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Purity of Water And Food Supplies
No surface water from lake or stream is safe for drinking, unless it has been purified in some way, because pollution may anywhere get on to the ground and be washed in by rain.
Fighting Our Insect Enemies
The third important way in which germs are carried from person to person is by means of flies, mosquitoes, and other insects.
Isolating Cases Of Disease
Since disease germs come originally from infected people, it is clear that one of the best ways of stopping the spread of disease is to find these people and see that they do not pass their germs on to others.
Immunity And How We Can Control It
Vital resistance, or the natural power of the body to fight against invading microbes, varies greatly with different people. A high or a low degree of vital resistance sometimes runs in certain families.
One of the communicable diseases is so much more common and so much more deadly than any of the others that it deserves a special chapter. This is tuberculosis, sometimes called the Great White Plague.
Keeping The Baby Well
A baby is much more delicate than a grown person, and many serious illnesses of babies occur largely as a result of improper care. Most of this sickness is quite needless.
Municipal Sanitation
But there are other things necessary for good health that are beyond the control of the individual, particularly in the case of those who live crowded together in cities and towns.
The Health Board And Its Work
What is the health motto of New York City? Do you believe in it? What can each person do to help make it true?
Accidents And First Aid
The two things to remember when some one is badly hurt are to keep cool and to send for the doctor. Often, however, before the doctor arrives, there are simple measures that may be taken to lessen the pain and perhaps prevent serious harm.
Safety First
Wherever one goes nowadays, one may see the signs SAFETY FIRST—on railroad crossings, street cars, bridges, and wharves, and on the walls of machine shops and manufacturing plants.
How To Make A Flytrap
The conical hoop trap consists essentially of a screen cylinder with a frame made of barrel hoops, in the bottom of which is inserted a screen cone.
Entering Washington Street we naturally expatiated upon the ambitious young engineer, George Washington, who planned the city, and on his later life and powerful personality.
Christ Church
The exterior of Christ Church is charming, with its ivy-covered walls, weather-beaten brick set off by noble trees and ancient tombstones.
Gadsby's Tavern
Gadsby's Tavern, in Alexandria, is steeped in the romance and history of colonial Virginia. It was the northern terminus of the King's Highway — that much-traveled route from Williamsburg, the ancient capital of the Colony.
The Carlyle House
The Carlyle House was erected on the site of an old fort built as a protection against the Indians. There are still to be seen the cells where Indians were kept as prisoners.
Wellington-on-the-Potomac is on the Fort Hunt road half-way between Mount Vernon and Alexandria. The house was built prior to 1760 and it was occupied by Colonel Tobias Lear.
Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon's beauty and associations are best appreciated when considered in the light of George Washington, private citizen, devoted husband. and ardent agriculturalist.
Pohick Church
This Church, one of the oldest in Virginia, is filled with associations of the people whose names are closely allied with the early history of the State.
Gunston Hall
To visit Gunston is an experience. I believe it was Lord Balfour, who had been a guest there, who said that seeing Gunston enabled him to understand the great planter-statesmen of our Revolutionary period as he had never understood them before.
Rippon Lodge
Rippon Lodge is a modest farmhouse compared with the palatial homes on the James, the Rappahannock, the Potomac and in the Shenandoah Valley.
Historic Fredericksburg
MODERN progress has touched Fredericksburg, some-times ruthlessly, but it has not entirely obliterated all traces of the old village that had such an intimate touch with colonial history.
Rising Sun Tavern
One of the famous pre-Revolutionary gathering places of Northern Virginia was the Rising Sun Tavern on Caroline Street.
Federal Hill
Federal Hill was built by Sir Alexander Spotswood, a colonial governor of Virginia. Tradition says it was constructed for state purposes and by order of Queen Anne.
Jame's Monroe's Law Office
The Revolutionary War was over, and the Westmoreland County lad, James Monroe, who had some years before left William and Mary College to fight for American liberty.
The Mercer Apothecary Shop
Mercer left the apothecary shop to take command of the Third Virginia Regiment, recruited largely from Fredericks-burg and the immediate vicinity.
The Marye house, now known as Brompton, standing where long ago one of the homes of the Willis's, of Willis Hill stood.
Kenmore was for many years the home of Colonel Fielding Lewis, whose wife, Betty, was the beloved sister of George Washington.
Falmouth, the thriving but still quaint little village on the banks of the Rappahannock opposite Fredericksburg, is truly the latter's sister community.
Few of the great homes in Virginia have a more commanding prospect or more glorious setting than Chatham, situated on a bluff overlooking the Rappahannock River, just opposite Falmouth.
Washington spent the first five years of his life at Wakefield, from which the family moved to Ferry Farm just opposite Fredericksburg and across the Rappahannock River.
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