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Varieties Of Cheese
Cheese is obtained exclusively from the milk of animals, and its quality varies with the class, breed, and food of the animal, and the process of manufacture.
Kinds Of Carpet
Before describing the various kinds of carpets there are one or two points to be considered. And first the material, colors, and pattern of the carpet must be adapted to the room into which it is to be put, and the other furniture of the room.
Baldness And Treatment Of The Hair
How to preserve the hair is a subject which seems to interest almost everybody, if we may judge from the frequent inquiries from every direction which come to our attention.
Spectacles Or Eyeglasses (Hints On The Use Of)
It cannot be too strongly urged upon anyone about to use spectacles for the first time that that power which will enable him to read without much exertion by candle-light is the only power suitable for him.
Hair Care
The proper management of the hair is very simple. It should be kept as clean as possible by daily brushing with a stiff brush, by removal of the scurf that forms upon the skin (See DANDRUFF), and by occasionally washing it with pure cold water.
A Little About Wine
This term is usually applied only to the fermented juice of the grape ; when other fruits, as currants, blackberries, gooseberries, elderberries, etc., are used instead of grape; in making it, the product is generally distinguished as domestic or homemade wine.
Temperature In Which Wine Should Be Served
Claret should be served at the same temperature as madeira, never with ice ; it should remain about forty-eight hours standing, then decanted, care being observed that no sediment enter the decanter.
Under the first class fall nearly all those French preparations, so often used in the toilet, such as pearl-white, beruse, rouge, and the like; these are never composed of the harmless materials which are claimed to be employed.
The various wares known as earthenware china, or porcelain, are all compounds of clay with bone earth, flint, and other similar materials, ground together and baked.
Cathartics are very commonly used in domestic medicine, and probably no class of drugs is so frequently abused ; a resort to them being so easy as to lead in many instances to the neglect of highly important hygienic rules.
Old Time Remedy - Cancer
The following is said to be a sure cure for cancer : A piece of sticking plaster is put over the cancer, with a circular piece cut out of the center, a little larger than the cancer, so that the cancer and a small circular rim of healthy skin next to it is exposed.
An ardent spirit distilled from barley, rye, Indian corn, wheat, etc. It is the cheapest and the most common form of intoxicating liquor made in the United States, where its production is very large.
A Bit About Curtains
Window curtains should be selected in accordance with the general principles of taste laid down in the article on decoration.
Olive Oil
This oil, sometimes called salad oil, is ex-pressed from ripe olives. It is largely used in the more delicate kinds of cookery, instead of butter, and is a useful addition to salads, pre-venting them from fermenting and from causing flatulency.
The fruit of the olive tree, which is extensively cultivated in Italy, Spain, and the South of France, partly for the green fruit, and partly for the oil which it yields when mature.
Rooms devoted to sleeping purposes should above all things be light, cheerful, and thoroughly ventilated.
Cocoa is generally purer than chocolate, which is a preparation of the same bean, and is also more nutritious. The best comes from Trinidad, and may be had in the original seed or nibs, flaked, or ground and prepared like chocolate in small, square packets.
About Oysters
When spawning, oysters are milky, watery, and poor ; and are unwholesome food. The months of spawning are May, June, and July; but they require a month longer to fatten, and are seldom in good condition before September.
There is no permanent remedy for dandruff except frequent and regular brushing of the hair and keeping the head as clean as possible.
Decorating And Decoration
The first step, it is true, that time dictates in preparing the house, is to color the wood-work and the walls.
Beds And Bedding
For beds an elastic material is required, with a variation in its heat conducting powers according to the season of the year and the age of the individual.
Coffee - It Uses And Medicinal Qualities
I cannot agree with Dr. Bock that the nervousness and peevishness of the present time are to be attributed to the use of coffee.
How To Make Tea
Allow two teaspoonfuls of tea to one large cupful of boiling water. Scald the teapot, put in the tea, pour on about a cupful of boiling water, set it on the fire in a warm place where it will not boil.
Care Of The Teeth - Duty Of Dentists
There is, perhaps, as much oversight or neglect by the average dentist, in the matter of cleansing the teeth, in the ordinary cases that come to his care, as in any other particular in practice.
Different Kinds Of Wood
An account of the qualities of the different woods may be of use to the purchaser.
Months Of The Year And Their Names
It was not till the eighteenth century that January was universally adopted by European nations as the first month of the year, although the Roman's considered it as such as far back as 251 B. C.
Days Of The Week
The names of these are derived from Saxon idolatry. The Saxons had seven deities more particularly adored than the rest, namely : The Sun, the Moon, Tuisco, Woden, Thor, Friga, and Saeter.
Effects Of Excessive Eating
The consequences of uncontrolled indulgence of the appetite manifest themselves variously. The immediate result of over-eating is lethargy, heaviness, and tendency to sleep.
Effects Of Insufficient Nutrition
As the demand for nourishment is the prime necessity of our being, taking precedence of all other needs, if the supply be suspended, the clamors of the system for food rise at once above all other wants.
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