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A Girl Scout - Florenz Ziegfeld
FLORENZ ZIEGFELD. That's his real name. His father was Dr. Florenz Ziegfeld, founder of the Chicago Musical College. His mother, Rosalie de Hez, a French girl. He was born in Chicago, March 21, 1869.
The Great Wizard Of 1888
DAVID BELASCO is America's oldest producer. He was born July 25, 1853, in Howard Street, San Francisco. Eight hours after his mother had arrived from London.
Strike Up The Band - George Gershwin
A MAN of note. GEORGE GERSHWIN. He loves to go shopping. Is always buying presents for friends. Suffers from indigestion. Every night before re-tiring he takes agar-agar, a new medicine.
Roxy Theatre
HE wanted a monument, so he built the Roxy Theatre and called it, with his usual simplicity, The Cathedral of the Motion Picture.
Texas Guinan - Give This Little Girl A Great Big Handcuff
GIVE this little girl a big hand. TEXAS GUINAN. Never eats meats, but must have at least a dozen oranges a day.
George White - School For Scandal
A HOODLUM was picked up on the streets of Toronto for raiding fruit stands. A stern judge saw that the law took care of him and said: You're a bad egg. No good will come from you. The bad egg was GEORGE WHITE.
Samuel Shipman - No Man Is A Hero To His Valet
When he was graduated from Columbia this line appeared under his picture in the college book: God Makes Some Strange Things.
William A. Brady - The Gambler From The West
He owns five watches but never carries one. Al-ways guesses the time, and is fairly accurate.
Earl Carroll - The Life Of The Party
He has a throne, a palace and a title. His throne is an antique Chinese chair. His palace is the theater bearing his name. His title is The Earl of Seventh Avenue.
Fannie Brice - Say It With Songs
She was born at the stroke of mid-night on October 29, 1892. Her square monicker is Fannie Borach.
Jim Tully - The Vagabond King
THE American Gorki. He found that hoboing was the road to success. JIM TULLY.
George M. Cohan - Stars And Stripes Forever
HE's a dancer and a singer and a song writer and a master of slang and an actor and a director and a producer and a playwright and a philanthropist and he's GEORGE M. COHAN.
Forty Second Street
FORTY-SECOND Street and Seventh Avenue . . . Everybody calls it Broadway. The Rialto Theatre. A hanging sign says it is The House Of Hits. .. . But the big line is at the Paramount.
Irving Berlin - The Birth Of The Blues
HE has a name that will live forever and he bought it for a song. IRVING BERLIN.
Owen Davis - Curse You-Jack Dalton!
SOME people write one play and then are never heard from again. But this fellow's inexhaustible. OWEN DAVIS.
Helen Westley - Believe It Or Not
THERE'S always a woman in the case. And the Theatre Guild has HELEN WESTLEY.
Elmer L. Rice - Elmer The Great
THE 1929 Pulitzer prize play winner: ELMER L. RICE. He was born September 28, 1892. The locale: Madison Avenue near 106th Street. Until he was twenty-six he lived within a radius of two miles of his birthplace.
Eddie Cantor - From Gags To Riches
His name isn't Eddie and it isn't Cantor. It's Izzy Iskowitch.
John Golden - Pure As The Driven Snow
He's the only man who produces clean sex plays. Yet he always manages to give the public what it wants. A shrewd showman, he realizes the value of publicity.
Paul Whiteman - A Leader Among Men
Let the most important fact come first. He weighs 248 pounds. He once studied to be a mechanical engineer.
W.C. Fields - Never Give A Suck An Even Break
His real name is William Claude Duganfield. He can't rehearse his part in a play or picture without holding a cane in his hand.
Helen Morgan - Fanny On The Piano
SOME people achieve fame by playing the piano. But this little lady got that way by sitting on one. HELEN MORGAN.
Eugene O'Neill - The Great God O'Neill
He is the only Broadway playwright who was born in Times Square. He was born in the Barrett House, now the Hotel Cadillac, at Forty-third Street and Broadway. The date: October 16, 1888.
William Shakespeare - The Bard Of Avon
WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.óWAS born April 22, 1564, in a little house on Henley Street, Stratfordon-Avon. The stunning event occurred at precisely three minutes past eight. His dad was already at work, not interested.
Carl Laemmle - Relatively Speaking
IN 1880 a wide-eyed immigrant walked down the gangplank of a steamship and stepped into America. His only possessions were fifty dollars and dreams. Today he wears eyeglasses and the shower in his office has gold faucets.
Beatrice Lillie - Puleeze!!!
BEATRICE LILLIE was really born in Toronto, Canada. She went to England, alone, at the age of fifteen.
Leslie Howard - The Englishman From America
He so conquered this nation that in his native country, England, they refer to him as that American actor.
Sime Silverman - Variety's The Spice Of Life
Variety, the man in type form, is one of the best, most respected and most influential trade journal in the world.
George Kelly - Let George Do It
WHEN you're naming the most important playwrights of this country you've got to include GEORGE KELLY.
Arthur Hopkins - Sh-Sh-Sh!!
The sphinx of the show business. He scares people by saying nothing.
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