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Stratford Hall
Stratford Hall was built about 1730, by Thomas Lee, president of the Council and acting governor of Virginia.
Mount Airy
The mansion does not even suggest the American colonial, but rather seems like a great English baronial house in its own setting.
Sabine Hall
Sabine Hall, one of the ancestral homes of the Carters, is situated in Richmond County near Warsaw, the county seat.
The Lee House
THE Lee House, at 707 East Franklin Street, was built in 1845 by Norman Stewart, a prominent citizen of Richmond.
St. Paul's Episcopal House
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, situated on the corner of Grace and Ninth Streets, has from its beginning been identified with the life of the city and the commonwealth.
State Capitol
The first capitol in Richmond was temporary. Later, its present site on Shockoe Hill was selected, and the corner stone laid on August 18, 1785.
The Governor's Mansion
This attractive building occupies a lot cut off from the northeast corner of the Capitol Square. It is considered by competent authorities to be a striking example of domestic architecture of the early years of the nineteenth century.
Home Of Chief Justice John Marshall
The house is now in the care of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, and is maintained as a museum and the official home of the association.
Robert Mills, Architect
Though Robert Mills was born and reared in Charleston, South Carolina, it is a noticeable fact that the French influence there was not shown in the houses he designed in Richmond.
Monumental Church
Monumental Church was built on the site of the Richmond Theatre, which was burned in 1811.
White House Of The Confederacy
The three greatest possessions of the museum are the sword of Lee, the original Great Seal of the Confederate States of America, and the original Provisional Constitution of the Confederate States.
Valentine Museum
This house, now occupied by the Valentine Museum, was erected in 1812 for John Wickham, Esquire, who selected Robert Mills as the architect.
The Archer House
The Archer House was used by Ellen Glasgow in one of her novels, and the late Thomas Nelson Page wrote of the lordly sycamore trees which grew in the brick pavement at the front and side of this house.
Shockoe Burying Ground
Shockoe Burying Ground is replete in interest because of its antiquity and of the many illustrious early Virginians who rest within its walls.
Edgar Allan Poe And Richmond
Many spots in Richmond bear the magic imprint of Edgar Allan Poe. We can visit the site of the theatre where his young, tragic mother trod the boards; of the hovel where she died in the arms of a kindly milliner.
Medical College Of Virginia
The Eyptian Building of the Medical College of Virginia, located at Marshall and College Streets, is one of a large group of college and hospital buildings a short distance north and east of the Capitol Square.
St. John's Church
To the Virginia traveller in the quiet country neighbor-hoods of England there are no objects more appealing than the ancient parish churches, rising above the foliage of immemorial trees.
Hollywood Cemetery
One of the most beautiful as well as historic cemeteries in the nation is Hollywood, situated on the north bank of the James River and within the corporate limits of Richmond.
The Battle Abbey
The Confederate Memorial Institute in Richmond, also called the Battle Abbey, had its inception in 1896.
Never a mansion, Reveille is beautiful only because of its simplicity and its lovely garden; its best architectural feature being the wide hall and the delicate tracery at the end of the steps.
Agecroft Hall
Four thousand miles from its original site on the bank of the Irwell, in Lancashire, England, stands historic Agecroft Hall, one of the most distinguished relics of mediaeval England.
Virginia House
On May 31, 1929, Virginia House was conveyed to the Virginia Historical Society by Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Weddell who retained a life interest therein.
The Oaks
The Oaks was originally situated in Amelia County, about twenty miles from Amelia Court House, on property owned by Benjamin Harrison IV, father of the builder of Lower Brandon.
Hickory Hill
Twenty miles north of Richmond and five miles east of Ashland, in Hanover County, is the old Virginia plantation known as Hickory Hill.
Brook Hill
Brook Hill lies on both sides of the Brook Turnpike, where the road is shaded by noble cedars, and extends southwardly about a mile.
If those who visit Tuckahoe at the present day leave it not unconscious of the appeal of its atmosphere, the efforts of those who love it will not have been wasted.
Bremo Recess
Among the many beautiful and historic homes and gardens is that of Bremo Recess, built about 1812 by General John Hartwell Cocke.
The mansion at Bremo was built by General John Hartwell Cocke during a period of several years, ending in 1819, under conditions which made possible its exceptional design and execution.
SHIRLEY, one of the oldest and loveliest of the James River homes, is located just above the point where the Appomattox River enters the James.
About the year 1674, William Byrd, first of the name in Virginia, and his wife, Mary, came to the Colony and settled at the Falls of James River.
Eltham is situated in New Kent County, and was the home of Captain William Bassett, the first of the family to come to Virginia.
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