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Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
It is obvious that the efforts of the best poets and aesthetic writers of all nations have now for some time been directed towards what is universal in humanity.
Heinrich Heine
When one has too much to write to people, one ceases to write altogether; but necessity compels me to take up my pen today....
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Pope, when a man, looked back with contempt on the descriptive efforts of his poetic childhood. He expressly enjoined upon every one, who would not prove himself unworthy the name of poet, to abandon as early as possible this fondness for description.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Has any one at the end of the nineteenth century any distinct notion of what poets of a stronger age under-stood by the word inspiration? If not, I will describe it.
Johann Christoph Friedrich Von Schiller
But how can the artist protect himself from the corruptions of his age, which on all sides surround him? By despising its judgment.
Arthur Schopenhauer
Metaphors and similes are of great value, in so far as they explain an unknown relation by a known one.
Dante Alighieri
For some words are childish, some feminine, some manly: and of these last some are sylvan, others urban; and of those we call urban we feel that some are combed-out and glossy, some shaggy and rumpled.
Georg Brandes
He who possesses talent should also possess courage. He must dare trust his inspiration, he must be convinced that the fancy which flashes through his brain is a healthy one, that the form which comes natural to him...
Henrik Ibsen
Everything which I have created as a poet has had its origin in a frame of mind and a situation in life; I never wrote because I had, as they say, found a good subject.
August Strindberg
The final act is the most important one in a drama, and a dramatist generally begins his work at the end. We sit out a long evening at the theatre in order to see the last act or how it will go.
Fyodor Michailovitch Dostoevsky
One thing is a pity: he (Pissemsky) writes too fast. He writes much too fast, and much too much. A man should have more ambition, more respect for his talent and his craft, and more love for art.
Nikolai Vasilievitch Gogol
Thankless is the task of the writer who dares reproduce what is constantly passing before the eyes of all, unnoticed by our distracted gaze: all the disgusting little annoyances and trials of our every-day lives...
Alexander Pushkin
I imitated Shakespeare in his broad and free delineation of character. I followed Karamzin in his bright development of incident, and I endeavored to comprehend the form of thought and the style of language of those days.
Leo Tolstoi
Now it is summer, and, as usual, life fills me with transport and I forget to work. This year I have struggled for a long time, but the beauty of the world has conquered me.
Ivan Turgeniev
I feel in the vein for work, and this notwithstanding that I have left the enthusiasm of youth far behind me. I write with a calmness which astonishes me.
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