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A place of much beauty and charm is Hampstead, the home of Mrs. William Wallace, in New Kent County, and situated about twenty miles east of Richmond, near Tunstall Station.
Elsing Green
Elsing Green is situated in King William County, the original owner being Captain William Dandridge, who was a member of the Virginia Council.
River Edge
River Edge, as it has been known for the last hundred years or more, is on Old Indian Trail road, now River Road South, in Charles City County.
Sherwood Forest
Sherwood Forest, in Charles City County, is about twelve miles below Westover on the River Road. It is situated on the north side of the James River opposite the Brandons, as a bird flies.
One of the most interesting spots in Virginia is Williamsburg, second capital of the Colony of Virginia, where at present many historical shrines are being restored through the generosity of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
Carter's Grove
Carter's Grove is on the James River in the lower end of James City County, about five miles from Williamsburg.
The view of Yorktown from York River has been pronounced by an English traveller as not dissimilar to that of Dover, seen from the English Channel.
The Nelson House
The Nelson House, at Yorktown, was built by the first Nelson who came to Virginia and who was known as Scotch Tom from his having come from Penrith in Cumberland, near the border of Scotland.
There sailed away from the Downs, in England, on December 19, 1606, three small ships bound on the most eventful voyage that has ever crowned the history of Anglo-Saxon people.
The old gardens of Claremont are receiving the same ten-der care in their restoration as the house itself, and they will soon take their place among their beautiful sisters along the noble river.
Eastover is five miles below Claremont on the James River. The house is about 150 feet back from the steep, wooded, hundred-foot bank, directly opposite the mouth of the Chickahominy River.
The estate, named in memory of an English town, Brandon, next went into the possession of Nathaniel Harrison, under whose family its fame was established for more than two centuries.
Upper Brandon
After the death of William Byrd Harrison, Upper Brandon passed into the hands of his nephew, George Harrison Byrd, whose son, Francis Otway Byrd, now lives there.
Toddsbury is now owned by Mr. William Mott, who formerly lived on Long Island, New York.
White Marsh
White Marsh, which is on the Tidewater Trail in Gloucester County, is believed to have been built about 1800; and in 1820 John Tabb, son of Philip Tabb, of Toddsbury, bought out his sister-in-law's portion of the estate.
Belleville, on North River in Gloucester County, was an original grant from the crown of England, in the early settlement of Virginia, to two friends, John Boswell and John Booth.
The house originally was L-shaped with slate-covered Dutch roof. Mr. Selden remodelled the house to its present style a few years later, retaining the original six rooms, old wood-work and carved mantels.
Poplar Grove
The original grant for Poplar Grove was from George III to Samuel Williams, and his son Thomas, who built the oldest part of the present house in 1782.
The Ruins Of Rosewell
The original grant for the land was found not long ago in an old shop in London. Rosewell passed out of the hands of the Page family about 1830, but their name is still found on some very handsome tombs on the lawn.
The second Ralph Wormeley to make his home at Rosegill was the Secretary of State for Virginia, in 1693, and president of the State Council.
Long Bridge Ordinary
Half a mile from Gloucester Court House stands a quaint colonial building, which was formerly known as Long Bridge Ordinary, now owned and occupied by the Gloucester Woman's Club.
At the head of Ware River, in Gloucester County, is Goshen. The date of the original part of the house is not definitely known, but various authorities have put it between 1750 and 1760.
Abingdon Church
In the early days the congregation of Abingdon included Mildred Warner, who married Lawrence Washington and was the grandmother of George Washington.
Warner Hall Graveyard
Colonel Augustine Warner first came to this country in 1628. He was Justice of York in 1650 and Justice of Gloucester in 1656.
Ware Church
Ware Church was built upon land donated from the estate called Mordecia Mount, the original seat of the Cooke family and later of the Throckmorton family, who donated the land for the building of the church.
Violet Banks
JUST before entering Petersburg from Richmond, over the Petersburg Turnpike, is a stone marker erected by the Daughters of the Confederacy.
The Battle Of The Crater
Within a few hours five thousand men perished on this tragic point of earth. Because some. one failed in his duty—a magnificent chance to end the war resulted in a stupendous failure.
Blandford Church
On the way from Petersburg to the battlefield of the Crater is a large cemetery, within which can be seen a little church of unmistakable colonial architecture.
Appomattox Manor
More than three centuries ago Francis Eppes came to the Jamestown Colony in time to be a member of the first House of Burgesses.
Bacon's Castle
About a quarter of a mile from the Castle are the ivy-grown walls, beautiful ruins of old Lawne's Creek Parish Church.
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