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Other Buildings Of The Roman Style
In general effect, the most impressive of Roman triumphal arches is the Arch of Constantine, dedicated in A.D. 315.
Early Christian Architecture
There are not many important buildings of the Early Christian style. It came into being at a time when not much building was going on that is, during the early centuries of Christianity, and what good examples there are, are nearly all churches.
Architecture - Mosaic
One of the richest of all interior decorations is mosaic. It begins to be used prominently in the early Christian churches and has continued to be popular to this day.
Byzantine Architecture
Byzantine architecture followed after Rome had declined. At this time, the seat of power shifted to Constantinople, and because Constantinople is Eastern, or Oriental, we may expect architecture to follow the ideas of the Orient.
St. Mark's Venice
St. Mark's is not a very large church, and owes its greatness to its variety of interest and to the multitude of its decorations, both without and within.
Saracenic Architecture
Saracenic Architecture is sometimes called Moslem or Mohammedan, because it was produced by the followers of Mohammed.
Architecture - The Alhambra
Of all their buildings, the Alhambra is universally considered to be the masterpiece of Spanish-Moslem art.
Romanesque Architecture
With the development of the Romanesque, buildings became much more numerous, and we find in Italy different styles of Romanesque, such as the Tuscan, and the Lombard.
Architecture - The Cloister
One outgrowth of the monastic system, and the men who loved the arts of peace, was the cloister.
Architecture - Pisa
The cathedral at Pisa, with its baptistery, Campo Santo, and Leaning Tower, makes one of the most wonderful and beautiful groups of buildings in the world.
The Castle
There is no kind of building that appeals to the imagination more than the castle. It is the building of fairy story and of romance.
Characteristic Features Of A Castle
There were certain general features that belonged to all castles, often of great extent and solidity and irregular in plan.
Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle stands on a commanding ridge above the Thames, twenty-four miles westward from the Tower of London.
Gothic Architecture
The period of the cathedral builders was one of the most wonderful periods of history. Between 1000 and 1500 we see these noble buildings rising all over Europe.
Chracteristics Of Gothic Architecture
There is no style of architecture more distinct than the Gothic, and yet it came into being gradually out of previous styles.
Architecture - English Gothic
English Gothic succeeded the Norman style in England and some of the earliest pure Gothic buildings in the world are in England.
Architecture - Giotto's Tower
The bell tower of the Florence Cathedral was designed and mostly built by Giotto and was known as Giotto's tower.
Anecdotes Of Arnalfo Del Cambio
Arnalfo was born in 1232 and died in 1300. Vasari says that by his labors architecture made equal progress with that of painting under the influence of Cimabue.
Cologne Cathedral
One of the great monuments of the world is the Cathedral of Cologne. Some have called it the grandest in the world.
Architecture - The Renaissance
We now come to one of the greatest periods of the world's history called the Renaissance. This period, beginning about the year 1500, produced a new style of architecture which gradually displaced the Gothic.
The Duomo - Florence
The great dome at Florence was built on newly applied principles. The previous domes, such as that of the Pantheon, did not give much external effect. The great dome, which Brunelleschi succeeded in erecting, far exceeded in grandeur and beauty anything of its kind that had been executed before.
Palaces Of The Renaissance In Florence
One of the most notable products of the entire Renaissance was its palaces. They took on a different form in the beautiful chateaux of France, or in the Louvre, than in Florence.
Anecdotes Of Michelozzo Michelozzi (1396-1472)
Michelozzo designed one of the great palaces of the Renaissance in Florence, now called the Ricardi, and Cosimo de Medici caused it to be erected.
St. Peter's - Rome
One fault that has been found with St. Peter's is the fact that the front extends so far forward that the effect of the beautiful dome is largely lost.
Anecdotes Of Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472)
Alberti was a gentleman of many accomplishments. He could ride an unbroken horse, jump his own height, and throw an apple over the Duomo of Florence. But he was also a scholar, a writer, indeed a man of universal sympathies.
Anecdotes Of Bramante Da Urbino (1444-1514)
Bramante was born in Urbino about 1444, his parents being very poor. In his childhood he was taught to read and write, and was early devoted to drawing and the art of painting. Arithmetic became his favorite study.
Anecdotes Of Michaelangelo (1474-1564)
Michaelangelo was undoubtedly the greatest of all artists. Not only as a painter, but as a poet, a sculptor, and an architectect he was able to carry all before him.
Anecdotes Of Raphael (1483-1520)
Raphael Sanzio is seldom thought of as an architect, and yet for a time he was the director of the architecture of St. Peter's.
The Doge's Palace
One thing which makes the Doges Palace one of the few famous buildings of the world is its contents, especially the famous paintings of Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese, Titian, and others.
Anecdotes Of Palladia (1518-1580)
Palladio became one of the celebrated architects of the Renaissance. He designed palaces and many other buildings in his native home of Vincenza.
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