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IT is generally conceded that Mark Antony won his hearing before the Roman mob by his incomparable tact. His speech is worthy of careful analysis by any one desirous of knowing how to argue and win.
Cause And Effect
FINAL cause is never known, since no matter how far back we wished to go the mind would seek to inquire further. The idea of cause and effect arises in the mind as naturally as any other law.
Reading Habits
To be an exact thinker, man must be an exact reader and observer. This may be acquired through self-discipline. He can read books without becoming bookish.
Questions For Solution
THE student is recommended to study the following questions and statements, and determine what answer or objection, if any, he would offer in each case.
Specimens Of Agrumentation
A CAREFUL study of specimens of argumentation affords one of the best means of developing clearness and accuracy of thought.
Gloden Rules
Hear others with patience, as you yourself would be heard.
Sex Attraction as an Emotional Experience
THIS BOOK is a study of one kind of sexual attraction. Attractions between the sexes are of more than one kind.
Some Features Of Sexual Attraction
The experience of being in love may be a mixture of many emotions, as described by most modern students. Within the experience, there are, of course, some feelings that are not sexual at all.
Sex Attraction Is Not Rational
A very old doctrine about sexual love is that it is irrational, or nonrational. This kind of attraction is supposed to be some-thing beyond logic.
Imagination in Sex Attraction
Among well-known theories of the way sexual love grows is the belief that a powerful influence in its development is the imagination.
"Love Need" versus Attraction
We begin by being in love, which is a state, like being hungry. . . . Then the actresses, young or old, appear, wishing to be given the role.
Amorous Emotion and Sexual Impulse
THE OUTSTANDING sexual relationship is marriage. A large part of any study ambitious enough to be called a psychology of sex must necessarily be devoted to marriage.
Is the Amorous Emotion a Rarity?
Finck came to the opinion, after many years of observation, that relatively few men and women are able to have the amorous experience.
Various Meanings of "Sex"
The words sex and sexual are rich and various in meanings. For many purposes they cannot be used without risk of conveying sometimes more, sometimes less, than is intended.
Amorous and Sensual Desire Contrasted
The sexual impulse lacks direction in very early life. The organs are, in the beginning, merely a source of erotic sensations, without relation to others.
The Aesthetics of Sex
A repeated theme among modern views of sexual love centers about the effects of that aspect of attractiveness which is known as human aesthetics.
Amorous Frustration
It makes a great difference whether one speaks of love fulfilled or love frustrated.
How Long Does It Last?
The familiar words falling in love suggest a rather sudden emotional change. Is the process typically sudden, and how do its time phases compare with those of the sexual impulse?
Two Kinds of Sex, or One?
Those of this school believe that there are two different kinds of human sexual interest, or that there are two parts to man's make-up.
Modern Views of Sexual Emotion - Havelock Ellis
The view that sexual love, or the amorous emotion, is a kind diluted or spiritualized form of genital-sex desire is widely current.
Modern Views of Sexual Emotion - Sublimation
The modern idea of sublimation as a change of the sub-stance of the soul into a more spiritualized form may be traced, according to Ellis, back to early Christian mystical writings.
Modern Views of Sexual Emotion - Freud
In the sexually mature person, Freud states, we find sensual love, or the impulse to direct genital contacts, and also a sentimental, tender, and unsensual emotion.
Popularity of the Idea of Sublimation
A great many examples of the idea of sublimation can be found in the literature of the social sciences, and especially in popular and semipopular writing on sexual behavior.
The Case for Sublimation
Since sublimation is offered as the answer to a very important question about sex behavior, the question of how good an answer it provides is equally important.
Some Critics of Sublimation
The idea of sublimation has had a number of critics, among those who have made use of it as well as among those who doubt its value.
Amorous Emotion without Sublimation
SUBLIMATION takes place when the sexual impulse is blocked or inhibited. This, at any rate, is the theory.
The Baiga People
The Baiga people inhabit the Central Provinces of India. Hardly touched by Hindu civilization, they are described as barely above the hunting stage of primitive culture.
The Dobuans
A people in some respects comparable to that studied by Malinowski is described by Fortune in his report on the Dobuans of Melanesia.
In Melanesian Lesu, on the contrary, extramarital affairs are an acknowledged custom, and a person who does not avail himself of this privilege is considered abnormal.
Sexual Love in the Primitive World
The examples we have considered are exceptions to the tendency of opinion regarding the occurrence of amorous experience among primitives.
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