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Pleasures Of Mexico City
I lingered on in Mexico, enjoying the pleasures of the capital city.
A Night At Hotel Japones
The night before when he was getting supper I suggested that he cut the plain tamales in strips and fry them in bacon fat, as they had become cold and soggy. I could see that he did n't approve of my scheme.
Something About The Peon
When I first visited a Mexican silver mine, I was amazed at its unpretentious beginnings. A mine that was historical, that had produced countless millions.
Swimming The Arroyo
The mines were on the opposite side of the arroyo from the town, and the workmen were shut off from their supply of tortillas and beans.
What Is Advertising
ADVERTISING is an art older than history, though in its present forms it is quite recent. The newest of all its developments is that phase in which we are most interestedóDirect Advertising.
Advantages Of Direct Advertising
THAT there are great advantages in the use of direct advertising is best indicated by the fact that within a few years the business has grown from practically nothing.
Forms Of Direct Advertising
BEFORE we consider the principal forms in which direct advertising is produced and used, it may be well to think for a moment of what it is all about.
Uses And Results Of Direct Mail Advertising
While immense quantities of small merchandise are sold directly by mail without any personal solicitation or expense at all, it could hardly be expected that a contractor would make a major investment in equipment on mere advertising representation.
Advertising And The Mailing List
IF THIS book accomplishes nothing more than to bring home to its readers the supreme importance of the mailing list as a basis of any direct mail advertising success.
Advertising And The Catalogue
THE catalogue is ordinarily the most pretentious and important piece of direct mail issued and used by a manufacturer or large mercantile establishment.
The Advertising Booklet
BOOKLET is the rather weak term now applied to a great mass of the most useful kind of direct advertising.
Broadsides And Folders
THE word broadside is ordinarily applied to large advertising folders. Who invented the name I don't know. The name has an impressive naval sound.
Envelope Enclosures And Package Inserts
OF ALL forms of direct advertising the envelope enclosure is the least expensive. Its distribution cost is nothing, and its manufacture is not very costly.
Advertising House Organs
OF ALL forms of direct advertising the house organ is in many respects the most interesting and adventurous. No other advertisement affords so wide an opportunity for the exercise of imagination and the literary gift, and none is so attended by hazard.
Minor Forms Of Direct Advertising
OF THE comparatively minor forms of direct advertising the more standardized types will be post-cards, mailing cards, return cards, blotters, illustrated letters, and portfolios.
Commercial Engravings
THE character of the engravings to be used in any form of direct advertising is determined by their suitability for the special purpose in mind, and their selection is in turn a determining factor in the kind of paper to be chosen.
The Line Etching
THE line etching is the most adaptable and widely used form of advertising illustration, it is worth while for any one who is charged with the duty of preparing or supervising advertising to know something in detail of this process.
The Halftone
THE halftone is a form of engraving in very wide use, though the most recent of all the great forms of pictorial reproduction.
Color And Color Printing
OF THE value of color in advertising there is no doubt. Not many years ago an advertisement in color in a periodical was unusual. Now it is very common, despite the greatly increased cost.
Printing Processes
PRINTING is the art of transferring letters, characters or de-signs to paper or other suitable surfaces through the medium of ink or greasy pigments.
Typography And Layout
SOUND typography and effective arrangement are the basis of the art or mechanics of advertising.
Paper For The Advertiser
PAPER is now divided into various broad classifications by the customs of the trade. Of these the widest is the division between so-called fine and coarse papers.
On Writing Letters
THE letter is the primary form of direct advertising. It is the oldest, the most personal and the most individual of all forms of communication, save only oral speech.
Chapter 1 - Play Going
WHEN I was a boy a constant visitor at my father's house was Gustave Garcia, son of Manuel Garcia the centenarian teacher of singing, grandson of the great Garcia.
Chapter 2 - Play Going
Now there is no reason why we should expect the English to be temperamental actors. We do not expect a greasy Italian to stand up to fast bowling on a bumpy wicket, but we do ask him to sing.
Chapter 3 - Play Going
A PLAYER may possess every imaginable quality of mind and temperament and all possible powers of mimicry and impersonation.
Chapter 4 - Play Going
I WOULD like to say something on the old question as to whether the player who subjugates his part to the romantic splendour of his own personality is as great an actor as the player who can abstract his personality.
Chapter 5 - Play Going
THE first piece I saw in the theatre was the pantomime of Bluebeard in which Harriet Vernon was Selim, Ramsey Danvers Fatima, and some still lower comedian Sister Anne.
Chapter 6 - Play Going
BUT I must remember that my title is Playgoing and not Playacting, and that after all the play's the thing to catch the conscience of your playgoer, be he dramatic critic or the simple fellow who goes to the theatre to rid himself of the Stock Exchange.
Personality And Speech
PERSONALITY IS sometimes defined as the expression of one's self. We express ourselves by our dress, our grooming, our bearing, by every act and movement; but, most of all, we express ourselves by what we say and the way we say it.
Speech Improvement
Think back over the conversations in which you have taken part during the past week. Weren't your opinions influenced somewhat by the speakers' voices?
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