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Urinary Secretion And Its Lessons For Sex Health
AS DURING the development of the foetus (see chapter 3) our two kidneys represent only an improved form of the two embryonic Wolffian bodies, so also both the excretory systems are quite similar, and the mechanism of the urinary and seminal secretions almost identical.
The Production Of Semen - The Seminal Apparatus
NOW that we have thoroughly discussed the other two secretory functions, we come to the real object of our study: the seminal secretion.
False Popular Notions Of Sex That Imperil The Young
THE monthly sexual secretion of woman has been rather euphemistically called her monthly purification, because in former times it was thought that her blood would be thereby freed from impurities.
The Physiology Of Erection And Ejaculation
ERECTION is the most prominent manifestation of the sexual life, but it can occur only if, firstly, a certain degree of congestion, and, secondly, a certain degree of irritability of the central nervous system, are present.
The Erection And Climax In The Sex Act
SO far we have studied the causes of erection, and how it is called forth through muscular antagonism, congestion and nervous impulses; we shall now enquire further into the significance of this phenomenon.
The Role Of Husband And Wife In The Sex Act
It therefore results that in woman, no less than in man, the entire genital sphere works in a state of labile equilibrium, with muscular contractions and congestions.
Practical Benefits Of Sexual Relation Between Married Lovers
THE adaptation of the whole mechanism of erection is so excellent, that we should now like to say a little about it from a theoretical standpoint.
Normally Functioning Sexual Life As Health Stimulant
We strive first of all to prevent disease (prophylaxis), and then if disease occurs, to lead to a cure by the use of hygienic methods.
Importance Of Massage In Ideal Sexual Life
As we have frequently observed, the circulation of the blood is very actively augmented by sexual stimuli, whereby all chemical processes in the cells are immensely increased.
Increased Energy Through Ideal Sexual Life
It is not simply figuratively, but empirically that we speak of warm love and glowing passion. Sexual stimulus excites an agreeable warmth, which glows in our faces.
How To Overcome Physical Hindrances To The Ideal Sex Act
A whole army of difficulties must be surmounted before we can find a person who will put up with our little ways; and what a lot we have to go through before we have reached the point where we can make each other quite happy!
Social Restrictions On Sexual Intercourse
IN addition to the internal resistances and physical obstacles to which we have referred, there are also a number of economic obstacles which must be removed, and through which in many affectionate people passion is stimulated to its utmost degree.
The Four Categories Of Human Sexual Satisfaction
IF we want in the waking state to experience all the pleasures of love and passion, with the highest altruistic ecstasy, this is best attained in a licit union of two lovers who mutually love and respect each other, as should occur in an ideal marriage.
Sexual Control Enriches Our Love Life
There is, unfortunately, scarcely any function so little under our voluntary control as the sexual one, which plays so important a part in determining the happiness or misery of our lives.
Control Of The Production Of Semen
WHEN we speak of sexual self-control, what is really meant? What must we control? First of all, we must devote our attention to the material basis of our sexual life, i.e., to the new-formation of the reproductive cells.
Strengthening The Sex Virility Of Man - Diet And Sex Control
The sexual urge, which can cause us such torture, is not called forth by the semen as such, this emulsion being of itself almost without influence, but from tension in the seminal vessels and ducts.
Increasing Our Sex Powers Of Resistance
WE RAVE just discussed in the last chapter what influences we should avoid, in order that our sexuality should not be needlessly excited.
Conscious Control Of Our Sexual Life
SO we have enquired into the practical means of controlling our sexual passions. Now if we only carry out that good advice...yes, if we behave accordingly, but here we are confronted by a great difficulty.
Practical Use Of Suggestion And Hypnotism In Sexual Control
THE MOST essential condition for the control of the sexual impulse is that at the critical moment one shall be in a position to display sufficient strength of will.
Egyptian Architecture
The architecture of Egypt has been divided into three great periods. First comes the Ancient Empire, the period of the Pyramids. The next period is called the Middle Empire, and the third, and last, of the great periods is the one called the New Empire.
The Great Pyramids
The most ancient monuments of the world, the Pyramids, were built as burial places for the kings. They consist of masses of stone and brick raised up around the chamber where the body of the king was to lie.
Egyptian Temples
We spoke of the temples as the greatest work of the Egyptians, but we shall only be able to look at them briefly.
Greek Architecture
The architecture that we know as Greek is the most perfect of all architecture, and the Parthenon, a temple at Athens, is its best example.
Greek Architecture - The Orders
The Doric order is the oldest and strongest as well as the most simple of the three Greek orders, combining with solidity and force, the most subtle and delicate refinement of outline.
Greek Architecture - Other Characteristics
Instead of covering nearly every bit of space with ornament, as the Egyptians did, the Greeks selected only the best places for it, and thus gave it its proper effect.
The Parthenon
The construction of the Parthenon was of the most solid and durable kind, and the material was marble.
Greek Architecture - Other Greek Buildings
As we look back to the Greece of the period of its great buildings, it seems to us like a vision of the distant past. And so it is. But when Phidias and Pericles and Homer looked at the monuments of Egypt, if they did look at them, they were viewing a past as old to them as theirs is to us.
Roman Architecture
Roman architecture has been called merely Greek architecture imitated with greater richness but less refinement.
Roman Architecture - Chief Characteristics
We have already spoken of the arch as the one great characteristic of the Roman style. We all know what an arch is, but, could we define it in words?
Roman Architecture - The Colosseum
The largest and most famous Roman amphitheater is the Colosseum, built on the site of Nero's Golden House by the Flavian Emperors.
Roman Architecture - The Pantheon
The Pantheon is unique in Rome in the world as a building which has been in use for nearly 1800 years and still retains its old walls and vaulting.
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