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History Of Rugby
FOOTBALL—RUGBY FOOTBALL—History of the game—I propose to devote this part of the article to a sketch of the various phases of development which the game has undergone from the period of twenty a side up to the present time.
The Game Of Golf
GOLF—The game of golf consists in playing a ball, in as few strokes as possible, from certain starting places, called teeing-grounds, with various clubs suited to the nature of the stroke, into a succession of holes cut in the ground at varying distances.
Game Hunting And Guns
The Vena Contracta is another type of game gun that is rapidly coming into favour in consequence of its extreme handiness, strength and lightness.
History Of Hockey
HOCKEY—History of the Game—The game of hockey as now played may be considered to have originated in the year 1883, the first attempt to establish the game under a definite code of rules being successfully undertaken by the Wimbledon Club in that year.
The Arabian Horse
HORSE—THE ARABIAN—The Arabian horse—in Arabic Kehailan—is probably the most ancient of existing domestic breeds. He is also the original thoroughbred horse of the East, from whose exemplar all Western ideas of thorough breeding in horseflesh were derived.
The British Thoroughbred
HORSES—THE BRITISH THOROUGHBRED—British Ancestry—What combination of causes produced the British thoroughbred it would be almost futile to inquire, for the combination was in most cases more or less fortuitous, and the extraordinary result must have been, in the last century, quite unexpected.
The Thorougbred Hunter Horse
HUNTERS—If the combination of means, opportunity, and no more than a moderate bodily weight enable a man to own a thorough-bred hunter, he can desire nothing better.
Glossary Of Horse Terms
Bishoping—The practice of artificially modifying the appearance of horses in order to improve their price, usually by making them appear younger.
Hound Breeding
HOUND BREEDING—Within the last thirty years the facilities for breeding fox-hounds of high class have been greatly increased.
The Structure Of Game Fishes
A fish may be termed a cold-blooded, gill-breathing, backboned animal, adapted to life in the water, through which it moves by the aid of fins, which correspond to the limbs of other animals. The true fishes are represented by the types treated in this volume.
The White Sea Bass
There is an element of chance in sea-angling found in no other sport. I remember that my old boatman on the St. Lawrence knew every rock and shoal in a thirty-mile row around Grenadier Island and would often indicate a strike in advance.
The Gray Snapper
Of all the game fishes of Florida the snappers afforded me the most sport, as they were essentially gamy at all ages and sizes. The small specimens, weighing from two to six pounds, often found in the shallow waters of the lagoon, were the trout of the reef.
The Leaping Tuna
Tuna angling is purely a modern sport which I suggested ten or twelve years ago at the island of Santa Catalina, California, and, like many manly sports, it flashed into popularity and almost world-wide fame.
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