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Entrance to the Lithographic Trades
Employers in the lithographic printing industry require beginners to have at least one or two years of high-school education.
The Bindery
The bindery is that branch of the printing industry which takes the printed sheets from the pressroom, assembles them, fastens them together in one of several ways, and cuts or trims them to the required sizes.
The Importance of the Bindery
There are three stages in the production of a printed article after the copy that is to be printed reaches the composing room.
The Work of the Bindery
Pamphlet or magazine binding is called soft-cover binding to distinguish it from bookbinding or hard-cover work.
Entrance to the Bindery Occupations
The bindery trades do not require the preparation that is demanded of the composing-room and pressroom trades.
Automobile Trades - The Importance of the Occupations
The workers in the automobile trades are important because we are dependent on automobiles and trucks, to a very great extent, for the transportation of passenger traffic and the necessities of life.
Automobile Trades - The Places of Employment
The automobile mechanic may find employment either in a service station or in a garage that does general repair work.
Automobile Trades - The Future of the Occupations
The automobile industry is expanding due to the fact that cars are being manufactured at a lower cost thereby enabling many people to buy them. It is also expanding because many industrial concerns are increasing the number of automobile trucks, which they are using for transportation purposes.
Automobile Trades - Entrance to the Occupations
The promotional opportunities in the automobile trades are as great as they are in any other group of trades.
Why We Need Stationary Engineers
A stationary engineer is a man who operates or assists in the operation of a steam power plant.
The Work of the Stationary Engineer
The stationary engineer is called upon in the course of his work to perform many tasks of a mechanical nature.
How One May Become a Stationary Engineer
The stationary engineer must have a great deal of practical knowledge to be able to operate a plant efficiently. He should understand the care of steam boilers and the conditions affecting them.
Margaret Sanger Tells Of Her Visit To Dr. Rutgers
My visit to Holland in January, 1915, was doubtless the most instructive of all my travels, and from it I derived the greatest benefit.
Two Main Sources Of Our Sexual Life
MOST errors arise not from absolute ignorance but from an inexact conception of just those things which one thinks one knows best. This is especially true in the sphere of sex.
Sex Glands Of Man And Woman
THE TWO kinds of organs hitherto discussed—testicles and ovaries—are frequently grouped together under the name of Sex Glands.
Sex Experiments Of Nature
The first or embryonic stage is a very primitive one. The gill-clefts are beginning to form the face. The whole body is still open in the medial line anteriorly.
Appendix on Hermaphrodism
Not infrequently, especially in cases of arrested development in boys, this uncertainty may persist until puberty or even later. In such cases, one speaks of hermaphrodism or double sexuality.
New Sex Experiments And Discoveries For Improving Sexual Life
Our normal health depends chemically on the neutral equilibrium of all those substances contained in the blood-stream either as food for the tissues or as their waste products.
Sex Changes In Mature Male And Female
When at puberty the primary energy of childhood has died down and the growth of all the organs of the body is almost complete, both sexes to their great astonishment feel a new impulse.
Unqiue Journey Of New Sperm Cells
WE SHALL now note how, after maturation and separation, the sperm-cells find an exit along a very convoluted duct-system.
Nuptial Flight Of New Sperm-Cell
They are like a lot of factory hands in a big city, hardened by rough usage; deafened by the ceaseless noise; blunted by the endless monotony.
How Sexual Pleasure Vitalizes Our Life Energy
FORMERLY, it was usually thought that the study of the sexual life had been completed when reproduction had been correctly explained. That is not so.
The Male And Female Sex Organs
AS WE have seen in Chapter 3 the female genital canal is an embryonic elaboration of a rudimentary organ from the dim past, derived from the pronephros.
The Male Genital Canal
From the seminal vesicles a very short and narrow(7) canal leads downward on each side to the urethra, the posterior wall of which they pierce close together.
The Genital Canal In The Sex Act
WITH reference to the female we saw in the preceding chapter that the lower portion of the genital canal simply becomes dilated to form a copulatory organ.
The Glans And The Prepuce In The Sex Act
WE HAVE not finished yet. On careful examination, we find that the male organ, the prolongation of the urethra, with its cavernous walls, is not a simple canal like a rubber tube, for at its end it bears a small head, the glans.
Effect Of Circumsion On Sex Health
THIS is an operation which is often required in males during early childhood in consequence of the smallness of the aperture in the above-mentioned fold of skin, which tends to impede the excretion of urine. Lack of hygiene is often the first cause.
Modern Methods Of Sex Hygiene And Sex Health
TO CONCLUDE these chapters dealing with the anatomy of the genital canal, I shall add a few remarks which refer more specially to the external orifices of the copulatory organs, keeping in view the micro-organisms to be found there.
Sex Health And The Perfect Sex Act
AFTER having discussed the anatomy of the sexual apparatus in full detail, we shall now proceed to demonstrate the physiologcal functions of the sexual life.
The Three Human Excretory Products
BEFORE making in the next three chapters a comparative study of the excretory function in the three different cases, we must state here at once, that although the excretory mechanism is the same, the excreted material is entirely different in the three cases.
Digestion of Food And Sex Health
SOME readers may be shocked to find that we mention that function which is so repulsive to us, because it is concerned with the waste matter of the body, in the same breath as the genital function, which is to lead us to the highest idealism.
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