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Sexual Method Of Reproduction Governed By The Surface Of The Earth
In the beginning, when the surface of the globe was covered everywhere with a layer of water, there was nothing but water-organisms which only increased their numbers vegetatively, without sexual stimuli or sexual life.
How The Human Sex Organs And The Brain Developed
The previous chapter took us back to a primeval period which we can scarcely now conceive, the long forgotten period when sexual life first dawned.
How The Sexual Passion Developed
In the higher organisms far keener sensitiveness is displayed by those groups of cells in the interior of the body which as nerve centres are exclusively differentiated for sensation.
From Cold-Blooded To Warm-Blooded
But it is only in warm-blooded animals that we find really affectionate care bestowed on the young, of sitting on the eggs or warming the young that have been born alive.
From Cold-Blooded To Warm-Blooded
It is scarcely possible to observe parents caring for their offspring earlier in the evolutionary scale than the vertebrates. Even in some fishes there is already evidence of paternal care in the building and guarding of nests.
From Human Rutting Periods To Permanent Sexual Life
When in the course of evolution the sexual form of reproduction appeared as the latest novelty, it was certainly at first quite an exceptional phenomenon, such as very primitive organisms even now only occasionally display.
From Group Relations To Private Affairs
At first there was no generally valid law to regulate sexual intercourse, and originally, like everything else, it differed in different tribes, according to their particular requirements and their traditional habits and customs.
Sexual Freeing Of Woman
We have already remarked, in many species of mammals the brutality of the male was greatly feared. And it has unfortunately also gained the upper hand in mankind. In some places the friendly relationship of the sexes has thereby been entirely destroyed.
The Science Of Sex Attraction And The Art Of Courtship
The power of sexual attraction is so great that Darwin made a separate study of sexual selection, and considered it as a special variety of natural selection.
The Coming Of Birth Control And Voluntary Motherhood
With the coming of birth-control ends the depreciation of human life and of woman as the bearer of children.
The Two Distinct Functions Of Married Love
This one great sexual function with its love and its pain, with its supreme delight and its birth-pains, has now become differentiated into two distinct voluntarily separated functions. The charm of love if love alone is wanted, and the production of children if children are wanted.
Perfecting The Sexual Life
Until now, on account of his social position the initiative of a proposal of marriage lies with the man, and on account of his more aggressive sexuality the initiative in the procreative act also.
Modern Art Of Love
So also sexual occurrences stimulate our circulation, respiration and psychic life, so greatly that we feel ourselves imbued with redoubled energy.
The Modern Art Of Mutual Satisfaction For Married Lovers
The more we approach the age of sexual maturity, the more irresistibly we feel the attraction of the other sex.
Awakening Of The Sexual Passions
In order the better to understand the connection between psychic love and its material foundation, as this is manifested especially in the male, we must now turn our attention specially to this material aspect.
Imperious Approach Of Sex Maturity
The nearer we approach maturity, the more powerfully does the sexual urge make itself felt, with constantly renewed intensity.
The Art Of Love-Making For Different Ages
The most stupid people are always those who think that they know everything. Most people who get married think that they have nothing to learn about it, that Nature points out the right way.
Art Of Choosing A Mate For Ideal Marriage
ANYONE who has carefully and observantly read the foregoing chapter, will surely have come to the conclusion that there are many more degrees and shades of sexuality in our love-life, than he suspected.
The Various Human Sex Types That Nature Produces
In the hey-day of ancient Greek civilisation it was the higher intellectuals in particular, who sang the praises of this homosexual ideal.
Ideal Sexual Life For Maximum Health
AGING would not be a necessary phenomenon, if in the life-history of the cell there was not always a slight disproportion between wear and regeneration.
Practical Advice For Aged Married Lovers
But everything comes to an end, however faithful and loving the care may be. In this respect it is a great consolation that the end of our life generally comes more gently the older we are.
The Sex Periods Of Our Life History
WE have studied the love-life at the different periods of our existence, and we have learnt that the sexual urge increases in strength and importance from year to year.
Healthier Sex Relations And Techniques
Now comes the question: does the ideal which we have developed in this book really agree with our experience, as medical practitioners, of individual and social sexual life?
How To Obtain The Optimum In The Sexual Life
MORALISTS are never tired of warning us against sexual excess, but I do not remember ever hearing one of them utter a warning against too little sexual intercourse.
Sex Sublimation Versus Sex Relations In Married Love
WHAT is meant by this word that moralists are so fond of, as though it were a magic cure for all the ills that follow on sexual abstinence?
Degeneracy Of The Sexual Life
It is impossible to deny the existence of the sexual life; the only and the obvious thing to do, is to direct it into proper channels.
Unconscious Powers Of Influence On Our Sexual Life
WE now come to the most intimate feelings of our psychic life. This is the realm of secret and magical powers, dating from the origin of humanity; powers -which have more influence over us than any others.
Making The Sexual Life A Thing Of Beauty
Within us we have always felt this, every time that the sexual urge has stirred us deeply; but we scarcely dared to admit it.
Art Education The True Industrial Education
WE have heard much said on the subject of industrial training in recent years. It would seem that there is no educational snhject that occupies the mind of the public more extensively at the present time.
Ruskin On The Nature Art
REAL AND FALSE ART. To be quite formal and systematic we ought to ask, before proceeding to further inquiries, this question: Is Art a real thing, worth serious consideration? or only a chimaera, a delusion? Does it exist?
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