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Molly Picon - The Ghetto Girl
The darling of East Broadway. She is not quite five feet and weighs a hundred pounds. Wears a size eleven girl's dress. Her toes never reach the tip of her stockings.
Ring Lardner - He's Funny That Way
He came to New York to do nothing and has been a failure ever since. Was born in Niles, Mich. The great event took place forty-six years ago. Always looks seven years younger than he really is.
Al Jolson - Mammy!!!
He drinks a bucket of bromo-seltzer every day. Is very superstitious. He is always knocking wood.
Mae West - Go East, Young Man, Go East
She was born in Brooklyn, August 17, 1900, according to her life insurance policy and the record on the police blotter at Blackwell's Island. Several acquaintances claim to have known her before that date.
Sam H. Harris - His Word Is His Bond
IN a business where an ironclad contract often be-comes merely a scrap of paper, there is a man whose word is his bond. He often closes an important deal by merely a handshake.
Kelcey Allen - Broadway's Wet Nurse
He was on Broadway when Jed Harris was a spindle-legged kid taking violin lessons in Newark. When Shanley's was situated at the crossroads of the world and didn't know it.
Joe Cook - The Four Hawaiians
ONCE upon a time there were four Hawaiians. And this guy got famous because he wouldn't imitate them.
Dorothy Gish - Isn't She Sweet
She is five feet four inches. Weighs a hundred five pounds. Wears a size four shoe. She has gray eyes. When she wears a blue hat, however, they appear bluish.
Richard Bennett
SOME day someone will write another Royal Family. It will be a tale of the mad, mad Bennetts. For that author, here's some data about the head of the clan: RICHARD BENNETT.
A.H. Woods - Samuel Hoffenstein's Creation
His real label is Albert Herman. Without knowing a thing about numerology, he made his name initials. Then added the tag of Woods, taking it from N. S. Woods, an actor whom he worshiped.
The Broadwayite - Four Out Of Five
He is the soul of Broadway. He speaks its lingo. He symbolizes its credo. One little block, east or west of Broadway, and he is in another universe. Step up and shake hands with THE BROADWAYITE.
Lynn Fontanne - Tell Me, Pretty Maiden
Was born in London. Her name was Lily Louise Fontanne. Changed the Lily Louise to Lynn be-cause it sounded better.
J.P. McEvoy - Just Greetings
His first piece of writing appeared in the South Bend News. He inserted a job-wanted advertisement.
Patrick Cain - Not A Show In A Carload
AN author spends months writing a play. A producer stakes everything on it. Days and nights of weary rehearsals with stars sweating. The play opens. Evening dress and silk hats.
The Marx Brothers - Ah, Nuts!
They are known as Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo. Their real names are Julius, Arthur (formerly Adolph) , Milton and Herbert. They were given their nicknames by a kibitzer at a poker game in Galesburg, Ill.
Gertrude Lawrence - Meet Miss Lawrence
THE Woman Of It. She is always recognizing people she has never seen before.
Jed Harris - In God's Image
HE is Mrs. Horowitz's little boy, Jacob. But in the bright lights of Broadway, it's JED HARRIS.
Eva La Gallienne - Little Eva
EVA LE GALLIENNE was born January 11, 1899, as the Bow bells of London were tolling seven. She is five feet four and weighs 128 pounds.
Rudy Vallee - America's Sweetheart
His real name is Hubert Prior Vallee. Took the name of Rudy from Rudy Wiedoft, the saxophone player. His idol.
Broadway Chronometer
2 P. M. Broadway is waking up. The light, the air, the sunshine is foreign. Matinee crowds now fill the streets. Actors are going to work. Why do they have matinees?
Confucius - 551 B.C.
Confucius replied : Sir, what need is there of the death penalty in your system of government? If you showed a sincere desire to be good, your people would likewise be good.
Confucius - The Doctrine, Of The Mean On Truth
He who intuitively apprehends truth is one who, without effort, hits what is right, and without thinking understands what he wants to know; whose Life is easily and naturally in harmony with the moral law.
Confucius - The Great Learning
THE capacity for knowledge of the inferior man is small and easily filled up; the intelligence of the superior man is deep and not easily satisfied.
Mencius - 371 B.C.
A REAL MAN is one whose goodness is a part of himself. Of the qualities of the sage, none is greater than that of being a helper of men to right Living.
Lao Tzu 604 B.C.
The Sage does not care to hoard. The more he uses for the benefit of others, the more he possesses himself. The more he gives to his fellow-men, the more he has of his own.
Lao Tzu - Wu-Wei
Do nothing by self-will, but rather conform to the Infinite Will, and everything will be done for you.
Lao Tzu - By Precepts And Sayings
BY many words wit is exhausted; it is better to preserve a mean. He who grasps more than he can hold, would be better without any. If a house is crammed with treasures of gold and jade, it will be impossible to guard them all.
Chuang Tzu - 400 B.C.
THOSE who would have right without its correlative, wrong, or good government without its correlative, misrule, they do not apprehend the great principles of the universe nor the conditions to which all creation is subject.
Yang Chu 300 B.C.
A man can never be more than a man; why do people still trouble themselves about fame?
Kang-Hsi's Sacred Edict
IN every affair retire a step, and you have an advantage. Seeing men in haste, do not seek to overtake them. Each grass blade has its drop of dew. The wild birds lay up no stores but Heaven and Earth are wide.
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