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Principles On Drawing
A PERFECT muscular control of the hand is of the first importance in drawing, as accuracy of outline and delicacy of expression can only be obtained by having the fingers in complete subjection to the will.
Light And Shade In Drawing
A proper disposition of light and shade gives to drawing and painting the expression of form, and thus the eye receives nearly the same impression in looking upon the flat canvas or papers as upon the natural objects.
Perspective In Pictures
Perspective is the art of drawing on a plain surface the true representation or appearance of any given object as it would appear upon a pane of glass when held upright between you and the object.
How To Use Water Colors
There are two kinds of water color painting in general use. We prefer using the moist colors for landscape painting, and the dry cake colors for flowers.
Colors For Flower Painting
In painting yellow flowers, examine whether the shades are warm or cool; and if the latter, paint them with Indian ink; if the former, paint them in with a little burnt umber.
The Meaning Of The Arts And Crafts Movement
It is for this, then, that the Arts and Crafts Societies are striving in our country—to urge people to think before buying and to take the pains to buy the things best suited to the individual need.
The Object Of Art Study
It would be hard to find any subject, no matter how it be regarded, which opens the way so certainly to so many healthy pleasures and solid benefits as this subject—art.
How To Tell A Good Picture
To appreciate a picture we need equally to acquaint ourselves with the painter's language, or medium of expression, and also to try to place ourselves at his point of view, in order to realize his conception.
The Language Of Painting
WHAT is the object of any language unless it be to express an idea, a thought, a fancy, a conception of the mind, or an emotion of the heart?
Some Famous Madonnas
THERE has been no subject more frequently treated in art than the Madonna in its various forms and phases.
The Library Of Congress, And Its Mural Decorations
ONE of the most beautiful buildings in the United States is that which houses its National Congressional library.
Michelangelo's Paintings In The Sistine Chapel
THE ceiling of the Sistine Chapel contains the most perfect works done by Michelangelo in his long and active life.
Modern Schools Of Painting
THE distinctive tendency of modern painting is one curiously traceable in all the imaginative arts of our time,—literature and painting share it equally.
Famous Painters And Some Of Their Notable Works
This, of course, is not a complete list of Famous Painters, nor is it a complete list of their works. It is intended to serve as an Introduction to the vast field.
Greek Sculpture
THE spirit of Greek sculpture is synonymous with the spirit of sculpture. It is simple, and therefore defies definitions. We may feel it, but we cannot express it.
Some Sculptures In The Vatican
The fame of many sculptors is less diffused, because the number employed upon great works prevented their celebrity; for there is no one artist to receive the honor of the work.
Rome - Some Sculptures In The Capitol
It was that room, in the centre of which reclines the noble and most pathetic figure of the dying gladiator, just sinking into his death-swoon.
Modern Sculpture
THE tendency of modern sculpture, like that of modern painting, has been toward a greater liberty of subject and treatment.
Some Great Sculptors And Some Of Their Notable Works
This, of course, is not a complete list of Great Sculptors, nor is it a complete list of their works. It is intended to serve as an Introduction to the vast field.
The Great Styles Of Architecture
MANY centuries before the Christian era there grew up in Egypt, on the banks of the great river Nile, a wonderful architecture.
Culture And The Fine Arts
THE imagination of our time has for the most part taken a different direction from the fine arts in their high sense.
The Mosque Of St. Sophia
WHEN the Church of Santa Sophia, the House of Divine Wisdom, was finished, and Justinian entered it, accompanied only by the patriarch.
The Marbles Of The Parthenon
The Parthenon, the most famous of Greek temples at Athens, and perhaps the most beautiful of all buildings ever erected by man, stood on the Acropolis and was dedicated to Athene, the patron goddess of the Athenians.
Westminster Abbey
Washington Irving, the author of this charming sketch, was born in New York April 3, 1783, and died at Irvington, N. Y., November 28, 1859.
The Column And The Arch Of Trajan In Rome
THE beautiful Column of Trajan, the justest of Roman princes, called Columna Cochlis, from its winding stairs resembling the spiral of a shell.
The Basilica Of St. Peter's Cathedral In Rome
The interior burst upon our astonished gaze, resplendent in light, magnificence, and beauty, beyond all that imagination can conceive.
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