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Analyzing Bonds
IF we find that the Compass Motor Company has an issue of bonds outstanding, let's first determine the character of the bonds.
Preferred Stock
IT is generally believed that preferred stock always has preference over common as to both earnings and assets, but in some instances this is not strictly true.
The Common Stock
IN the vernacular of the stock market, possibly the stocks the average investor is principally concerned with, is that of common.
Analyzing The Balance Sheet Of A Company
THE balance sheet of any corporation is of importance to the investor, but still more important is the ability of the investor to determine what the balance sheet reflects.
The Income Statement
PROBABLY the most vital part of any company's financial picture is its income statement. Practically every business is organized for the express purpose of making money, and if it fails in that function the business fails.
The Stock Market
Two million shares of stock, representing nearly one hundred million dollars, has changed hands in the past five hours.
The Security Exchange Act
IN years gone by, during prosperous times when people were I anxious and willing to buy stocks, some stocks were subject to manipulation and control.
The Stock Exchange Reorganization
SINCE concluding the preceeding chapter on the Security Exchange Commission, a number of things have happened which promises a greater efficiency for the Exchange and the investing public, and which in part can be attributable to the Security Exchange Commission.
Wall Street - The Whitney Scandal
The great Monarch of Wall Street was in trouble. The high speed grapevine ticker was loaded down. Rumors flew fast and furiously. And then came the announcement!
Wall Street - Blue Sky Laws And Fraud
MANY States have what is commonly known as Blue Sky Laws, under which corporations chartered in another State, must qualify before they are given permission to sell securities.
Wall Street - The Pool Operators
The trio which assembled in the office of Jim Holmes, in the financial district, on lower Broadway, represented, among them-selves and friends, an aggregate wealth running into millions of dollars.
Wall Street - The Boiler Room
Two prosperous looking go-getters sat in the lounge of a popular midtown hotel on Broadway, one Sunday afternoon, speculating as to what the maket would do.
Wall Street - Conclusion
We saw that the business cycle has been revolving for hundreds of years, that its motive power is generated by production and consumption becoming unbalanced.
Wall Street And Stock Terms
A corporation is a fictitious person. It consists of several natural persons, who in the name of the corporation, are authorized by law to transact a business.
Truth And Facts
Successful, argumentation has its proper basis in truth and may be defined as any statement or belief supported by sufficient proof.
Clearness And Concisness
IN learning to argue and win, the student will find many valuable suggestions in the rules of formal debate. It is well understood that the effect of an argument depends much upon the clearness of the terms in which it is stated.
The Use Of Words
To develop a vocabulary and style suited to argumentation, carefully read and study the great controversial writers.
The Syllogism
THE purpose of logic is to test the validity of reasoning. The syllogism is used as a formula, consisting of three propositions, two called the premises —major and minor—which together prove the third, or the conclusion.
A FAULT Common to many men is that of not thinking for themselves. They accept without question the judgments of others, and repeat them as their own.
WHY is it that when some men rise to speak every one listens, and when others do so every one begins talking to his neighbor? Is it not largely a difference in personality?
The Lawyer
The first advice given to the lawyer is to know the law, the facts, the witnesses, and himself. Temptation to speak at too great length is common in the legal profession.
The Business Man
THE life of modern business is in-spired largely by interchange of ideas and opinions. The heads of many houses meet daily in close conference to determine questions of business policy and to discuss important problems.
The Preacher
The preacher, not unlike the salesman, must be able to present clear and convincing arguments to secure even a proper hearing; then he must follow up his advantage with sufficient force and fervor to persuade the listener to act.
The Salesman
This salesman certainly had not learned how to argue and win. His attitude of mind was entirely wrong, and his argument palpably weak.
The Public Speaker
A MAN constantly makes short speeches in his daily conversation. The habits formed here will largely influence and determine his public-speaking style.
Brief Drawing
A KNOWLEDGE of brief-drawing is of great practical value to the man who would argue with force and effectiveness.
The Discipline Of Debate
THE art of debate is one of the best means of developing mental alertness, self-confidence, and the ability to think on one's feet.
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