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Henri Matisse - Odalisque
Essentially based on color, a picture by Matisse must be seen in the original to be appreciated.
The Prado Museum
For sheer splendor of coloring, direct and immediate in its effect upon the senses, there is no room in the world to compare with the main Velazquez room in the Prado.
Velazquez - The Spinners
This and The Maids of Honor are the crowning achievements of Velazquez's last and greatest years.
El Greco - The Pentecost
Color is the basic factor in this picture. It is at the opposite extreme from such pictures as Holbein's Jane Seymour, where the design is first drawn in sharp outlines, and color then laid between them, as a hard, superficial addition.
Goya - The Maja Nude
All of Goya's portraits (this represents a duchess of the Spanish court) are strikingly real and individual.
Goya - The Shooting
From Goya's late style all trace of gaiety has vanished, and all sensuous delight in lovely textures. Bitter resentment has made him a savage, ironic satirist.
El Greco
More intensive study should take note of the three different periods in his life.
There is less difference between the early, middle and late works. In the first, The Drinkers reveals his characteristic flattening, smudging abbreviation of unaccented parts, bringing into strong relief the lighted head of the god.
Paintings In Toledo, Spain
Scattered through a dozen churches, in this ancient town of dwindled population, are some of the greatest works of EL GRECO.
Italian Art And Painting
THE preeminence of Italy in the world of pictorial art was undisputed from the middle ages to the seventeenth century.
Painting In Naples, Italy
The mistaken belief is still widespread that ancient painting was crudely primitive, and that naturalistic painting appeared for the first time when the Madonnas of Cimabue and Giotto relaxed a little from their medieval stiffness.
Painting In Rome And The Vatican
The great pictures of Rome are in the Vatican, with a few important exceptions noted farther along. The enormous papal palace is almost a city in itself, however, and it is easy to spend hours and walk miles there.
Michelangelo - The Creation Of Man
The Titanic genius of Michelangelo dominates this plain rectangular hall, overshadowing a row of capable frescoes by Perugino, Botticelli and other celebrated painters.
Raphael - The School Of Athens
The walls of these small chambers, called the Stanze di Raffaello, show the final stages of Raphael's fast but short-lived progress.
Orvieto, Perugia, Assisi And Arezzo
These are stopping-off places for a leisurely trip from Rome to Florence and Siena.
Piero Della Francesca - The Queen Of Sheba Adoring The Cross
The grandeur, simple strength and spaciousness of Piero's conceptions make him a worthy successor to Giotto, and rank him above many contemporaries who occupied them-selves with petty decorative details.
Duccio - The Three Marys At The Tomb
Duccio shares with his younger contemporary, Giotto, the honor of having led painting from the Byzantine style back to Roman naturalism, and thus of having inaugurated the modern epoch.
Boticelli - The Birth Of Venus
To look through the first five rooms of the Uffizi, and then stand before this picture and the Spring, nearby, is to relive one of the most delightful phases of the Renaissance.
Giovanni Bellini - Allegory Of Purgatory
Without attempting to explain the meanings of Bellini's Allegory in detail, we may notice it as an example of how symbolism can be woven into design.
Raphael - Madonna Of The Chair
As The School of Athens marks Raphael's high point in deep-space composition, Madonna of the Chair is in several ways his best Madonna and his best easel-picture.
Fra Filippo Lippi - Madonna And Child
Here the tondo or circular form is made the basis of a complex and unusual design. Unlike Raphael's Madonna of the Chair, it is not a shallow sculptural relief, but a vista into deep space.
Henry Ward Beecher
I WANDERED out this morning under the trees (the good lady had gone to the village, and her daughter too; and I was quite free, and was shirking all work, and having a good time on the grass).
Emily Dickinson
A letter always feels to me like Immortality because it is the mind alone without corporeal friend. Indebted in our talk to attitude and accent, there seems a spectral power in thought that walks alone.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Poetry is the gay science. The trait and test of the poet is that he builds, adds, and affirms. The critic destroys, the poet says nothing but what helps somebody.
Benjamin Franklin
I would advise you to read with a pen in your hand, and enter in a little book short hints of what you find that is curious, or that may be useful. For this will be the best method of imprinting such particulars in your memory.
Nathanial Hawthorne
My life only is a burden in the same way that it is to every toilsome man, and mine is a healthy weariness, such as needs only a night's sleep to remove it.
O. Henry
The most popular and recent advertising dodge in literature is the Grand Guess Contest Mystery Story. Everybody is invited to guess how the story will end, at any time before the last chapter is published, and incidentally to buy a paper or subscribe.
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Sometimes very young persons send communications which they want forwarded to editors. These young persons do not always seem to have right conceptions of these same editors, and of the public, and of themselves.
William Dean Howells
From my own long experience as a magazine editor, I may say that the editor is more doubtful of failure in one who has once done well than of a second success.
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