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Diet Of Childhood And Youth
Besides the maintenance of activity, the diet of this period must be such as to harden, strengthen, and expand the system.
About Brandy
Brandy is, therefore, in its pure state the choicest and most agreeable of the class of ardent spirits. The best brandy is made from the white wines of Cognac and Armagnac districts of France.
Small Point On Table Etiquette
Delicacy of manner at table stamps both man and woman, for one can, at a glance, discern whether a person has been trained to eat well.
Gymnastics And Physical Development
The principal methods of developing the physical man now prescribed by trainers are exercise with dumbbells, the bar bell, and the chest weight.
Diet Of Advanced Life
As age comes on, the nutritive conditions of youthhood are reversed, the body can no longer digest and appropriate sufficient to meet its destructive losses, and there is a decrease of strength and weight.
Disinfectants And How To Use Them
The National Board of Health of the United States of America, consisting of a number of our leading physicians and chemical experts, of which Professor C. F. Chandler of New York was chairman, have issued the following instructions for disinfection.
Nothing lowers the vital forces more than sleeplessness, which may generally be traced to one of four causations: (1) mental worry; (2) a disordered stomach; (3) excessive muscular exertion; (4) functional or organic disease.
The American Civil War
This began April 13, 1861, with the capture of Fort Sumter, Charleston, by the Confederate forces. The North prepared for the contest with energy, and blockaded the Southern ports.
The Art Of Etching
About the middle of the fifteenth century Tomaso Finiguerra, a Florentine, introduced the art of etching.
Lace And Making Lace
The application of machinery to lace making has cheapened lace that would otherwise always have remained expensive, and has consequently deprived a large number of the inhabitants of towns in France and elsewhere of a lucrative source of income.
Origin Of Life Insurance
The rise of life insurance may be traced to several sources. The doctrine of probabilities developed by Pascal and Huyghens as to games of chance was applied to life contingencies by the great Dutch statesman Jan De Witt in 1671.
Lamp History
Lamps are mentioned in all the early ages ; they were in use in Egypt, Greece, and Rome.
Jacquard Loom
The Jacquard apparatus, for the purpose of pattern weaving, was invented by M. Joseph Marie Jacquard, a native of Lyons, France, in 1801.
Discovery Of Iron
The actual discovery of iron was probably made so early in the history of the human race that it cannot now be accurately placed.
Mother Of Pearl
Mother of Pearl shells of many molluscous animals display a brilliant pearly and iridescent luster, resulting from the peculiar manner in which the layers of calcareous matter of which they are composed have been successively formed.
Invention Of Music
Lucretius ascribes its invention to the whistling of the winds in hollow reeds. Franckinus, to the various sounds produced by the hammers of Tubal-Cain; Boutique and others to the singing of birds; and Zarlino to the sound of water.
Invention Of Playing Cards
The invention of playing-cards has been variously attributed to India, China, Arabia, and Egypt. There seems to be but little doubt that they originated in Asia, and were introduced into Europe by the Saracens about the close of the thirteenth century.
Sources Of Salt
At one time nearly the whole of the salt used as food and for industrial purposes was obtained from sea-water, and in many countries where the climate is dry and warm and there is a convenient sea-board, large quantities are still so obtained.
Soap And Natural Soaps
Soap is a salt, a compound of fatty acid with an alkali, soda, or potash. The Hebrew borith, translated soap, is merely a general term for cleaning substances.
United States Banks
The first United States bank was established by Act of Congress, approved July 25, 1791. It was organized at Philadelphia, with a capital of 10,000,000, divided into 25,000 shares of $400 each.
Savings Banks
These are banks for receiving and taking charge of small sums, the savings of industry, and were instituted for the benefit of workmen and others, who were able to spare a little from their earnings.
This term, as used in the United States, means the profit arising from the coinage of bullion. The government does not purchase gold bullion, but coins it on private account.
The National Banking System
The National Banking System was created by Congress in the belief that it was the best permanent method of securing paper money absolutely safe front loss to the holder and readily convertible into coin.
Running As Exercise
Among the means which nature has bestowed on animals in general for the preservation and enjoyment of life, running is the most important.
The American Flag
It is related that the flag which was raised at Cambridge, January 2. 1776, by Washington, was composed of thirteen red and white stripes, with the crosses of St. George and St. Andrew emblazoned on the blue canton in place of the stars.
Mardi-Gras - The History
The Mardi-Gras is the festival preceding the first day of Lent, or Ash Wednesday. Most of the distinctive ceremonies now annually performed in New Orleans were originally introduced by the French population as early as 1827.
Origin Of Vegetables
The cucumber was originally a tropical vegetable. The walnut is a native of Persia, the Caucasus, and China. Capers originally grew wild in Greece and northern Africa.
University Of Cambridge
Cambridge, University of, is situated t at the town of Cambridge, forty-eight miles northeast of London.
Celebrated Paintings
It is generally agreed by art critics that Michael Angelo and Raphael stand at the head of the line of master painters.
Adam And Eve
To the Scriptural account of the creation and fall of Adam and Eve, the later Jewish writers in the Talmud have made many additions.
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