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The Phonograph
he phonograph is machine for recording and then transmitting sounds, speech, music, etc. It is the invention of Thomas A. Edison, the most noted electrician of this age.
Photography - Discovery
The action of light on chloride of silver was known as early as the sixteenth century. The phenomenon was studied by Scheele (1777), Senebier (1790), Ritter and Wollaston (1801).
The earliest attempt at photographic engraving dates back to 1827, which was six years previous to the introduction of the daguerreotype process, and was the invention of M. Nicephore Niepce of Paris, who first discovered that thin plates of bitumen were curiously affected by light.
Printing In America
Printing was introduced into America at Mexico by the Viceroy Mendoza in 1536. The first book printed was the Escala espiritual de San Juan Climaco, of which no copy is known to exist.
X-Rays Or Rontgen Rays
X or Rontgen Rays are a newly discovered form of energy that is radiated from a highly exhausted discharge tube, and developed by an electrical discharge.
Wire - Discovery
The invention of drawing wire is ascribed to Rodolph of Nuremberg, about 1410. Mills for this purpose were set up at Nuremberg in 1563.
The Zodiac
Zodiac, The, is the name given by the ancients to an imaginary band extending around the celestial sphere, having as its mesial line the ecliptic or apparent path of the sun.
Tea And Coffee Production And Consumption
The consumption of tea is estimated by the same authority as follows, in pounds: Great Britain and Ireland, 184,500,000; United States, 80,000,000; Russia, 37,000,000; Canada, 22,000,000; Australia, 20,000,000; various other countries, 106,500,000.
Buddhism.—The religion known as Buddhism is one of the oldest existing religions, and traces its origin back to Siddhartha or Buddha, a Hindoo prince.
Roman Architecture
Roman architecture possessed no originality of any value; it was founded on copies of the Greek models, and these were modified to suit circumstances and tastes. The number of orders was augmented by the addition of the Tuscan and Composite.
Italian Architecture
After the dismemberment of the Roman empire, the arts degenerated so far that a custom became prevalent of erecting new buildings with the fragments of old ones, which were dilapidated and torn down for the purpose.
The Public School System
The origin of the public school system of America dates back to the time of the settlement of Massachusetts and Connecticut.
Rome - The Colosseum
The Flavian amphitheater at Rome, known as-the Colosseum, was begun by the Emperor Vespasian, and was finished by the Emperor Titus, A. D. 80.
Mosaics And Mosaic Tile
The origin of the art of producing artistic designs by setting small square pieces of stone or glass of different colors, so as to give the effect of painting, is obscure, but it was much practiced by the Romans, especially for ornamental pavements, specimens of which are almost always found wherever the remains of an old Roman villa are discovered.
Trajan's Column - Rome
Trajan's Column, a celebrated column at Rome, which was reared A.D. 114, by the Roman Senate and people, in honor of the Emperor Trajan.
Westminster Palace - London
Westminster Palace was erected in 1840 on the site of the old houses of Parliament, which were destroyed by fire 1834. It is 900 feet long by 300 feet wide, is built of limestone from the Yorkshire quarries, and cost about $8,000,000.
Harvard - Top Schools
Harvard University, the oldest school in America, was founded in 1636, six years after the first settlement of Boston.
Gotham - New York City
The origin of the name Gotham, as applied to the city of New York, is contained in a humorous book called Salmagundi, written by Washington Irving, his brother William, and James K. Paulding, and is used to signify that the inhabitants were given to undue pretensions to wisdom.
Yosemite Valley
Yosemite Valley, or, as it is also called, Yohamite, is situated in the eastern portion of California, and is from 8 to 10 miles long, and a little more than a mile wide.
Mammoth Cave - Kentucky
Mammoth Cave, The, is situated in Edmondson County, near Green River. Kentucky, and extends some nine miles. It contains a succession of wonderful avenues, chambers, domes, abysses, grottoes, lakes, rivers, and cataracts.
Benedictines Monks And St. Benedict
Benedictines, as the order of monks were called who followed the rule of St. Benedict, are regarded as the main agents in the spread of Christianity, civilization, and learning in the west.
Mesmerism was first brought into notice by Frederick Anton Mesmer, a German physician, in 1766, when he published a thesis on - The Influence of the Planets on the Human Body.
Medicine - Discovery And Practice
Medicine appears to have been first practiced by the Egyptian priests. Pythagoras endeavored to explain the philosophy of disease and the action of medicine about 529 B. C.
The word is from the Greek, and signifies a prismatic monument of stone or other material terminating in a pyramidal or pointed top.
Pantheon Of Rome
Pantheon of Rome, a famous temple of circular form, built by M. Agrippa, son-in-law of Augustus, in his third consulship, about 27 B. C.
Oracles From Antiquity
Oracles dated from the highest antiquity, and flourished in the most remote ages. The word signifies the response delivered by a deity or supernatural being to a worshiper or inquirer, and also the place where the response was delivered.
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