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One Kind Of Sex
Hunger and the sex impulse are often compared. Both are importantly related to body rhythms, and both require specific acts for satisfaction.
Modern Views of Sexual Emotion - Herbert Spencer
If any one writer on the nature of sexual emotion has been most often quoted, it is probably the nineteenth-century philosopher, Herbert Spencer.
Modern Views of Sexual Emotion - Alexander Bain
It is notable that the psychologist Alexander Bain's account of sexual love follows, on the whole, that of Spencer, with appetite and personal charm having the leading role as the basis of attraction.
Modern Views of Sexual Emotion - Henry Finck
Finck has several times been mentioned before. His two large volumes of some thirteen hundred pages doubtless merit for him the title of most voluminous of American writers on premarital sex behavior of the amorous variety.
Modern Views of Sexual Emotion - Alfred Binet
Why are we attracted to one person rather than to another? The foremost question about sexual love concerns the motives that cause us to choose as we do, according to Binet.
Modern Views of Sexual Emotion - Gustav Danville
Danville found, among the views current in his time, three different conclusions regarding the nature and causes of amorous emotion.
Modern Views of Sexual Emotion - Albert Moll
Moll is commonly classed with the major founders of modern sex psychology. He was a student of the entire field, both normal and abnormal.
Modern Views of Sexual Emotion - Ludwig Loewenfeld
There is evidence, he believes, that genital sexuality may be but weakly active while the urge toward intimate physical contact and embrace is strongly felt.
Modern Views of Sexual Emotion - Emil Lucka
Lucka is the historian of sexual love. He was chiefly interested in the evolution, from its beginnings, of the sex relationship.
Contemporary Views of Sexual Emotion
Some studies of amorous behavior that have discovered more than one kind of sex have been outlined. They represent the older generation of modern students of sex psychology.
Apparent Independence of Amorous Emotion
SOME OF THE FINDINGS of studies of amorous behavior, and some examples of the behavior itself, may now be briefly examined.
Apparent Independence of Amorous Emotion - Reports of Adults
Of the women studied by Hamilton, 38 per cent reported first love affair between ages of 6 and 11 inclusive; 40 per cent of the men gave the same report.
Sexual Autobiography
I fell in love and enjoyed kisses, etc., but the mere thought of any-thing beyond disgusted me. Had my lover suggested such a thing, I would have lost all love for him.
Amorous Emotion in the Homosexual
The main features of amorous attraction between men and women are fully characteristic of attachments among homosexuals, according to a number of students.
Amorous Sexuality in Ancient Greece
Homosexual behavior among the Greeks exhibited two distinctly different forms, as shown in a study by J. A. Symonds.
Conflict in Sex Feelings
The idea is common that there is some degree of antagonism between amorous emotion and the sexual impulse.
The Attraction of the Sexes
Is the visual pleasure we experience as we gaze at an attractive or beautiful person of opposite sex linked in some way to arousal of the sex organs, or is it altogether different?
May a Love Affair Be a Neurosis?
A number of scientific writers have regarded sexual love as a symptom of nervous disorder. Some eminent psychologists have been among them.
The Psychology of Sexual Choice
THIS STUDY is concerned, as stated earlier, with a psychology of sex which begins with the fact that men and women are attractive to each other.
The Mating of Similars
Many will recognize all this as in part a statement of the familiar saying that opposites attract. The vitality of the phrase might suggest some measure of truth.
Why Similars Marry
Much of the answer to this question begins with the fact that a great many of the people who marry live near each other.
The Love-Choice according to Freud
The most famous modern doctrine of amorous choice is that of Freud. Being widely familiar, it may be briefly reviewed.
Sexual Love as an Ego Need
The view that falling in love is really an affair of the ego was earlier suggested by Weininger, who began with the idea that each of us desires nothing so much as to achieve an ideal of self.
Is the Ego-Theory True?
Doubtless much of what hap-pens, emotionally, in the course of sexual courtship, could be described in terms of the ups and downs of ego-feelings.
The Psychology of Sexual Choice
THE MOST INTERESTING feature of human sex behavior is, perhaps, the phenomenon of sudden, strong, and seemingly unaccountable attractions to particular persons.
The Fetish in Love-Choice
Alfred Binet's main interest in fetishism lay in its connection with normal sexual choice. He noticed something else, how-ever, of great importance for our purposes.
The Fetish as a Key to Sexual Choice
The meaning of fetishism for the problem of normal choice is that it leads, first of all, to a view of attraction in terms of discoverable traits.
Sexual Attractiveness and Beauty
Fetishism is so rich in examples of peculiar sensibility that a view of amorous attraction based on it might seem to convert a large sector of choice behavior into a miscellany of unique or highly individual susceptibilities.
Amorous Growth
In the usual instance, sexual attraction and sexual love are distinguished from each other. Although falling in love suggests a sudden event, the process is widely regarded as one of growth.
Origins of the Fetish
The choice of the fetish depends upon the impression which is accidentally associated with the first genital excitement.
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