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In Sydney, The New York of Australia
BEFORE we begin our exploration of Sydney, let us stop a moment and think where we are. We are away south of the Equator on the other side of the globe.
Sheep And Wool In Australia
THE annual sheep show is going on in Sydney. The city is full of squatters, as sheep farmers are called, and we can see sheep from all parts of the continent and from Tasmania and New Zealand as well.
South Central Australia And The Great Central Desert - Adelaide
WE have returned to Sydney and are now on our way to Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. The trip is a long one, but we have sleeping cars and can spend day and night comfortably in the train.
Gold Mining In Australia - Ballrat - Melbourne
HOW would you like to find a gold nugget as big as a football and weighing as much as yourself ? Several such lumps have been found near Ballarat where we now are, and who can tell what we may see if we wander about through the hills?
Australia - A Land Of Strange Plants And Animals
LEAVING Melbourne we travel for days north and south over the country, avoiding the great cities and exploring the wilds.
Queensland - The Pearl Fisheries - The Great Barrier Reef
WE have come north to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, and are about to start on a long sea journey around the Australian continent.
Among The Aborigines Or Native Australians
Strolling through the streets, we meet many of the half-savage natives, and learn that they come from camps not far away. This part of the continent has aborigines, or native Australians, than any other.
Western Australia And Tasmania
LEAVING Port Darwin, we sail westward into the Indian Ocean and then southward along the state of Western Australia. We cross valuable pearl-fishing grounds and pass by Kimberley.
New Zealand
Our ship has been rolling about ever since we left Hobart four days ago, and here, at the southern end of New Zealand, the water is rougher than ever.
New Zealand - A Visit To A Meat-Freezing Factory
New Zealand has many millions of sheep, enough to give more than a hundred to its every family and leave thousands to spare.
Wellington - The Hot Springs Country - Among The Maoris
WE are in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. How the wind roars around the corners and tears through the streets!
New Caledonia And Other French Islands
WE have left Auckland and are on our way to New Caledonia, a large island belonging to France, about seven hundred miles off the eastern coast of Australia.
New Guinea
CONSIDERING Australia a continent, New Guinea is, next to Greenland, the largest island on the globe.
Some German Islands Of The Pacific
AS we go on from island to island, we shall learn that almost every important group in the Pacific Ocean, with the exception of Japan, belongs either to the United States or one of the great nations of Europe.
The Fijis
All of these possessions are ruled by the governor of the Fiji Islands, who has the title of High Commissioner of the Western Pacific.
We are in the harbor of Pago Pago (pang'go pang'go) on the Samoan Island of Tutuila. Don't you see that American gunboat at the wharf and the dear old American flag waving from the building behind it?
Hawaii - Honolulu
It is more apparent here in the rich and fertile Hawaiian Islands, which are not only a coaling station, but also a center of commerce and trade.
Industries Of The Hawaiian Islands
WE have left Honolulu and are traveling about from island to island, now stopping at a sugar or coffee plantation, now spending the night in a grass hut with our brown island cousins.
Hawaii - A Visit To A Volcano
WE are in the town of Hilo (he lo) this morning, on the island of Hawaii, about to visit Kilauea (ke-lou-a'a), one of the largest active volcanoes of the world.
The Island Of Guam
Our course is a little to the south, for we are bound for the Philippines, and have planned to stop at Guam (gwam) on the way.
General View Of The Philippine Islands
WE talk much of the Philippines as we steam on toward Manila. Several of the officers on the transport have been stationed on the islands.
Manila - The Capital Of The Philippines
It takes us several hours to cross over to Manila on the opposite side. We pass ships of all kinds on the way, and anchor at last near the mouth of the Pasig River in one of the busiest harbors on this side the world.
Manila - Home Life And The Markets
WE have many friends in Manila, and through them are able to visit all classes of the people. Our first call is on the family of a Filipino official, who lives just out of the city.
Philippines - A Trip Through The Country
WE leave Manila this morning to see something of the Filipinos on their farms, and in their towns and villages. Our journey will last several weeks, for Luzon is the largest island of the Philippines.
Philippines - Through The Mountains Of Luzon
LEAVING Aparri, we mount horses and make our way back over the mountains to Manila, now going for miles through tall pines, and now cutting our way through forests of hard woods.
Philippines - The Visayan Islands
WE have left Manila on one of the coasting steamers, and are now making our way from port to port through the Visayan Islands, which form the middle zone of our Philippine archipelago.
Philippines - Mindanao And The Moros
We are on the beach at Zamboanga (sam-bo-an'ga), on the great island of Mindanao, at the southern end of our Philippine archipelago.
Philippines - The Sulu Archipelago
WE are in the capital of one of the dattos of southern Mindanao. How different it is from our cities at home!
BORNEO is so near some of the Sulu Islands that a fast steamer could go from one place to the other in a few hours; but our vessel is small, and the journey from Sulu takes more than a day.
The Dutch East Indies
They are known as the Dutch East Indies and include not only the greater part of Borneo and the western half of New Guinea, but almost the whole of the Malay Archipelago.
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