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History Of Paper
It is generally conceded that the Egyptians were the first manufactures of paper, which they made from papyrus, a species of reed.
Type Setting Machines
The first type-setting machine appears to have been in-vented by William Church of Connecticut about 1820.
Umbrella History
Umbrellas are by no means a modern invention. They are found sculptured on the monuments of Egypt, and on the ruins of Nineveh, and their use in China and India is also very ancient.
Catacombs Of Paris And Rome
Those in Paris were originally quarries which had existed under the city from the earliest time. In 1774 the Council of State issued a decree for clearing the Cemetery of the Innocents, and for removing its contents, as well as those of other graveyards, into these quarries.
Leaning Tower Of Pisa
This celebrated and beautiful bell-tower is situated in the city of Pisa, Italy, and was built during the twelfth century by the German architect William of Innspruck.
New Pilgrims for a New Plymouth
THIS Uncle Sam of ours is a trifle old-fashioned, or he would not possess an attic; for modern houses boast only a cupboard or two, and unused space is nowadays considered an extravagance, in such a crowded world.
The Long Gateway
WISH that I could skip this chapter—as I hope you will, if you don't care for scenery! I dread to write it, for I know so well that only a true poet could do true justice to the memorable and haunting loveliness that is so typically the characteristic of our first step into the North.
Fishers Of Ice
KETCHIKAN is our first Alaskan white man's town, but it appears more like a bit of Norway. The mountains hereabouts are high and jagged, saw-toothed, grim, their heads among the clouds, their feet lapped by the summer sea.
Family Trees That Make Faces
FROM those three mining towns,--Juneau, Douglas and Treadwell,—close clustered at the head of Gastineau Channel, it is just one hundred miles to Skagway.
Soapy Smith and Mother Pullen
You may sail from Juneau today out through Icy Strait, past the mouth of Glacier Bay, past Cape and Mount Fairweather, and across the wide Gulf of Alaska, straight to Cordova, Valdez, Seward, or Anchorage.
They Called It The Worst Trail This Side of Hell
TODAY you leave Skagway for the summit, and the headwaters of the Yukon just beyond the divide, in a modern observation coach of the White Pass and Yukon Railroad.
Dawson and Klondike, Y. T.
THE outline broadens, since from White Pass forward we are dealing with true continental spaces, though every little town we come to seems even smaller than the last.
Scraping The Arctic Circle
IF you leave Dawson about ten in the evening, on the much larger river boat which is to see you through to Fairbanks, the streets will still be light as day.
Sons Of The Midnight Sun
The 29th of July was a hot sweltering day, with the sun and its thousand reflections sending their blistering heat into our faces. In fact, our greatest inconvenience near the short Arctic strip of the stream was the tropical heat.
Alaska's Golden Heart
NINE out of ten stories of Alaska towns begin with a dance hall and end with a dance hall. That seems to be the accepted and ready-made formula.
Alaska's Golden Heart
NINE out of ten stories of Alaska towns begin with a dance hall and end with a dance hall. That seems to be the accepted and ready-made formula.
The North That Never Was
THE Frost King built himself a palace long ago, so men said. He walled it all about three sides with topless peaks, with snow perpetual, and on the fourth he placed a sea of ice which melted only when, one time each year, he waved a Merlin wand upon it, then swiftly closed again.
Who Said, A Cold Wall?
MOST people imagine Uncle Sam's attic as completely surrounded by a wall of cold, making it not only hard to reach but almost impossible to live within. But those who live here know of no cold wall.
The Attic Is a Summer Playhouse
ALASKA'S way, in our great valley of the Middle North, is to drop her children straight from winter into summer.
The Dust That Lies in God's Pocket
PRECIOUS-METAL mining districts are the most fascinating places in the world to live, if one is interested in either human nature or Mother Nature.
The Camp of the Spoilers
This is the one great section of Alaska that is not easy of approach. It lies 6,000 miles from New York, with six hours difference in time.
Muk-pi and Her People
Now I am inclined to believe that most of us approach the Far Northland as did Sir Hubert, with a great many pieces of misconception and misinformation in our mental luggage.
The Deer That Went to School
TODAY, because one can fly to Nome so easily from Fairbanks in a few hours, few use the old-time Yukon waterway of long ago, taking monotonous weeks in transit.
Copper Gate and Iron Musketeers
THE Richardson Trail from inland Fairbanks to the Pacific Coast is Alaska's longest and most ambitious piece of roadwork.
What Price Great Catherine's Fur Piece?
RUSSIANS were the first white men to see and claim Alaska, and the curtain of history rolls up here in riotous Romanof color, upon a stage of Bakst decor like a setting for Prince Igor.
The Glint of Ancient Bronze
WE have, so far, only glanced at the most obvious of all the parallels between early colonial days in Alaska and in New England.
Traps That Caught An Empire
THE first serious interest taken in Alaska concerned Alaska's fur; and just as John Smith's 1614 voyage and return with a profitable cargo of fish and furs gave title of New England to the northeastern wedge of America.
Quintals of Fish
THE greatest fisheries are far from the tropics because, for one reason, in colder waters there is a rich supply of plankton—that floating and drifting minute pelagic life upon which sea-fish largely feed—and fish not only live under frozen lakes in winter, but even in deep waters under the Arctic ice.
Pictures of the Wilderness
IT'S a farther cry than Lochaber, in most places, from frost to farms, but not so in Alaska; for here, as we already know, agriculture is in part dependent upon frost for its success.
The Social Arctic Circle
SPEAKING for the Alaska town I know most intimately, I'm sure our best people would resent any implication that a social set exists here.
Alaska as an Alma Mater
A LITTLE boy who had lived his short life in outlying creek camps was brought to Fairbanks not long ago and attended his first church service.
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