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A decoy is a contrivance for taking wildfowl, introduced from Holland ; hence the name, from the Dutch eend, duck, and kooi, cage.
FALCONRY, or, as it is more commonly termed, Hawkins is the art of training birds for the chase, and of bringing them into such discipline and under such control that they will exert their marvellous powers at the pleasure of man.
The Sources And Significance Of Beauty
Man admires beauty. He seems to have been created with an aesthetic faculty, an original sensibility to the beautiful in colors, in forms, in sounds, in movement.
Outward Adorning And Personal Beauty
Many people have beauty only on one side, the outside. Every person has a value according to the standard by which he is estimated.
Jewelry And Ornaments
It has been said that women, as a rule, are more fond of personal adornment then men. Be this as it may, we do not believe that woman's natural disposition to paint or bedeck herself arises from any mental inferiority, but chiefly from a desire, more or less innocent, to please or win the opposite sex.
Cosmetics And Artificial Hues
How much of art and adornment is good and fitting depends on occasion, place, or circumstance. An elderly lady tries to make herself look younger than she is by various arts—curls and cosmetics.
Fine Clothing
Beware of him or her who strives to lead the fashions. The trouble with fashions in dress is that they mean nothing, have no purpose, no adaptation for comfort, beauty, or economy.
Personal Beauty
Physical beauty is not to be marred or despised. It is the plain duty of every one to make and keep the body, which is the temple of the Holy Ghost.
Beauty Of Soul And Character
If one has personal beauty it is the gift of God, an additional talent, imparting a peculiar power which may be rightly or wrongly used. Personal charms may be a dangerous gift and snare.
A Mole On The Nose
If we were looking for a beautiful and suitable wife, we would seek someone's dutiful daughter. And if we were looking for a comely husband, we would choose brains before beauty, and goodness rather than gold. Better marry a man without money than money without the man.
Our Character
The character is more important than the features. A fool may be faultless in form. It will not do to imagine that behind that beautiful bearing and form and countenance there must always be a beautiful character.
Beauty Of Life
The most beautiful life is the one most busy and completely filled up with labors and usefulness. Christ's earthly life was the most beautiful of all, because He himself was always busy, never losing a moment that could be improved in benefiting others.
Christ - Our Atonement And Adornment
Christ's life was the most beautiful ever witnessed upon this earth, because it was the most complete and perfect. The Divine Man only could say, It is finished.
Christian Character
Christian character is that which is founded on Christ and derives its vitality and beauty from Him. And there is no real comeliness, strength and perfection of character that is not derived from the Divine Man.
God And Man
There is not much resemblance to God in some men. They bear the image of the earthly, sensual and devilish. Christ's image is often cast now in a counterfeit mould.
Prayer And Piety
Prayer and piety are good, but they can never be made a substitute for push and principle. Duties that ought to be done on our feet cannot be performed on our knees.
Beauty Of Holiness
The beauty of holiness always shines modestly, but none the less gloriously. The humblest violet exhibits its beauty, but it has no voice.
A Beautiful Life
A beautiful life is not essentially different from a beautiful character. It is simply character revealed or illustrated. The outward life is the inner character crystallized into action and visible shape.
The Relations Of Industrial And Fine Art To Human Life
The terms science and art have been too often ambiguously confounded and interchanged. Science is the theory, art is the practice. Science proposes, art performs.
The Origin And Comparative Dignity Of The Fine Arts
The first period of all fine art was that of symbolism. The obscure ideas of primitive man struggled to find expression in rude symbolic art. This was perpetuated in the architecture of the early Egyptian and Asiatic races.
The Pleasing Quality Of Art
Nature herself is the most skillful and ingenious of artists. Look at the bee's honey comb, the spider's web, the beaver's dam, the bird's nest, the tarantula's hinged and beveled door to its silken-lined home in the ground!
Nature And Art
Naturalness is what we are to look for first, and if a work of art is true to nature—to natural forms, the second quality or beauty will generally appear.
The Power Of Pictorial And Plastic Art
Great is the power of the skillful artist. The artist's brush and chisel have often deceived the very eye of both man and beast.
The Artists Power Over Human Minds
Few persons realize the artist's power over the human mind and heart. Man is a being subject to impressions and external influences. Every companion he associates with, every book he reads, every picture he sees leaves impressions upon him that have their effect.
A True Artist
A true artist cares little to glorify himself if he can benefit the beholder of his work. But in order to glorify themselves many skillful artists have chosen subjects neither exalted nor exalting and wholly unworthy of their genius.
The Silent Power Of The Arts
To be taught by the silent power of the arts is something to be coveted. We have gone into famous sculpture and picture galleries, and had the highest and holiest feelings of our heart stirred.
Life Determined By Pictures
A life is often determined by a picture. Aye, the mere touch of a brush can throw sunshine or shadow upon one's pathway, can dim the sky with a cloud or brighten the horizon with the fairest prospect.
Artists Famous And Infamous
Who shall measure the good that may be accomplished by an artist who is impelled by a laudable ambition and aided by nature and heaven? Aided by heaven, we say, for we believe that many an artist has been an instrument chosen of heaven to elevate the nature of man by the lofty productions of his genius.
The Power Of Art
Great is the power of art, of the brush and chisel. Rightly use it, and it is one of the fittest instruments of good; wrongly used, it becomes one of the foulest mediums of folly and wickedness.
High Purpose And Inspiration In Art
Man is not an aesthetic being alone. He has a moral nature. It is well to admire physical beauty, but man's moral sense should not fail to appreciate moral beauty.
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