body and has begun the active use of his mind, and is now a subject of extended training and a program.
Children - Habit Formation And Habit Drill
The first thing to note in this connection is that we are all bundles of habits. Habit makes the world go round. Habits keep most people as good as they are. Habits make bad people as bad as they are.
Children - Carriage And Exercise
Carriage of the body is often a symbol of character and self-respect. You will notice that when we are very conscious of our importance we rise to our full height as the heroine in the novel does.
Parental Example And Parental Admonition
Just one word about the relation of the instruction of the parent and the example of the parent. You cannot tell a boy to keep clean if you are not in the habit of keeping clean yourself.
The Child - Its Mental Development
The great aim in watching the mental development of children lies in that by this means we discover in time for their remedying, defects which if taken in time can be altered.
Children - Environment As A Factor In Mental Development
So when you think of the environment, think not only of the material, but much more of the mental environment. What does the child hear talked about? That becomes the raw material of his thinking.
Children - Social Habits As A Factor In Mental Growth
Man is a social animal. He lives with others of his kind and can live with them only as he is livable. The social atmosphere of a home helps or hinders here to a most amazing degree.
Children - Spiritual Factors In Mental Growth
Here we are dealing with the most intangible of influences. This does not mean religion, though it includes it. It means such things as reverence, love, modesty, appreciation, and the like.
The Infant Mind
In the very earliest dawn of life the formation of character begins. Indeed, it has already begun long before, but we can now begin our task of guiding and shaping it aright.
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