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The Wisdom Of The Upanishads - The Real Self, From The Chhandogya Upanishad
It is the Self, free from evil, ageless, deathless, sorrowless, hungerless, thirstless, real of desire, real of purpose...
Vivekananda - On Yoga Philosophy
ACCORDING to Yoga philosophy it is through ignorance that the Soul has been joined with nature and the idea is to get rid of nature's control over us.
Ramkrishna On Yoga - Philosophy
THERE are infinite ways which lead to the sea of immortality. The main thing is to fall into that sea; it matters not how one gets there. Suppose there is a reservoir of nectar, a single drop of which falling into the mouth will make one immortal.
Wisdom Of The Hitopadesa - Good Advice Wisdom And Vision
THE wise will remember throughout their seven-fold births the love of those who have wiped away the falling tear from their eyes. It is not good to forget a benefit; it is good to forget an injury even in the moment in which it is inflicted.
Aphorisms - Niti Sastras Or Moral Stanzas
HE who feeds us is our father; he who helps us is our brother; he who places his confidence in us is our friend; those whose sentiments accord with ours are our kinsmen.
Wisdom Of Kapila - Founder Of The Sankhya System Of Philosophy
SUCCESS is slow; and not even, though instruction be heard, is the end gained without reflection.
Kapila's Criticisms Of The Brahmans
O FOLK of the world, folk of the world, hearken, hearken, to what I proclaim with beat of the drum of my mouth by the stick of my tongue.
Wisdom Of Vemana
HE whose form is universal; who is eternal; who Himself witnesses all that passes in every heart, who exists immutable throughout the universe, and is free from all shadow, is called God.
The Wisdom Of Bhartri - Hark Fond Desires
I HAVE dug up the earth in the search for treasure : I have smelted ores : I have travelled across the sea: have with great effort calmed the wrath of kings.
Widsom Of Tulsi Das - The Incarnation Of Rama
Is there any whom success has not paralysed? who has effectually discarded vanity and pride; whom the fever of youth has not overcome?
Wisdom Of Tuka-Ram
Do not be in a hurry; all that you have within will manifest itself in time. Work in moderation. Moderation is the only way to gain health, happiness and peace.
The Wisdom Of Vivekananda
ONE-SIDEDNESS is the bane of the world. The more sides you can develop, the more souls you have and you can see the universe through all souls.
The Wisdom Of Abhedananda - Human Affection And Divine Love
IT is true that human nature seeks companionship and longs for a suitable match for love; but all mortal companions on this plane are only for the time being. That craving of the soul will not be absolutely satisfied until the Eternal object of love is discovered.
Selections From Gitanjali - Song Offerings Rabindranath Tagore
Hidden in the heart of things thou art nourishing seeds into sprouts, buds into blossoms, and ripening flowers into fruitfulness.
The Sayings Of Ramakrishna - Attaining Perfection
THERE are two classes of people who attain perfection in this world: those who get the truth and become silent, enjoying it all to themselves without any thought of others.
Productive Areas And Physical Factors Affecting Production
The United States possesses great advantages in being situated in the middle of the North American continent, neither too far north nor too far south.
Natural Resources - Products of Land
No matter where man lives, or how low or high his degree of civilization, he uses the natural resources of the earth to supply his three great needs - food, clothing, and shelter.
The Human Element
The basic factors of American industrial development with which we started are the land and the men the land, with its various natural qualities, and the men, with their various inborn or acquired characters.
Social Development
In the preceding pages we have spoken of an American type as if it were a definite, permanent thing. There is no permanent national type. The character of no nation or people is changeless.
Cereals hold the leading place among the great variety of foodstuffs raised by man for himself and for his domestic animals. The most important cereals are maize, wheat, oats, barley, rye, rice, and sorghum.
Vegetables And Fruits
Most of the vegetables and fruits commonly raised in this country were not native to it. In fact, only a few of them were native to the New World.
Sugar is one of the most valuable products derived from the vegetable world. It is essential to the life of plants, many of which have food reserves stored away in the form of starch, which, after being converted into sugar, is used by the plants themselves.
Cotton, except one or two types, is not native to the New World, but the early discoverers and explorers found the Indians engaged in raising cotton from New Mexico to Brazil, north and south, and from the West Indies to Peru, east and west.
In our modern civilization the most important domestic animals are cattle, horses, sheep, swine, and goats. These were all domesticated ages ago, and the form in which we know them is quite altered from that shown by their ancestors when first they became attached to man's service.
Swine And Sheep
Swine were native to the Far East, but spread in very early times to the western world. They are easy to keep, being tame and hardy, and of all our domestic food animals they are the most prolific.
Horses And Mules
Fossil remains prove the existence of the horse both in the Old and the New World in an earlier geological period. But he became extinct on this continent, so that when America was discovered there were no horses here.
Coal And Petroleum
Coal is what was originally a vegetal deposit, laid down ages ago and subjected to great pressure. Its existence and use remained unknown to man up to relatively recent times.
Iron ore is widely distributed throughout the world. Probably no other mineral except aluminum occurs in such abundance.
Gold And Silver
Gold and silver have been mentioned together for many ages as the precious metals, and although there are now a number of more costly ones, these two are still commonly linked one with the other.
Other Minerals
There are several other minerals which are of considerable significance in the economic life of the country but which have not been deemed worthy of separate treatment.
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