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The Barracuda of Florida
The color of the barracuda is influenced more or less by its environment. I have seen them on the gray or nearly white coral sandy bottom of a lagoon when their simulation of the tone was almost perfect.
The California Barracuda
In May or June the picturesque, lateen-rigged boats of the Venetian and Portuguese fishermen of San Pedro, California, go out in search of the barracuda which is due at this time, corning in from the outer and deeper sea.
The Black Sea-Bass
As to the standing of the black sea-bass as a game fish there is much difference of opinion. Some claim that it is superior to the tuna, but in this I do not agree.
The Hogfish
The great height of the hogfish and the powerful tail enable the fish to make a fight which, when unseen, as is almost invariably the case, impresses the angler with the belief that a much larger fish is hooked.
The Yellowtail
Like other popular fishes the yellowtail rejoices in a number of names, among which is the white salmon, a sad misnomer, the amber-fish, which has some significance, and cavasina, while its generic name, Seriola, is euphonious.
The Bluefish
My first attempt to take a bluefish with a rod was disastrous to the rod. The current at Fisher's Island was particularly fierce where the fish were biting, so that a rowboat was impossible.
The Jack
The jack, like many other fishes, changes its name with the locality. On the reef where I caught it winter and summer, around Long, Sand, Bush, Garden, Loggerhead, and other keys, it was the jack pure and simple. On the Cuban coast it is toro.
The California Sheepshead
The sheepshead is a valuable food-fish in California, many thousand pounds being dried or salted annually but for domestic consumption it would be classed as a chowder fish, and is excellent for the purpose.
The Channel-Bass
The channel-bass bears a strong resemblance to the California roncador. The body is long and well proportioned. The back perfectly arched from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. The nose blunt, mouth opening parallel to the ventral line or bottom of the fish.
The Albacore
The albacore, the long-finned, big-eyed harlequin of the Santa Catalina and San Clemente channels, is the understudy of the tuna, following its mighty cousin, cheek by jowl, in many of its cyclonic rushes into the bays and harbors of the California islands.
The Groupers
Another really beautiful grouper which can be commended to the angler is the hamlet, cherna criolla, or Nassau grouper, called by my boatman the white grouper. Its color is at times almost white, more properly a pale gray, but its normal tint is a light olive-green most beautifully barred with white or pearl-gray.
The Tarpon
Few anglers forget their first view of the tarpon. One saw the fish make a thirty-foot horizontal leap. Another sprang aside as a large fish fell headlong into the boat, passing through the bottom.
The Blackfish
The tautog is omnipresent, and the angler catches the smaller members of the tribe whether or no. And when the water is fairly shallow and the fish run large, up to ten and fifteen pounds, the blackfish, if it is approached with light tackle, will surprise the angler.
The Kingfish
Resembling the kingfish in many respects is the Spanish mackerel, Scomberomorus maculatus, a game fish in every sense, coming from southern and unknown seas in spring in vast numbers in search of food menhaden and other small fry and to spawn.
The Florida Jewfish
On the mainland coast of Florida the jewfish can be found at Captiva, Palma, Sola, Charlotte Harbor, the Biscayne Bay country. And all along-shore, where there are sheltered nooks, where a channel runs in, and mangrove roots have rolled down the bank.
The Drum
The sea-drum is a very well-known fish, attracting attention by its ponderous size. It ranks next to the tuna, black sea-bass, Florida jewfish, black grouper, and tarpon in size among American game fishes.
The Sheepshead
I have fished for sheepshead alongshore from Long Island to the Chesapeake, off the Georgia coast at Marion Island, and far out on the Florida reef, and have always found it a gamy fish.
The Parrot-Fishes
With the blue parrot-fish at Long Key another form, Pseudoscarus guacamaia, equally as large was occasionally caught in the manner described with a very small but stout hook on the face or at the base of a perpendicular coral cliff.
The Dolphin
In general appearance the dolphin is one of the most attractive of all fishes. The prevailing tint is greenish olive, brownish olive above, the belly white with a golden sheen. But the most marked ornamentation is a series of vivid splashes of labradorite blue along the upper portion.
The Mariposas
Some of the most beautiful of all fishes are known as mariposas and angel-fishes, the various species being garbed in colors so brilliant and startling that one could almost believe that nature was masquerading.
The Halibut
That the halibut might be a game fish under certain conditions dawned upon me some years ago when hunting for the tuna off the Maine and New Hampshire coasts.
The Leaping Sharks
Shark-fishing is a legitimate sport if the participator will approach the game fairly, and some of the most exciting days of my life have been passed on the Florida Keys or at the mouth of the St. Johns River in the shad season, where I endeavored to master large sharks.
The Chinook of Monterey
Santa Cruz, an attractive town several miles north of Monterey, is equally famous for its salmon, and near one of the noblest forests of the world, while the bay of Monterey is an attractive and prolific fishing ground, better known and more often fished than Carmel.
Game Fishes of the Colonies
A number of grunts, Haemulon, are found in Puerto Rico, ronco, arraydo, corocoro, jallao, being some of the Spanish names under which the sailors' choice, the black grunt, striped grunt, and margate-fish of Florida are known.
Bait and Grounds
The mullet, Mugil cephalus, is the most important bait fish in the Gulf region and is found with another species, the silver-mullet, Mugil curema, in vast numbers from the lower Florida keys northward.
Measures And Weights In Ordinary Use Among Housekeepers
4 Teaspoonfuls equal 1 tablespoonful liquid. 4 Tablespoonfuls equal 1 wine-glass, or half a gill.
Spices - Allspice
So called because it is thought to combine the flavor of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. It is the berry of a handsome tree that grows to the height of twenty feet in the West Indies and South America.
All About Tea
As sold in the shops, tea is the leaf of the tea-tree, dried and stored for use. These leaves are gathered at three or four different seasons, by which in some measure the different qualities of tea are produced.
All About Coffee
The best coffee of commerce comes from Arabia, and is known as Mocha, the next best is the Java, and after that the Ceylon, Bourbon, and Martinique.
A Little About Chocolate
A substance made from the seeds of the cocoa tree which grows extensively in the West Indies and South America.
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