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Practical Dressage
Horsemanship dressage has recently been discussed more and more frequently in books and magazines. The subject still seems to be very unpopular.
Horsemanship - Change Of Lead
The change of lead at canter is one of the most difficult movements of elementary equitation and its finished execution belongs under the haute ecole.
Horsemanship - Equitation Standards
Control of the horse is as important to the average horseman who rides for recreation as it is to the polo player, steeplechaser, jumper, and haute ecole rider.
Horsemanship - Mounting And Dismounting
He recognizes the fact that horsemanship consists of innumerable small acts correctly performed, and that he cannot afford to ignore any of them.
Horsemanship - Posting
Some time ago a riding academy ran an advertisement to the effect that it taught riding in three lessons. The academy did a land-office business.
How To Fall Off A Horse
In the life of every horseman occasions will arise when it is desirable or necessary to leave the saddle in a hurry and without formality.
Horsemanship And Etiquette
Everyone should endeavor to ride in the same direction and change hands at the same time. Those working at the fastest gait should be allowed a free track by those riding slower.
Horsemanship - Outside The School Ring
We are all familiar with the exhibitions at horse shows, consisting of the four hackneyed jumps protected by high wings and with magnificent horses tearing around, one after another.
Horsemanship - Cross Country
It may well be said that the objective of the modern horseman's education is cross-country riding. This is the ultimate test of his trained balance and suppleness.
Horsemanship - Riding On The Road
A horseman shows his ability and skill on the road even more than in the jumping arena and on the polo or hunting field.
Horsemanship - Handling The Young Horse
But it is one of the aims of this volume to call attention to common ways of mistreating horses, and there are certain principles relating to the training of the young horse that any rider will do well to store away in his memory.
To become a good horseman it is not enough to master the technique of equitation, even when the stage is reached when feel is beginning to guide the application of the aids.
Origin And Development Of The Art Of Printing
The invention of stereotyping was one of the advance steps in printing. It, therefore, seems that a few words dealing with the origin and development of the art of printing will be of interest.
Block Printing
Printing from these wood-cuts was not accomplished with a press. The paper was placed upon the form, the latter blackened with an earthy color, and then through application of a soft dabber the paper was printed against the picture or text.
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