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Initial Training Of Horse And Rider
THE HORSE should be most carefully selected. It should be a very quiet, gentle, well-broken one, preferably about fifteen hands high (a "hand" is four inches)—that is, from ground to top of withers.
Horses - Riding At The Walk And At The Trot
HAVING LEARNED how to mount and sit in the saddle and how to hold the reins, as explained in chapter one, we will now proceed to actual riding.
Horses - Riding At The Lope, Canter, Gallop, And Run
THE LOPE is constantly used by riders of the cattle ranges and, having a horse good at this easy gait, distance is covered and time saved with a minimum of fatigue to both horse and rider.
Horses - Riding On The Open Range
WHILE THE term the open range has, usually, application to the western cow country; it also applies to any riding in open country.
Horses - Riding At The Artificial Gaits
THE NATURAL gaits of the saddle horse are said to be three—the walk, trot, and gallop. All horses do these without training, though, of course, far better with proper training.
Horses - Riding Over Jumps And Riding Bucking Horses
There is no other type of saddle which would so well suit the cowboy's work. It is a most comfortable saddle to both horse and rider. It is used in two ways as to cinching-the single-rigged and the double-rigged saddle.
Polo Playing
And so we come to the playing of polo, the sport of kings and one of the finest ways of becoming a powerful rider at all gaits.
Horses - Endurance Riding And Famous Rides
One must first get into strong physical condition by a great deal of outdoor life and riding, and must also have his horse in the same high condition, and ruggedly hardened.
Horses - Questions And Answers For The New Rider
I want to learn to ride. What is the best way to get a suitable horse, and what should one cost?
Horses - Questions And Answers For The New Rider (Part 2)
What is a reasonable distance for a saddle horse to carry its rider in a day?
Horses - Questions And Answers For The New Rider (Part 3)
Why should the new rider practice a very great deal in riding without stirrups, and also in bareback riding?
Egypt - The River Nile
Little wonder that to the ancient Egyptians the river Nile was a mystery they regarded with a feeling of reverence, believing that a god dwelt within its waters.
The Egyptian Pyramids And The Sphinx
Yet you must seek the pyramids, else you would miss the sphinx, and the memory of that omission would more sadly haunt you afterwards than her riddle haunted the old victims of her spells.
The Temple Of Karnak
The gigantic temple of Karnak has been called the wonder of the ages. Its fame became known to the ancient Persians and to the Greeks.
Abou Ben Adhem
The gigantic temple of Karnak has been called the wonder of the ages. Its fame became known to the ancient Persians and to the Greeks.
The Story Of Joseph
Now Jacob loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age, and he made him a coat of many colors.
The Fisherman And The Genie
There was a very ancient fisherman, so poor that he could scarcely earn enough to maintain himself, his wife, and his three children.
The Sun In Egypt
The Egyptian sun does not glare, it shines. The light has a creamy quality, soft and mellow, as distinguished from the intense whiteness of our American light.
An Oriental Bazaar
You enter the bazaar and the murmurous silence blends pleasantly with the luminous dimness of the place.
The Coming Of The Persian Embassy
Following him came Darius, an illustrious young Persian of royal blood, dressed like Bartia but more plainly.
The Statues Of Memnon
Away to the north of Thebes are the statues of Memnon, two colossal figures that have attracted the attention of nations almost from the dawn of history, and that tower far above fields of moving grain and guard the beautiful valley.
The House of Rhodopis
The garden of Rhodopis, with its flowers, its perfumes, and its myriads of insects, seemed like a part of the land of fairies.
Antony and Cleopatra
Cleopatra's actual beauty, it was said, was not so remarkable, but her presence was irresistible. It was a pleasure merely to hear the sound of her voice.
The Knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians
Recent researches have proved that many of the inventions which we call modern were well known to the ancient Egyptians.
The Number of the Stars
To count the stars involves a task which lies beyond the power of man. Even without the aid of a telescope we can see a great multitude of stars from any part of the earth.
The Return of Ulysses (Greece)
Now there was a bow that Ulysses had left when he went to Troy. It had been out of use and unstrung since that time, for no other man had strength to draw that bow.
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