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Introductory To Art
Art the Eternal Language — The Meaning of Art—Art as an Expression of the Creative Impulse—Art as an Index of the Character of Nations, Individuals, and Epochs—The Greeks, the Italians, and the French Compared from this Point of View—Art as a Part of Our Daily Life and as the Inexorable Recorder of Our Taste and Cultivation.
The Quality Common To All Forms Of Art
ALL works of art, whether poems, musical compositions, works of architecture, or sculpture, or painting, will be found upon analysis to have fundamental traits, qualities, principles, in common, such as: Design, Proportion, Balance, Symmetry, Rhythm, Pattern, Harmony, Contrast, Taste, Style, Beauty.
The Artist
THERE is current a misuse of the appellation artist which it will be well to indicate, and remove at once the misunderstanding that results from it.
The Means Of Expression In Architecture, Sculpture, And Painting
We have thus seen that, while in Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting, the materials, means, and modes of expression appropriate to each vary widely, the same principles and qualities are common to all—and this cannot be too often repeated nor too strongly emphasized.
The Technique Of Architecture
AN intelligent appreciation of a work of art in any kind presupposes some knowledge of the processes by which it was brought into being. Those processes are not miracles, even though the building, the picture, the symphony, the statue, should seem to have been miraculously created, so beautiful it is, so hidden the means.
The Technique Of Sculpture
The sculptor's studio is usually a pretty rough sort of place, where much heavy work is done, the floor often wet and covered with clay or plaster—as far removed from the popular idea of a studio as possible.
The Technique Of Painting
IN all but exceptional and infrequent cases the painter is nowadays the product of the art school. Occasionally a painter will accept a pupil and permit him or her to work in his studio; in days past this was the usual thing.
The Technique Of Other Vehicles Of Expression
But it is an art which combines great power with the extreme of delicacy, rich velvety blacks and exquisite silvery greys; and in every generation men have been found who produced beautiful things in it—Isabey, Bonington, Roberts, Gavarni, Ropps, Whistler.
Before The Curtain
IN the preceding pages I have given some notion of the nature of art, of the artist's point of view, and of the way he does his work.
The Greeks Appear
The Greeks were so endowed. They heard the voice of Zeus in the storm, the voice of the Naiad in the purling of the brook, and saw Aphrodite born of the foam of the sea.
Periods And Personages In Grecian Art
WE may conveniently divide Grecian art into three periods—the pre-Periclean or pre-Phidian—the Golden or Periclean Age with its second blossoming after the death of Pericles—and the Alexandrian Age down to the time when Greece became a Roman Province.
The Alexandrian Age And The Greek Decline
WHILE the work of building the immense Theatre of Dionysus was still going on in Athens, Philip of Macedon passed Thermopylae in 338 B. C., established the dominion of Macedon over Greece, was assassinated two years later, and was succeeded by his son, the pupil of Aristotle the philosopher, Alexander the Great.
Rome And The Romans
At a fordable place on the River Tiber marked by seven low hills the future city of Rome was founded by a band of landless, masterless men, half brigands, half herdsmen or shepherds.
The First Millennium Of The Christian Era
The new style spread through the channels of trade and of national intercourse; it reacted upon the city of Rome itself and produced many of the Christian basilicas—the first churches built by the Christians on the general plan of the secular basilicas.
The Middle Ages
In the first period of French Gothic the ornament is rather naturalistic, in the second almost entirely so, and in the third it begins to stiffen into conventionalized types of, nevertheless, luxuriant growth.
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