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A Good Voice Can Be Acquired
We are inclined to think that a good voice is a special gift of the gods that is bestowed on a fortunate few.
Relax - Voice And Expression
To relax your body and arms, bend from the waist, keeping your knees straight, letting your arms and hands hang loosely. Shake your hands, arms, and shoulders vigorously.
How To Breathe Properly
When you have learned to relax, you are ready to learn how to breathe correctly. Nine out of ten persons breathe improperly.
How To Control The Breath
After you have expanded the lower rib-cage for a deep breath, you must, in order to exhale, gradually pull the diaphragm and intercostal muscles inward.
How To Improve The Tone Of Your Voice
Now you are ready to use your voice. With your throat completely relaxed inhale a deep breath and hold it while you shape the lips for oo as in moon.
Pitch Of Your Voice
That property of voice which we call pitch is determined by the rate of vibration of the vocal cords. The greater the number of vibrations per second, the higher the pitch.
Effective Use Of Vocal Power
We have been emphasizing correct, easy posture, relaxation, and proper breathing, and their relation to a musical, resonant tone.
What Your Voice Reveals
Just as posture betrays your age and character to some extent, so does your voice reveal to others your age and many of your personality characteristics.
If you find that your words are frequently misunderstood or if you are asked to repeat what you have said, your enunciation is probably at fault.
Correct Pronunciation
Your personality is revealed not only by the quality of your voice and by your enunciation, but also by the way you pronounce words.
Grammatical Correctness
Almost every American who has completed the sixth grade has had the chief rules of grammar presented to him, but few persons retain all these rules.
Common Speech Faults
The incorrect expressions italicized in the list below are heard so frequently that many persons believe them to be correct.
Your Command Of Words
How large is your vocabulary is a question that is often asked. This question cannot be answered accurately, although various tests have been devised to estimate the number of words known.
Enlarging Your Vocabulary
Collecting words for your vocabulary can become a fascinating as well as a profitable pastime, once you become imbued with the desire to learn new words.
Social Conversation
Conversation is an art in which a man has all mankind for competition, for it is that which all are practicing every day while they live.
Releation Of Conversation To Public Speaking
If you would be a successful conversationalist, there are a few qualifications that are essential. First of all, and most important, you must be genuinely interested in people.
What To Avoid In Conversation
Because there are so many things that can spoil a conversation, we shall consider first some of the faults that should be avoided.
Don't Be A Wallflower
The person who never contributes a word to a conversation either suffers from an inferiority complex which fills him with fear that he will make mistakes and display his ignorance.
What Makes Good Conversation
Now that we have disposed of the ways not to converse, let's try to find out what we should do if we want to be interesting and popular conversationalists.
Humor In Conversation
A touch of humor has saved many a tense situation and has brought sparkle to many a conversation that was dull and lifeless.
When And How To Tell Jokes
It is not unusual for a group to spend an hour or more in exchanging jokes or stories, but such conversation soon be-comes wearisome and ceases to please.
The Fine Art of Repartee
Repartee is the skillful use of a witty reply. It is a highly developed skill calling for fast and analytical thinking.
Family Conversation
The family should be the most closely knit group to which you belong, and the conversation at home, especially if it includes persons of varied ages and interests, should be interesting and stimulating to every member of the family.
Telephone Conversation
Whenever you talk with a stranger by telephone your personality to him is the sum of your voice, your enunciation, your pronunciation, your vocabulary, and your ideas.
Business English
THE ENGLISH used in business is like social conversation in many respects but there is one fundamental difference. Social conversation has no purpose beyond pleasure.
Business Conversation
In good social conversation we found that attention must be focused outside one's self. This is true of business conversation also, but in a slightly different way.
How To Apply For A Job
Applying for a position is not merely going to see a man to find out whether he will give you a job. If you apply with that attitude, you will have an excellent chance of refusal.
How To Make A Sales Talk
In making a sales talk one has the opportunity to bring into play every element of his personality—appearance, speech, manners, knowledge, ability to get along with others, and character.
Business Letters
A good letter, however, does have many of the qualities of good talk. Remember that your letter is you talking to another person; you must keep him in mind while you are writing.
Humans Factors In Architecture
Every American city, and most of our towns, contains examples of all the principal styles or periods in architecture, besides some of no legitimate parentage whatever.
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