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The Dawn Of The Renaissance
THE monkish robe of the Middle Age is like that rough brown pupa which hides in its heart the folded wings of the butterfly; for the Middle Age is the chrysalis of the Renaissance and the origins of that great unfolding of the spirit of men lie deep within it.
The Renaissance In Italy
The art of the Renaissance passed through these three inevitable stages of transition from one state of being to another, as Grecian and Gothic had passed.
The Renaissance Passes From Italy
THE Renaissance in Italy had completed the appointed triad—the rapture of its youth, the splendor of its virile maturity, the weakness and the extravagant affectations of its decadent old age.
Painting And Sculpture In Europe
BEFORE we touch upon the great debacle and its effects upon the orderly movement of artistic progress in the world we must return to a point from which we may review the arts of painting and sculpture in Europe.
The Renaissance In England And America
THE English Channel was just wide enough to check the rapid spread of Continental influences and to delay England's immediate participation in the successive developments of Continental art, just as the Alps had interposed their physical barrier to the immediate flow of Italian art into neighboring lands.
Tendencies In The 19th And 20th Centuries
In the arts is most of the beauty of the world and of life in the world; they are for all men without even the asking; subtract them and the world is like a waterless desert.
On The Appreciation Of Scenery
TO the average educated American, scenery is a pleasing hodge-podge of mountains, valleys, plains, lakes, and rivers. To him, the glacier-hollowed valley of Yosemite, the stream-scooped abyss of the Grand Canyon, the volcanic gulf of Crater Lake, the bristling granite core of the Rockies, and the ancient ice-carved shales of Glacier National Park all are one — just scenery, magnificent, incomparable, meaningless.
The National Parks Of The United States
THE National Parks of the United States are areas of scenic magnificence and primitive vegetation which Congress has set apart for the pleasure and benefit of the people.
National Park's Playground
The idea still widely obtains that our national parks are principally playgrounds. A distinguished member of Congress recently asked: Why make these appropriations? More people visited Rock Creek Park here in the city of Washington last Sunday afternoon than went to the Yosemite all last summer. The country has endless woods and mountains which cost the Treasury nothing.
National Park's Development
The Pacific Coast Expositions of 1915 marked the beginning of the nation's acquaintance with its national parks. In fact, they were the occasion, if not the cause, of the movement for national parks development which found so quickly a country-wide response, and which is destined to results of large importance to individual and nation alike.
History Of The National Park's
The later history of the National Parks System has had its tempestuous period. With conservation as a museum system rapidly becoming a popular ideal, large organized business interests in the west sought to secure control of its waters before it should be too late.
Granite's Part In Scenery
THE granite national parks are Yosemite, Sequoia, including the proposed Roosevelt Park, General Grant, Rocky Mountain, and Mount McKinley.
Yosemite, The Incomparable
THE first emotion inspired by the sight of Yosemite is surprise. No previous preparation makes the mind ready for the actual revelation. The hardest preliminary reading and the closest study of photographs, even familiarity with other mountains as lofty, or loftier, fail to dull one's first astonishment.
Yosemite Valley
The Yosemite Valley is the heart of the national park. Not only is it the natural entrance and abiding place, the living-room, so to speak, the central point from which all parts of the park are most comfortably accessible; it is also typical in some sense of the Sierra as a whole, and is easily the most beautiful valley in the world.
Summertime In Yosemite Park
Every summer many thousands of visitors gather in Yosemite. Most of them, of course, come tourist-fashion, to glimpse it all in a day or two or three. A few thousands come for long enough to taste most of it, or really to see a little.
Trails Of Yosemite Park
The trail traveller finds the trails the best in the country, and as good as the best in the world; they are the models for the national system. Competent guides, horses, supplies, and equipment are easy to hire at regulated prices in the village.
Camping In Yosemite Park
The fine camping country south of the Yosemite Valley also offers its sensation. At its most southern point, the park accomplishes its forest climax in the Mariposa Grove.
The Human History Of Yosemite Park
The human history of the Yosemite is quickly told. The country north of the Valley was known from early times by explorers and trappers who used the old Mono Indian Trail, now the Tioga Road, which crossed the divide over Mono Pass.
Yosemite Park Geological History
The Yosemite's geological history is much more thrilling. Everyone who sees it asks, How did Nature make the Yosemite Valley? Was it split by earth convulsions or scooped by glacier? Few ask what part was played by the gentle Merced.
The Proposed Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park
But southward the Sierra Nevada, the snowy saw-toothed range of the Spaniards, the Sierra of modern American phrase, rapidly acquires the bulk and towering height, the craggy cirqued summits and the snowy shoulders which have made it celebrated.
Region Of Roosevelt National Park
The region is roughly pear-shaped. A straight line drawn from Pine Creek Pass at its northern end to Sheep Mountain on the southern base line measures sixty-eight miles; the park is thirty-six miles wide at its widest, just north of Mount Whitney.
Gateways To Roosevelt National Park
There are many gateways, two by road, the rest by trail. For years to come, as in the past, the great majority of visitors will enter through the Giant Forest of the Sequoia National Park and through the General Grant National Park.
The Sequoia National Park
The Sequoia National Park and its little neighbor, the General Grant National Park, enclose areas of remarkable fertility in which trees, shrubs, and wild flowers reach their greatest development.
The Heart Of The Rockies
THE Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and the Cascade Range of California, TOregon, and Washington have each three national parks which fully represent their kind and quality.
Rocky Mountain Gateways
The Front Range, carrying the continental divide, is a gnarled and jagged rampart of snow-splashed granite facing the eastern plains, from which its grim summits may be seen for many miles.
Entering Rocky Mountain National Park
Entry to the park by any route is dramatic. If the visitor comes the all-motor way through Ward he picks up the range at Arapaho Peak, and follows it closely for miles. If he comes by any of the rail routes, his motor stage emerges from.
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