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The Dawn Of The Renaissance
THE monkish robe of the Middle Age is like that rough brown pupa which hides in its heart the folded wings of the butterfly; for the Middle Age is the chrysalis of the Renaissance and the origins of that great unfolding of the spirit of men lie deep within it.
The Renaissance In Italy
The art of the Renaissance passed through these three inevitable stages of transition from one state of being to another, as Grecian and Gothic had passed.
The Renaissance Passes From Italy
THE Renaissance in Italy had completed the appointed triad—the rapture of its youth, the splendor of its virile maturity, the weakness and the extravagant affectations of its decadent old age.
Painting And Sculpture In Europe
BEFORE we touch upon the great debacle and its effects upon the orderly movement of artistic progress in the world we must return to a point from which we may review the arts of painting and sculpture in Europe.
The Renaissance In England And America
THE English Channel was just wide enough to check the rapid spread of Continental influences and to delay England's immediate participation in the successive developments of Continental art, just as the Alps had interposed their physical barrier to the immediate flow of Italian art into neighboring lands.
Tendencies In The 19th And 20th Centuries
In the arts is most of the beauty of the world and of life in the world; they are for all men without even the asking; subtract them and the world is like a waterless desert.
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