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Sexual Choice among the Animals
Evidence of choice is equally clear. Darwin, as earlier mentioned, collected some facts on individual preferences and aversions among domesticated animals.
The Basis of Sexual Attraction
THE IDEA that the growth of sexual love is importantly related to aesthetic attraction is an old one.
The Place of Personality in the Growth of Sexual Love
It is very commonly supposed that mental qualities as well as physical appeals may arouse the amorous emotion.
The Meaning of Infatuation
The distinction between these two kinds of choice may be seen as closely related to what is usually called infatuation.
Masculinity and Femininity in Sex Attraction
Our discussion of sexual choice has so far centered upon surface attractiveness and other aesthetic features.
The Sociology of Sexual Attraction
THE DISCOVERY of love's instability, by a youth, in an illustration given by Emmanuel Berl, undermines his worship not only of the emotion but of its object as well.
Woman's Equality or Inferiority
In general, any degree of initial attraction will be increased if its object woman as a sex, or a woman in particular is socially acknowledged as worthy of strong feelings.
There are several reasons for this, the main one being the great similarities of personalities, which do not express them-selves according to individual taste, but according to strict social rules.
Custom and Sexual Attractiveness
They find large differences concerning the parts of the body that are foremost in sexual interest: in one instance the eyes, for example, may be a decisive item; in another, the ears.
Love between the Sexes
THE IMPORTANCE of the difference between sexual love and what we have here called love between the sexes was stressed at an earlier place.
Sexual Love Distinguished from Friendship
A reader of current literature on sexual love will find much discussion of the relationship between love and friendship, with special attention to such matters as whether friendship alone is possible between the sexes.
A Point of View
THE VARIETY of conclusions about sexual love that have been surveyed in the foregoing pages is only possible, perhaps, in a field of behavior that has been too long neglected by scientific study.
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