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For the purpose of the present story attention will be confined to such coated papers as are generally used for printing books, magazines and advertising matter, with brief mention of associated products where desirable.
Calendering And Finishing
WHEN the paper leaves the driers of the paper machine it may go through the chilled steel rolls of the calender stack—which forms a part of the machine—or it may by-pass this stack and go directly to the reel.
Paper Grades And Definitions
WHEN starting to write this chapter the main object was to give the reader a general idea of the variety of products made by the paper industry and the multiplicity of their uses.
Purpose And Scope Of Economics
For the practical man the simplest definition is this: Economics is the science which seeks to explain all business phenomena. Briefly, it is the science of business.
Fundamental Concepts Of Economics
In economics the words utility and value are given an exact definite meaning which must be clearly understood, since in everyday speech they are used in different senses.
Land And Capital
The products of the extractive industries are the primary raw materials of the manufacturing industries.
Labor And Enterprise
Labor includes all human effort having for its end or aim the gratification of wants or the production of income.
Three Fundamental Concepts Of Economics
The law of demand and supply.—Every business man knows that the value or price of any article depends upon the demand for and supply of it.
Consumption Of Wealth
Consumption is the end of all human effort. It is the goal toward which are directed the energies of all producers.
Value And The Consumer
Suppose the consumer cannot sell.—In this chapter we shall consider the important subject of value entirely from the consumer's point of view.
Value And The Producer
The producer controls the supply.—In the pre-ceding chapter we have seen that the consumer has much to do in the creation of the phenomenon called value.
Value And The Trader
Importance of exchange.—Exchange is perhaps the most conspicuous phenomenon in modern industrial and commercial civilization.
Money And Economics
Mechanism of exchange.—The first form of exchange was that of goods or services for goods, which is termed barter.
Business is a living thing and its parts are so bound up with one another that we must of necessity use many terms before it is possible to define them or consider them in detail.
Money, Credit And Prices
Relations of value, price, money and credit.—The discussion has taken up successively a series of closely related phenomena, value, price, money and credit.
Foreign Trade
The study of international trade is likely to present difficulties unless at the outset one rids himself of certain wrong ideas which he is almost certain to have obtained from current newspapers and magazines as well as from conversations with untrained business men.
About Rent
The share claimed by the owner of land is called rent. That going to labor is called wages. The share of the capitalist is called interest.
The share claimed by the owner of land is called rent. That going to labor is called wages. The share of the capitalist is called interest.
In this chapter we must consider some of the most vital and important subjects within the range of economics, namely, the complex forces which combine to determine the compensation of the man who works for another.
As was pointed out in Chapter II, Volume 1, the word profit is the most significant and interesting one in the whole vocabulary of business. It is really the end and aim of business.
The Lure Of Mexico
FROM boyhood I felt the lure of Mexico. Reared in California, where the romance of early Mexican days still lingers, and where the prodigality of nature and of life are in keeping with Mexican tradition.
Life In A Mexican Pueblo
I had taken train at Boston and journeyed to the Mexican border with the usual railway train environment. Bob's society had added a piquant element, and his savoir faire in Mexico had made the transition easy for me.
Stories Of Lost Mines
Of all the romantic tales heard in this land of romance, none are more fascinating than the stories of lost mines.
Arrival At Mexico City
These were the things which more than gold had called me to Mexico. My friends reasoned in vain, Don Alfredo particularly dwelling on the fine promise of the new mine.
Lake Patzcuaro
AT the house where I was staying were young men from every part of Mexico. Pleased at my enjoyment of their country, they wished me to see the whole of it, and from them I had much advice about traveling.
Return To Mexico
I began to long for Mexico City, and feeling rested and refreshed by the balmy air and constant out-of-door exercise, and with nerves relaxed by the lower altitude.
Visit To Lake Chapala
My acquaintances had besought me not to leave the State of Jalisco without paying a visit to Lake Chapala, which lies on the boundary adjacent to Michoacan.
Busy Leon
I now returned to Silao, where I took the main line for Leon, arriving there the same afternoon. After securing lodgings at the hotel I went to call upon a friend I had made in Mexico City.
Fair Jalapa
I arrived at Jalapa, which lies midway between the table-land and the coast, in the early afternoon.
The Fiesta Covadonga
Rafael assured me that the Spaniards entered into this Covadonga celebration, the only one they permitted themselves in a foreign land, with the same prodigious energy that characterized their business.
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