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The main object and center of all historical and architectural inquiries on the Dalmatian coast is, of course, the home of Diocletian, the still abiding palace of Spalato.
Within them lies the real Ragusa—a wonderful old city which teems with interest, for its time-worn buildings and picturesque streets recall, at every turn, the faded glories of this South Slavonic Athens.
The end of a purely Dalmatian pilgrimage will be Cattaro. He who goes further along the coast will pass into lands that have a history, past and present.
Cracow - Poland
Cracow, old, tired and dispirited, speaks and thinks only of the ruinous past. When you drive into Cracow from the station for the first time, you are breathless, smiling, and tearful all at once.
On The Road To Prague
I have rarely enjoyed traveling more than our first two days journey toward Prague. The range of the Erzgebirge ran along on our right; the snow still lay in patches upon it.
The Cave Of Adelsberg
The night had been passed at Adelsberg, and the morning had been agreeably occupied in exploring the wonders of its celebrated cavern.
Monastery Of Molk
Some delightful glimpses of the Danube, to the left, from the more elevated parts of the road, accompanied us the whole -way, till we caught the first view, beneath a bright blue sky, of the towering church and Monastery of Molk.
Through The Tyrol
I left this most pleasing of the Italian cities (Venice), and took the road for the Tyrol. We passed through a level fertile country, formerly the territory of Venice, watered by the Piave, which ran blood in one of Bonaparte's battles.
In The Dolomites
The Dolomites are part of the Southern Tyrol. One portion is Italian, one portion is Austrian, and the rivalry of the two nations is keen.
Situate on the left bank of the Boita, which here runs nearly due north and south, with the Tre Croci pass opening away behind the town to the east, and the Tre Sassi Pass widening before it to the west, Cortina lies in a comparatively open space between four great mountains.
Alpine Resorts
Once more—perhaps for the last time—I listen to the unnumbered tinkling of the cow-bells on the slopes—the sweet bells of the sauntering herd—to the music of the cicadas in the sunshine, and the shouts of the neat herdlads, echoing back from Alp to Alp.
Interlaken And The Jungfrau
It is hard to find a prettier spot than Interlaken. Situated between two lovely lakes, surrounded by wooded heights, and lying but a few miles from the snowy Jungfrau, it is like a jewel richly set.
The Altdorf Of William Tell
Let it be said at once that, altho the name of Altdorf is indissolubly linked with that of William Tell, the place arouses an interest which does not at all depend upon its associations with the famous archer.
In summer Lucerne is the Hyde Park of Switzerland. Its quays are thronged by people of every nation. There you meet pale women from the lands of snow, and dark women from the lands of the sun.
If you arrive in Zurich after dark, and pass along the river-front, you will think yourself for a moment in Venice.
The Rigi
If you really want to know how the Swiss Confederation came to be, you can not do better than take the train to the top of the Rigi.
Chamouni - An Avalanche
From Servoz three leagues remain to Chamouni —Mont Blanc was before us—the Alps, with their innumerable glaciers on high all around, closing in the complicated windings of the single vale—forests inexpressibly beautiful.
Those who would reach the very heart of the Alps and look upon a scene of unparalleled grandeur must go into the Valais to Zermatt.
Pontresina And St. Moritz
I do not know why I fancied myself no longer in Switzerland, but in some country near the pole, in Sweden or Norway. At the foot of these bare mountains I looked for wild fjords, lit up by the moon.
Geneva has the advantage of an incomparable site; and it is, from a town surveyor's point of view, well built.
The Castle Of Chillon
Here I am, sitting at my window, overlooking Lake Leman. Castle Chillon, with its old conical towers, is silently pictured in the still waters.
By Rail Up The Gorner Grat
To see the splendid array of snow peaks and glaciers which makes the sky line above Zermatt, one must leave the valley and walk or climb to a higher level.
Through St. Gothard Into Italy
This is Geschenen, at the entrance of the great tunnel, the meeting place of the upper gorges of the Reuss, the valley of Urseren, of the Oberalp, and of the Furka.
Alpine Mountain Climbing
This was the end of the Alpine portion of my tour of 1860, on which I was introduced to the great peaks, and acquired the passion for mountain-scrambling.
First To The Top Of The Matterhorn
We started from Zermatt on the 13th of July at half-past five, on a brilliant and perfectly cloudless morning.
The Lord Francis Douglas Tragedy
We began to prepare for the descent. Hudson and I again consulted as to the best and safest arrangement of the party. We agreed that it would be best for Croz to go first, and Harlow second; Hudson, who was almost equal to a guide in sureness of foot, wished to be third; Lord Francis Douglas was placed next, and old Peter, the strongest of the remainder, after him.
An Ascent Of Monte Rosa
On Monday, the 9th of August, we reached the Riffel, and, by good fortune on the evening of the same day, my guide's brother, the well known Ulrich Lauener, also arrived at the hotel on his return from Monte Rosa.
Mont Blanc Ascended
The Aiguille du Midi, Mont Blanc du Tacul, and the Monts Maudits, the Talefre, with its surrounding peaks, the Grand Jorasse, Mont Mallet, and the Aiguille du (leant, with our own familiar glaciers, were all below us.
The Jungfrau-Joch
I was once more standing upon the Wengern Alp, and gazing longingly at the Jungfrau Joch. Surely the Wengern Alp must be precisely the lovliest place in this world.
The Great St. Bernard Hospice
The Pass of the Great St. Bernard was a well-known one long before the hospice was built. Before the Christian era, the Romans used it as a highway across the Alps, constantly improving the road as travel over it increased.
It is here that snow is truly beautiful ! It shines in the sun with a dazzling whiteness; it sparkles with a thousand fires like diamond dust; it shows gleams like the plumage of a white dove, and it is as firm under the foot as a marble pavement.
Hunting The Chamois
Colani, in forty years, killed two thousand seven hundred chamois. This strange man had carved out for himself a little kingdom in the mountain.
The Celebrities Of Geneva
It has been remarked as curious that the Age of Revolution at Geneva was also the Golden Age —if not of Genevan literature, which has never really had any Golden Age, at least of Genevan science, which was of world-wide renown.
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