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Landscape Art In General
For some occult reason in which the two factors of race and psychology are intimately blended, landscape art in its best expression is and ever has been confined within the narrow geographical limits of Northern and Western Europe.
WE are all born color-blind. The most perfect eyes in the world cannot see one-quarter of the colors which are known to exist in nature.
The most splendid achievement of the nineteenth century in painting, and its best legacy to the future, was the discovery of the technical means by which the scintillating effect of living light could be transferred to the dead and rigid surface of a canvas.
Piracy seemed the only way out of the dilemma; so I boldly seized upon the word refraction and forced it willy-nilly to assume the new role.
OF late years the English term "values" has entirely replaced the Italian chiaroscuro by which painters were long wont to describe the light and shade of a picture as apart from its color.
Drawing is the grammar of art. As grammar is the framework on which all good literature is built, so drawing is the foundation of all good painting.
There are so many millions of good compositions in the world that it seems strange any one should ever waste time on a bad one. The good ones lie about us at every turn of the road.
When, therefore, I am asked by students for the best way to secure quality in a picture, I feel inclined to paraphrase the reply of Oliver Wendell Holmes to the reporter who asked him the best way to make sure of a long life.
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