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Practical Dressage
Horsemanship dressage has recently been discussed more and more frequently in books and magazines. The subject still seems to be very unpopular.
Horsemanship - Change Of Lead
The change of lead at canter is one of the most difficult movements of elementary equitation and its finished execution belongs under the haute ecole.
Horsemanship - Equitation Standards
Control of the horse is as important to the average horseman who rides for recreation as it is to the polo player, steeplechaser, jumper, and haute ecole rider.
Horsemanship - Mounting And Dismounting
He recognizes the fact that horsemanship consists of innumerable small acts correctly performed, and that he cannot afford to ignore any of them.
Horsemanship - Posting
Some time ago a riding academy ran an advertisement to the effect that it taught riding in three lessons. The academy did a land-office business.
How To Fall Off A Horse
In the life of every horseman occasions will arise when it is desirable or necessary to leave the saddle in a hurry and without formality.
Horsemanship And Etiquette
Everyone should endeavor to ride in the same direction and change hands at the same time. Those working at the fastest gait should be allowed a free track by those riding slower.
Horsemanship - Outside The School Ring
We are all familiar with the exhibitions at horse shows, consisting of the four hackneyed jumps protected by high wings and with magnificent horses tearing around, one after another.
Horsemanship - Cross Country
It may well be said that the objective of the modern horseman's education is cross-country riding. This is the ultimate test of his trained balance and suppleness.
Horsemanship - Riding On The Road
A horseman shows his ability and skill on the road even more than in the jumping arena and on the polo or hunting field.
Horsemanship - Handling The Young Horse
But it is one of the aims of this volume to call attention to common ways of mistreating horses, and there are certain principles relating to the training of the young horse that any rider will do well to store away in his memory.
To become a good horseman it is not enough to master the technique of equitation, even when the stage is reached when feel is beginning to guide the application of the aids.
A Rich Man's Son
OLD CYRUS MARTIN, the soap king, sat in his library in no very contented frame of mind. There was a thorn in his flesh and he began to feel it more and more.
A Poor Man's Daughter
MISS MARY GRAYSON was as pretty as her name. Her big round eyes, that were too full of merry shrewdness to be merely doll-like, her dazzling teeth, her clear and rosy skin.
The Course Of True Love
RODNEY MARTIN himself, as luck would have it, opened the front door with his pass key and came in just as Mary was descending into the lower hall from his father's library.
The Bargain
MARY fell asleep with the memory of Rodney Martin's kisses on her lips, and felt his arms around her in her dreams, but woke to disillusion in the morning.
The Rivals
AFTER leaving Mary in West 70th Street, the night he had abandoned the paternal roof, Rodney, still in his taxicab, was whirled down, alone and in a perfect dream of happiness, to the Harvard Club, where he planned to spend his first night.
Chasing Capital
WITH the dithyrambics of the rediscovered Ambrose Peale sounding in his ears the boy was thinking of Mary too all the time.
Business And Love
AND so the new 13 Soap Company was launched; or perhaps one should say merely that the keel of the new craft was formally laid.
The Great Campaign
RODNEY'S back was turned on his old life now, there was no doubt of that. The boy was usually the first after Mary to reach the office. Peale was always late.
Sowing The Wind
ONE day, sure enough, not long afterward, Miss Burke tripped into Rodney's office and handed him something which had not yet become common in the company's routine.
A Visit From Father
DURING this trying month old Cyrus Martin, the soap king, had sat in his library in Fifth Avenue, or in his swivel chair at his office, and wondered how things were going with the boy, anyway.
The Turning Of The Tide
IT was a sad and chastened little company that met in the office next morning. Peale was cast down for once in his life.
Soap Bubbles
THEY could hardly wait till the soap came in and was shipped out again to Chicago. All three of them were as excited as children waiting before the doors that open on a Christmas tree.
Ambrose Peale
AS a matter of fact each went a different route, for Rodney climbed up on a stage to get the fresh air, he said, and Peale wended his way east on foot.
A Deal
MEANWHILE, in far away Chicago, some-thing of importance to the little company had taken place. The soap had begun to sell. One demand after another had come in, and finally made an impression.
A Wedding
ALAS for the inequalities of this world ! If for Ambrose Peale these last days had been blue, for Rodney and Mary they had been all the color of roses.
A Wedding Present
THE door had no sooner closed on Mr. Bronson than the board of directors of the 13 Soap Company went into immediate and special session.
Origin And Development Of The Art Of Printing
The invention of stereotyping was one of the advance steps in printing. It, therefore, seems that a few words dealing with the origin and development of the art of printing will be of interest.
Block Printing
Printing from these wood-cuts was not accomplished with a press. The paper was placed upon the form, the latter blackened with an earthy color, and then through application of a soft dabber the paper was printed against the picture or text.
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