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Shot Gun Ammunition
Powders—In treating of ammunition, gun-powder naturally occupies the premier position. Black powder for shot guns, if not indeed already obsolete, probably will soon be entirely superseded.
Rifle Ammunition
Twenty years ago the subject of ammunition for sporting rifles was a very large one. At that period rifles were made by rule of thumb, no two being exactly alike.
ANGLING—Definition of the Term—Although there may be considerable doubt as to the exact origin of the term, Angling may be defined as the art of fishing with rod, line, and hook.
Salmon Fishing
In glancing at these, the salmon must come first into consideration. With some sportsmen fly fishing means salmon or sea-trout fishing only, just as the word fish in Scotland is an exclusive term by which Salina solar alone is honoured.
Fishing - Dry Fly School
The chalk streams fishers laid special emphasis upon the virtues of the dry-fly as an antidote to the growing difficulty of angling.
Spinning And Trolling Fishing
Trolling, however, is a word once of definite signification to English pike-fishers. It was known two centuries ago—was in use, probably, long before what we understand as spinning was in vogue.
Artificial Baits For Fishing
It is maintained that the spoon as a bait for predatory fish was first discovered by accident in the United States, and at the Chicago World's Fair, what was labelled as the first spoon ever used in angling.
Natural Baits For Fishing
The small natural fishes upon which the ravenous pike, prowling perch, and dashing trout of our fresh waters largely subsist, are, however, the most reliable baits for general spinning.
Rods And Lines For Fishing
There are also schools of bottom-fishermen, and they are in the nature of old foundations. Thames, Trent, and Lea have their own curriculum.
Float Fishing
The methods of bottom fishing are—float-tackle, legering, and paternostering ; and of these, the first affords the popular summer pastime on the river, with legering as the tour de force for barbel.
Big Game Hunting
The sportsman, then, must be prepared to work much harder, and to travel very far before he can find and bag big game.
Boxing, in this country at all events, consists essentially in striking with the closed hand or fist, covered for purposes of practice with the boxing glove of soft leather.
Bulls And Bull-Fighting
Although Bull-Fighting is not a sport in which Englishmen commonly engage, it may fairly, as the national pastime of more than one European country, claim a place in an Encyclopaedia of Sport.
Canoes And Canoeing
Cruise the world around, and there is not a place or port you can visit without encountering some form or type of canoe. Go back in history beyond the memory or records of man, and you will still find canoes.
The Cricket Ground—The first requisite for the game is a place to play it on—a smooth and level sheet of grass. The match-inclosure varies in size, eight acres making a large ground and four acres a very small one.
The Laws Of Cricket
The Marylebone Cricket Club, with its headquarters at Lord's Ground, St. John's Wood, is the supreme legislative assembly as regards Cricket, and it is to the M.C.C. that cricketers look for the revision and alteration of the laws when necessary.
Cross Country Running
Every year sees an increase in the numbers participating in so-called cross-country running, and clubs spring into existence in bewildering succession.
High Jumping
Popular opinion has always held the view that the high jumper is a freak of nature possessed of wonderful spring, the seat of which is usually supposed to be in the instep and toes.
Hurdle Racing
HURDLE RACING has been in vogue since the early days of amateur athletics, and perhaps in no branch of athletic sports is proficiency more difficult to attain.
Long Jump
Long jumping ability is made up of two elements, pace and spring. Pace in the run-up supplies the impetus; spring enables the jumper to lift himself into the air so that this impetus has time to act before the law of gravitation takes effect.
Before the days of organised athletics, runners were heard of who had the reputation of being able to beat their opponents at any distance.
For many years past no athletic sports programme has been considered quite complete without a steeplechase, and at country meetings especially this event provides more interest and amusement than any other.
Baseball - Early Thoughts
Baseball, I may say at once, does not belong to Ancient History. What matters it whether the game originated in the days of Alfred the Great or simply dates its birth somewhere in the last half century?
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