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Kuan-Yi-Wu - 500 B.C.
ALLOW the ear to hear what it likes, the eye to see what it likes, the mouth to say what it likes, the body to enjoy the comforts it likes to have, and the mind to do what it likes.
Yu Tse - 1250 B.C.
Fame is the follower of reality. Now, however, as people pursue fame with such frenzy, does it not really come of itself if it is disregarded? At present fame means honor and regard.
Tse-Chen - 550 B.C.
THAT SUBLIMITY OF RIGHTEOUSNESS THAT in which man is superior to beasts and birds is his mental faculties.
The Poetry Of The Chinese
Like a water-wheel awhirl, Like the rolling of a pearl; Yet these but illustrate, To fools, the final state.
Ch'Ang Ch'Ien - A.D. 720
I SAT upon the mountainside and watched. A tiny barque that skimmed across the lake, Drifting, like human destiny upon...
Ts'En-Ts'An - A.D. 750
NIGHT is at hand; the night winds fret afar, The north winds moan. The waterfowl are gone To cover o'er the sand dunes;
PO CHU-I - A.D. 772
I am Like unto the sere chrysanthemum. That is shorn by the frost-blade and, torn from its roots, Whirled away on the wind.
Pan Chin Yu - 18 B.C.
OF fresh, new silk, all snowy white, And round as harvest moon, A pledge of purity and love, A small but welcome boon.
Proverbs And Maxims
FELLING a tree to catch the blackbird. Asking a blind man the road.
Moral Maxims
Without ascending the mountain, we cannot judge of the height of heaven; without descending into the valley, we cannot judge of the depth of the earth; without listening to the maxims left by the ancient kings, we cannot know the excellence of learning.
The Living Machine
Boys and girls, and horses and dogs, are just as truly machines as steam engines or walking dolls. The machinery in a person or an animal is much more complicated, however, than the machinery in the steam engine.
The Parts Of The Living Machine
When you bend your forearm up, the motion is brought about by the shortening or contraction of a stout muscle, attached at one end near the shoulder and at the other end just below the elbow.
The Skeleton System
The skeleton or bony system, as we have seen, furnishes a strong framework or support to the body, constructed in such a way that its parts can move and thus help in the motion of the body as a whole.
The Muscular System
There are some five hundred separate muscles in the human body and they make up about half its weight.
The Digestive System
Three times during the day, or oftener, we put food into the mouth, chew it more or less carefully, and swallow it. Do you know what becomes of it after-wards?
Hygiene Of The Teeth
Our first teeth begin to grow out from the gums when we are only a few months old. There are twenty teeth in this first or temporary set, and the last of them generally appear by the end of the second year.
Hygiene Of Foods
We eat a great many different kinds of foods, which come to our tables from all over the world, and hundreds of different animals and plants contribute to our daily meals.
Alcohol And Habit-Forming Drugs
Such substances are called drugs. There are, for instance, certain drugs which can be given to people who do not sleep well, to quiet their nerves. There are drugs which can be used to give people an appetite when they are not normally hungry.
The Respiratory System
All living things need oxygen to make life possible, and animals and human beings get their necessary oxygen from the air by the process of breathing. This is why respiration is a sign of life.
The Circulatory System
It is the task of the blood, flowing through the circulatory system, to bring these necessary substances to muscles, skin, brain, and all the other organs.
Air And Health
The air of a closed room with many occupants is different in a number of ways from fresh outdoor air. The people in the room, by their breathing, have taken oxygen out of the air and given off into it carbon dioxide.
The Wastes Of The Body
Most of the material which is discharged from the intestines has never really been made a part of the living body. You remember that the alimentary canal runs from the mouth to the lower opening of the large intestine.
Hygiene Of The Skin
The skin covers the body, like a very tight suit of clothes. It has two layers, an outer layer of scarf skin, and an inner layer of true skin.
The Nervous System
The human body is a delicate and complicated machine, every part of which must act in harmony with every other part, if the whole machine is to do its work properly.
Alcohol And Habit-Forming Drugs And Their Effect Upon Efficiency
The difference between foods and drugs has been pointed out, and the effects of certain drugs, particularly alcohol, upon the physical health of the body have been discussed at various places in this book.
The Sense Organs
The nervous system not only keeps all the different parts of the body working together, but constantly regulates and alters their activities to meet conditions in the world outside.
Growth And Development
One of the most interesting peculiarities of living things is that they all go through a regular and definite course of changes, forming a cycle, or circle, of development.
Habits Of Health
It will fail in its main object if it does not lead you to form habits of health which will help you throughout your life. You should think of health as something splendid and worth while.
Man And The Microbe
The work of guarding against these diseases that come from outside, keeping water and food pure, and preventing the spread of communicable diseases from one person to another, is called sanitation.
How Diesease Germs Are Spread
The kinds of germs that cause disease do not come like wild animals from the forest or crawl out of the earth, nor are they created in decaying organic matter, as some people believe.
The Value Of Cleanliness
Most of us think of anything that is soiled, stained, spotted, or in any way discolored, as dirty; and so of course it is, in a way. From a health stand-point, however, some kinds of dirt are much worse than others.
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