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Business - The Planner Versus The Plugger
These two types are distinctly and fundamentally different. One plugs first and thinks afterwards ; the other thinks first and then plugs.
Cash Or Credit - Which?
Every retailer has puzzled his brain over the question, as to whether he will make more money if he sells for cash only or for credit and cash.
Cash Or Credit - Arguments For A Credit Business
The best class of people in every community wish to buy on credit, whether they have a bank account and pay by check, or at regular periods of settlement pay cash.
Cash Or Credit - What Is The Real Question?
How can I handle both my credit and my cash business in the most profitable manner?
Retail Advertising For Any Store
It goes without saying that the largest proportion of retail advertising is done in Daily and Weekly newspapers.
Newspaper Advertising Expenditures
How much money do you suppose is spent annually in advertising in the twenty thousand or more newspapers in the above list?
Advertising Is An Economy
The fact is that advertising is an economy. It reduces the cost of selling, it increases the output to such an extent that the price can be reduced.
The Fight For More Business
Business is a fight. Success belongs to the strong. The careless and ignorant and self-satisfied and lazy and unprogressive are all handicapped. They seldom win.
Hotels, Cafes And Restaurants
Starting with the guest and ending with the paying of the check there is a long line of possible errors and leaks, which, fortunately for the proprietor and all others concerned, can be safeguarded.
Business And Creating Public Confidence
One of the most important and persistent questions that has ever come up in America, is the relation between the public and the service corporations.
The General Store And Grocer
The General Store differs from the Grocery Store only in detail. The principles of management are the same. Hence the reader can fit his case with the broad facts outlined in this chapter.
How Every Business Is Built Up
Every business is built up in the same way. No business which is worth having is built up in any other way.
Business And The Weakest Link
There is no business, little or big, retail or manufacturing, shipping. selling or financing, which does not have at least one weak link.
Business - A Factor In Commercial Progress
In making up a list of the ten most important contributions to the commercial progress of the nineteenth century, it would meet with general approval if the list included the typewriter, the telephone and wireless telegraphy.
The Business Detective
IIt is the business of a Store Detective, whether human or carbon, to catch with the goods on those who are doing the stealing or other crooked work.
The New Principles In Business
A new principle of business has been discovered. Like most other new things, it is new mostly in its application. It represents a modern development.
The Store Of Tomorrow
What will the store of tomorrow be like? Will it be one of a chain of stores, or will it be a big amalgamation of many stores under one roof?
Wall Street
WALL STREET, which could be more accurately termed, the abused financial mother of the richest and most progressive nation on the face of the earth.
History Of Wall Street
IT is hard to visualize this narrow street, with its towering sky-scrapers, its hurrying throngs, and its immeasurable wealth, as the same street, where some one hundred and fifty years ago, a few men gathered under a button-wood tree to exchange quotations with each other.
Wall Street And Early Manipulators
THE New York Stock and Exchange Board, which was the outgrowth of the button-wood group, and the forerunner of the present New York Stock Exchange, was organized in February, 1817.
The Early Railroad Giants And Wall Street
POSSIBLY the greatest battle ever waged in railroad history, and which manifested itself on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, was the battle between James J. Hill and Edward H. Harriman, for control of the Northern Pacific.
United States Steel - The Origin Of X
Like many other great American enterprises, which found their birth in humble beginnings, United States Steel furnishes employment for tens of thousands of people.
John D. Rockefeller And Standard Oil
It is said that Rockefeller had given to four of his foundations, prior to 1927, over five hundred millions of dollars.
J.P. Morgan And The House Of Morgan
SYNONYMOUS With Wall Street, and possibly the best known financial name throughout the world, is the name of Morgan.
Wall Street And Money
To understand the stock market, it would seem necessary to understand that money and credit are the primary pillars upon which the stock market rests.
Foreign Exchange
I DEBATED for some time whether or not to include a chapter on Foreign Exchange in a book of this character.
Finding The Right Industry To Invest In
WHETHER one is investing for income, or for quick profits, the selection of the industry is of considerable importance.
Selecting A Company To Invest In
IF the investor has carefully investigated the industrial field that he wishes to invest in, his next step, after having decided the avenue he wishes to travel, is that of selecting the company.
Corporate Management And Investing
AFTER having selected the industry and the company, your attention should be directed to the management.
The Corporate Analysis And Investing
Our first step would naturally be the consideration of its corporate set-up. This should include all phases of its capitalization, such as preferred stock, common stock, bonds and debentures.
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