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Some Great Architects And Some Of Their Famous Works
This is not, of course, a complete list of famous Architects, nor is it a complete list of their works. It is intended to serve as an introduction to the vast field.
Music And Poetry
THE true poet must ever be attracted by the charms of Music: he must sing of her; he must perforce chant her praise.
Great Thoughts Of Great Minds On Music
Even as in Music, where all obey and concur to one end, so that each has the joy of contributing to a whole whereby he is ravished and lifted up into the courts of heaven.
American Music
THE increasing frequency with which the subject of American music is brought to our attention by writers in many parts of the country indicates a general national awakening.
Our National Airs
The Civil War produced many songs, but few of any partitular merit.
Plantation Melodies
Unfortunately for our poetry at least, the United States sprang into existence, a civilized, intelligent, prosaic nation, almost entirely devoid of the national body of folk-lore which every great European people considers a priceless treasure of antiquity.
Song In The Home
The traditions which song makes are of the most lasting character and are among the choicest cultural possessions of life.
A Study Of Beethoven
Beethoven is the most childlike of musicians, and of all artists it is most natural to the musician to be Childlike.
The Ideas Of Wagner
IN The Art-work of the Future, Wagner defines art as an immediate vital act, the expression of man, as man is the expression of nature.
Life Sketches Of Composers Of Classical Music
DELPHIN ALARD was one of the great French teachers of the violin, and a writer of valuable studies for the instrument.
Life Sketches Of Composers Classical Songs
FRANZ ABT composed songs that have become of enduring popularity throughout Germany, and part songs that rival Mendelssohn's in the affections of the Germans.
Some Great Composers And Musicians And Some Of Their Chief Works
This is not, of course, a complete list of famous Composers and Musicians, nor is it a complete list of their works.
A Group Of Great Musicians-Violinists
Spain. Biographlcal sketch in Lahee's Famous Violinists, 1899.
A Group Of Great Musicians-Some Famous Singers
United States. Biographical sketch in Lahee's Famous Singers, 1898.
The Drama: What It Is And What It Stands For
Of all the arts the drama comes closest to man. It dwells with him. It does not deal mainly with the gods, as mute statuary does, and is not sightless and impalpable, like music.
The Drama Before Shakespeare - A Sketch
THE first point to be noticed in connection with the Drama in England is, that there is no record of any attempt at acting prior to the Conquest.
The Five Great Dramas
With the dawn of the Twentieth Century, however, has come a revival of the Stage as an Educator. Its value and power as an Educator in Language, Literature, Manners, Morals, Ethics, and Culture, is being recognized.
Our Stage Today
DO not think it can be doubted that the theatre, considered as something apart from the drama, has a far tighter hold upon all classes in America than in England.
Origin And Meaning Of Opera
AN opera (Italian, a work) is a regular drama set to music, always accompanied by scenic representation, frequently by machinery, and sometimes by dancing.
The English Stage Since Shakespeare
THERE is no artistic and literary form which has a longer history in the development of English letters than the drama, whose origins go back to the days of Chaucer and earlier.
Stories Of The Standard Operas
In the second act, she reproaches Gennaro with his dullness and rejects him when he urges her to marry him. She tells him she loves Rafaele. To show Rafaele's love for her, she boasts of his offer to rob the Virgin for her sake.
Home On The East River
My summer acre fronts upon the East River, near the spot where the waters of Hell Gate begin to seethe and swirl.
A Garden Calendar
The garden is a daily delight to me. The only drawback is the fear that some neighbor may chance to criticise it in a friendly way as small.
Panorama Of East River Islands
It would be no bad thing if every New Yorker who has the time to spare could make a voyage of discovery between Governor's Island and Throgg's Neck.
The Story Of Ward's Island
MY pet theory of acreage and happiness has received unexpected confirmation from a canal-boat. Ready as I am to maintain that one acre is enough for a home, and that its little circle of animal and vegetable life.
Manhattan Birds And Fishes
If I had been able to keep account of their number and variety, the catalogue would have surprised the unnoticing citizen who takes it for granted that the Island of Manhattan produces nothing but an interminable chorus of chattering sparrows.
The Battle Story Of The East River
To whom are we to pin our faith, however, if not to the historian? Here is Peter Kalm, writing about New York a century after Van der Donck had gone to reap the reward of his veracity.
Panorama Of Ancient East River Homes
NELLIE and the old colonel are walking in the flower-garden, with their heads close together, and as intent on each other as if they were a pair of lovers.
Glimpses Of East River Homes
For on the East River is a tract of land which covers eight or nine blocks, and extends from Seventy-sixth Street to beyond Seventy-ninth Street on the water-front...
Unsolved Problems Of Life
THE old colonel advises me to buy a tub and sun myself in it during these early days of autumn. He found me this morning a perplexed philosopher.
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