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Making A Beginning
Nor must all of Colonial furniture needs be of mahogany. There is no such narrowing limitation. Mahogany is the most beautiful of all wood for this purpose.
Feeling Our Way
VERY early in the quest of the old, one comes to realize that there is often an important difference between finding a prize and securing it.
The Finding Of Old Time Houses
HOW pleasurably the discovery of the Old Stone House, as we always called it, comes back to us! We came across it shortly after having realized that we should like to live in an old-time house that would be in harmony with old-time furniture.
Altering The House
Old houses mended, cost little less than new before they're ended! cried the cynical Colley Cibber; but assuredly that was very far from being the case in the rehabilitation of the once-while inn.
Some Early Acquisitions
THE house altered into readiness, we prepared to furnish it. And it seemed that it would be an excellent thing to have each of the rooms furnished in a different style.
The Country Auction
THERE is fascination in the very thought of a country auction. Not, indeed, that there is always something to be picked up, but that there is an ever-present possibility.
On Rambling Driving Trips
DRIVING into Massachusetts, one day, just over the line from New York State, and descending a long hill into the depths of a narrow valley, we came upon a fine old house.
The Field In New York And Vicinity
NEW YORK, the exponent of the present, the representative of the modern, the strenuous city of the twentieth century, would scarcely be looked upon as a place for the collector of the antique.
The Field In Philadelphia And Vicinity
On our own side of the water, antiques—of all things—are apt to run in fashions, although fashion is supposed to have nothing to do except with the things of today.
In Virginia And Delaware
At least the witty Englishman said nothing in criticism of American furniture; although he probably did not know that there had been many an American cabinet-maker who had done fine and artistic work.
In Massachusetts And Connecticut
Connecticut, at the present time, is one of the very best States for the satisfactory search for old furniture. It does not have so much as Pennsylvania; but among the smaller States it has probably the most.
The Eastern Shore
THE Eastern Shore! What suggestive power these words have! What visions of hospitable living they conjure up! And there is such delightful arrogance in the name.
Buying Apparent Wrecks
IT is not only the pleasure and the fascination of successful pursuit that appeal to him who searches out old furniture. It is the feeling that the prize won is to be established in his house.
Repairing And Polishing At Home
IT is not as if the dictum of Miles Standish about doing a thing one's self could always be applied to putting into good condition old furniture that has suffered from age and use.
In The Dining Room
A town, this, in which a lover of old furniture would especially like to obtain some examples of the old; but our stay there was but during Easter Day.
In The Room Of The Great Fireplace
And in this once-while inn there is one room peculiarly fitted either for taking ease or for working. It is that room of spacious coziness, to which distinction is given by the eight-foot fireplace.
The Room In Yellow
Many a house owner of today dreads the blemish of nail-holes, and yet they are not nearly so much of an injury to appearance as are the triangles of wire which reach from the pictures to a molding just under the ceiling line.
The Outfitting Of A Guest Room
Thus the first recorded summary of what must needs be in a guest room was the same three thousand years ago as it is now: to give a bed and a light, and conveniences for sitting down and for the toilet.
So naturally does the collector turn toward expedients and substitutes that it would almost seem there must be some occult connection between things of the past and makeshifts.
Fakes - How To Recognize And Avoid Them
In learning to discriminate between the genuine and the imitation the old-furniture collector comes to see that there is much to consider and that constant watchfulness is necessary.
Colonial Finds In Unexpected Places
MANY has been the odd bit of information given by the old Austrian, he who fought at Solferino, but none so strange as what came one day in response to a comment that he never handled silver.
Colonial - The End Of It All
THE smack of age, the relish of the saltness of time; it is this which is so delightfully associated with the old.
CROQUET—History of the Game—There are not many phenomena in the history of games more curious than the fluctuations in the popularity of Croquet under its various forms.
CURLING is the most characteristic of Scottish sports, and in one form or other has been practised in that country for more than four centuries back.
BUYING A CYCLE—It is always best to avoid second-hand cycles unless you know their history, and they bear the name of a good maker.
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