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Sexual Choice among the Animals
Evidence of choice is equally clear. Darwin, as earlier mentioned, collected some facts on individual preferences and aversions among domesticated animals.
The Basis of Sexual Attraction
THE IDEA that the growth of sexual love is importantly related to aesthetic attraction is an old one.
The Place of Personality in the Growth of Sexual Love
It is very commonly supposed that mental qualities as well as physical appeals may arouse the amorous emotion.
The Meaning of Infatuation
The distinction between these two kinds of choice may be seen as closely related to what is usually called infatuation.
Masculinity and Femininity in Sex Attraction
Our discussion of sexual choice has so far centered upon surface attractiveness and other aesthetic features.
The Sociology of Sexual Attraction
THE DISCOVERY of love's instability, by a youth, in an illustration given by Emmanuel Berl, undermines his worship not only of the emotion but of its object as well.
Woman's Equality or Inferiority
In general, any degree of initial attraction will be increased if its object — woman as a sex, or a woman in particular — is socially acknowledged as worthy of strong feelings.
There are several reasons for this, the main one being the great similarities of personalities, which do not express them-selves according to individual taste, but according to strict social rules.
Custom and Sexual Attractiveness
They find large differences concerning the parts of the body that are foremost in sexual interest: in one instance the eyes, for example, may be a decisive item; in another, the ears.
Love between the Sexes
THE IMPORTANCE of the difference between sexual love and what we have here called love between the sexes was stressed at an earlier place.
Sexual Love Distinguished from Friendship
A reader of current literature on sexual love will find much discussion of the relationship between love and friendship, with special attention to such matters as whether friendship alone is possible between the sexes.
A Point of View
THE VARIETY of conclusions about sexual love that have been surveyed in the foregoing pages is only possible, perhaps, in a field of behavior that has been too long neglected by scientific study.
Radio Broadcasting As An Advertising Medium
IT has been my duty and privilege from time to time to discuss the development of radio as a vehicle of advertising.
Who Should Use Radio Advertising?
EVERY advertiser must answer for himself the question, "Should I use broadcasting?" There is no ready-made formula to guide him in his decision.
The Radio Program As An Advertisement
MOST of the mistakes in radio are made because we fail to grasp the fundamental likenesses between radio and other forms of advertising.
What The Radio Audience Wants
WHAT does the listener want in the way of programs? The answers to that question are almost as many and varied as the types of listeners. During the past three years broadcasters have been making a serious effort to determine just what type of entertainment the public is most anxious to hear.
Selecting The Radio Station List
NO infallible formula for the selection of radio cover-age has yet been devised. The purchaser of time to-day is guided by miscellaneous evidence, little of which is entirely adequate.
Advertising Copy For The Ear
THE client, in the person of his advertising manager, was talking to the radio man from his advertising agency. Two pieces of typewritten copy lay on the advertising manager's desk.
How To Present Your Commercial Radio Announcements
IT is with considerable misgiving that the writer of this chapter undertakes to discuss the purpose, structure, and wording of the "commercial" announcements that are the beginning and the end—and in many advertisers' eyes the entire meat—of the radio program.
Radio Production
Probably the trouble with this program could have been diagnosed in one word: production. The elements of an effective air show were present, but they never had been blended to make a performance. The program had been put on the air; but it had not been produced.
Checking Radio Advertising Results
THIS chapter suggests a number of ways to check the results of radio programs. I put them forth, however, as rough and ready, not mathematically ac-curate guides.
Electrical Transcriptions
EVERYBODY in the advertising world knows the difference between the two types of radio broadcasting, because it is our business to do so. We under-stand that the electrical principles are alike in both instances.
Spot Versus Chain Broadcasting
WHETHER to broadcast over a network, or through individual stations, theoretically is a question fraught with perplexities. However, for any specific broadcast program, the problem usually settles itself once the various factors involved are understood.
Radio Programs For Women
So every weekday morning and, increasingly, every week-day afternoon finds practically every sponsored quarter-hour filled with programs on cooking, child health, beauty, fashion, etiquette, gardening and every other known topic of interest to wives and mothers.
Costs Of Radio Advertising
ON every side one hears of the vagaries, the mysteries of radio. Advertisers backed by years of achievement find themselves shying from radio as a demon fraught with treachery and deceit.
Merchandising In Its Relation To Radio
RADIO has fought its way into recognition as a full-fledged medium of advertising. It isn't a novelty any more, and it isn't just an experiment—at least, not to the majority of advertisers who are using it.
Publicity And Advertising In Relation To Broadcasting
A CERTAIN client whom I know is tremendously proud of his radio program. He may well be. He is spending millions to make it a good one. He employs the best available talent.
Relation Between Radio Stations And Ad Agencies
CURIOUSLY enough, the relations between advertising agencies and individual broadcasting stations have been rather slow to develop. There is, perhaps, an excellent reason for this. The agency's advent into radio advertising came through the networks, and it was not until the coming of spot broadcasting that the necessity for relations with individual stations began to make itself felt.
Export Radio Advertising
RADIO advertising in export markets is rapidly be-coming an important part of the commercial broadcasting field. As a former agency man, interested in both radio and foreign markets, the writer has gone into this field as thoroughly as it is possible to do in a year's study.
General View Of Australia
Australia is the largest island of all, so large that it is classed with the continents. It is almost twice as large as all the countries of Europe without Russia and the Scandinavian Peninsula.
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