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THE question of the medium in which the painter shall execute his pictures is an affair of temperament. Each artist must consult his own feelings in this matter and select the medium which is to him the most sympathetic.
On Framing Pictures
Artists are all aware of the vital importance of this matter. They know that a frame can either make or mar their picture, and they give the subject constant thought and attention.
On Schools
Personally, I am convinced that the synchronous arrival of the art school and the Decadence of Italian art was a mere coincidence, and that the modern system of art instruction.
The Arts And Crafts
There is only one path by which an individual or a nation can hope to attain to eminence in art, or even in the arts and crafts—and that path always leads direct to nature.
Mural Painting
Mural painting occupies a position alone and by itself, midway between the purely conventional decoration and the realistic easel picture.
On Vision
VISION! the key to the door of art; the power to see with the eyes of the soul! It is as necessary to the artist as faith to the true believer.
The Importance Of Fearlessness In Painting
One of our best painters recently assured me that cheek was his only technical asset. This was not true, but it was half true.
The Subconscious Servant
It is the subconscious servant, the eager helper, who performs for us daily a thousand little unrecognized services, saves our lives often by the rapidity of his action, and watches over us with constant care.
A Talented young painter, who was just beginning to make his mark, drifted into my studio one day and threw himself into a chair in gloomy silence. He smoked morosely for five minutes, while I went on with my painting.
IF you should ask a dozen painters what mental qualification was most essential to an artist's success, the chances are that every man of them would reply temperament—in other words, genius and imagination.
What Is A Good Picture?
Here, then, we have at least one in-fallible test, which can be applied to any work under discussion—that it shall be clearly and strongly stamped with the personality of its maker.
The True Impressionism
WHEN instantaneous photography was first discovered, some thirty years ago, high hopes of it were entertained by the artists. It was thought, for instance, that it would prove of inestimable value to painters.
The Future Of American Art
WE hear with increasing frequency to-day the statement that art is universal and without a country ; that, being the record of abstract beauty, it cannot be confined within stated geographical limits.
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